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Haha Thai at Ngee Ann City Singapore

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Nothing cheers me up better than a sweet, warm and flowy lava cake. What's better is flavors other than the plain o chocolate. Even though newly opened Mod Thai restaurant, Haha Thai, doesn't want to draw too much attention to their desserts, it's hard not to rave about their Red Velvet Lava cake. YES YOU HEARD ME! It's darn sick! If you can't wait, scroll all the way to the end to read about it. If you're for delayed gratification, read on for their thai dishes. 
Located on the fifth floor of Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road, Haha Thai features homecooked thai food with stir-frys of shellfish, seafood, and meats. Thai staples like Som Tam (papaya salad), Green Curry Chicken, Grilled Pork Collar, Basil Minced Pork are readily available and rather affordable (approx $10 - 13 for non seafood dishes).
Always start a thai meal proper with a Cha Yen. The Haha Thai Iced Milk Tea ($4.80) is the best I've had in Singapore with a rich milky flavor that isn't too sweet. The Lemongrass drink is also a light and refreshing drink to wash down the spices (we thought there was gonna be some).
We could taste the distinct coconut base in the Tom Yam Talay ($10.80). It didn't quite satisfy our need for a fiery kick start to the meal though.
Serene, the young restauranteur explained that the level of spice was reduced to cater to local palate. Well you can always amp it up at the spices bar (I went straight for the chili padi). 
The Otah had a smooth texture with chunks of fish in it. It's comparable to the famous Muar otah that my mama dabao back from Malaysia.
I'd typically order Pad Thai at thai restaurants but Serene got us to try the Haha Bak Mee ($10.80). This looks and tastes like Mee Goreng but it's a sweet version. I liked the texture of the noodles but it seemed more Chinese zi char than thai food to me.  
The Haha Himalayan Snow-Baked Seabass ($49.80) reminded me of the awesome Issan food at the defunct KHA (still the best thai food I've had in sg). Loved the fresh and sweet sea bass which was good on its own. If it's not flavorful enough, dip into the green chili sauce.
One of my favorite dishes was the Buttercorn Tiger Prawns ($18.80), which featured huge batter prawns tossed in a cream corn sauce. Again, not very thai.
An egg craving had us ordering the Crispy Egg Floss Omelette ($11.80) but we were disappointed by the amount of egg for the price paid. Go for the other omelettes instead. This was well.. Just fried egg.
Haha Fried Rice ($11.80) is perfect for the indecisive diner. You get to pick 3 types of fried rice from a selection of Pineapple, Olive, Green Curry, Tom yum and Belachan. We enjoyed the fluffy long grains. The pineapple with pork floss was the best of the lot. Belachan was sufficiently fragrant but could do with more kick. The Green curry was mild IMO.
Now back to the highlight of our meal- the lava cake! The quality of their lava cakes is better than some dessert cafes! There are currently 3 flavors- Red Velvet, Green Tea and Chocolate ($10.80) and comes with ice cream (coconut was used). The matcha monster thought that Japanese matcha flavor was pretty strong in this one (just the way I like it). The white chocolate and green tea molten center was a tad sweet but we couldn't help but finish it anyway. 
The Red Velvet Lava cake was the best thing we ate. Yummy! It didn't have a distinct beetroot taste but it was lighter than a typical chocolate lava cake.  It was also less sweet as compared to the matcha. I wouldn't mind coming back to Haha Thai for this. 
Next my other favorite, the Illycrema. I'm not sure where else to get this but it's my first time having this. It's what one would imagine like a coffee slushie softee but rich enough to satisfy your caffeine craving. Paired with a rice crispy, it's a mini dessert in itself. This is available for takeaway and I fully intend to do that every time I'm at Ngee Ann City.
Like I mentioned at the start, Haha Thai serves homecooked Thai food. It's decent and cheaper than what you'd be paying for in the Orchard Road restaurants. That said, I'm not how it'd sit with Singaporean dinners who are more accustomed with the Thai street food flavors and style of cooking. Going upmarket is a possibility but the style and presentation have to be tweaked further. 

Well.. if you'd like to enjoy some alternative Thai dishes, Haha Thai does a daily set lunch priced from $12.80 and includes a staple rice/noodles dish (go for the Pineapple Fried Rice) and comes with a Tom Yum Soup. They also have a Weekday Happy Hour from 3 to 6pm and you'd get 2 oysters with a glass of wine for only $12.80. Me? I'd go for their high tea promo (runs at the same time as the Happy Hour) which includes the lava cake and Illy Crema in the afternoon. 

Haha Thai
#05-29 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873
Tel: +65 62994401
Daily: 11am – 11pm D

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