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December, the month of jolly merrymaking. If you are in town for a sunny (or rainy) Christmas, take the opportunity to soak in the heritage of the charming Raffles Hotel as you celebrate the festive season in colonial style.

An epicurean experience awaits as you tuck into Bar & Billiard Room's buffet-styled Christmas Eve Dinner ($288/adult) or Christmas Day Dinner ($288/adult). The renowned Christmas Day Brunch ($318/adult) is available for more indulgence.
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Kristal Caviar and Blinis from Christmas Buffet Menu.
A year after they started serving their famed short crust pastry egg tarts, Tai Cheong Bakery has now opened their first overseas dine in concept outside of Hong Kong at Holland Village! Dig into typical cha chan teng fare in this modern HK style tea house but be prepared to join the queue (as per authentic HK style- they do not take reservations at this 42 seater cafe).
The sweets need no introduction but how do the mains fare? 
Eggs seem to be in abundance here at Tai Cheong with plenty of egg dishes (they use three eggs in all of them)! The Three egg macaroni soup with luncheon meat ($8.50) is typical weird Brit-HK style with elbow macaroni cooked in a tomato soup, served with fried luncheon meat sticks and runny sunny side up eggs. We say this makes a great hangover meal. Plus the soup is a lot better than the typical watery sort served in HK. Very 'Campbell'.
While the Scrambled Egg Toast stack with Chicken Chop ($9.50) may not be Australian Dairy standard, the creamy scrambled eggs were fluffy and satisfying enough. However, the hot steam and moisture from the eggs, along with the butter, were soaked up quickly by the toast and it quickly turned into a soggy sponge. I'd definitely tell them to separate the different components. The pan fried chicken was dry and bland and the creamy mushroom sauce did not managed to make it any better.  
It's about two months to the end of 2016 and i'm gonna put it out there and declare Fat Lulu’s Asian Barbecue & Dessert as my favorite brunch spot of the year. This wild child is given birth by the dynamic duo Sam and Song (who founded and rebranded Five & Dime in the same River Valley Road spot) and boy is it a 360 deg change that is certainly a breath of fresh air in the F&B scene.
Wicked BBQ. Smooth Desserts. They are as distinct as day and night but they complement each other perfectly. Chef Sam helms the #NoBurnNoTaste charcoal BBQ, blasting kickass flavors into meats, fish, and vegetables seasoned with Asian spices and chillis. On the other hand, Chef Song presents desserts of refined delicacy that are technique-driven and visually arresting. Here is practically all the brunch items that you can feast on at Fat Lulu's (we only missed 2). 
For a punchy kickass breakfast, go with the Croque Tambi ($18). There’s a murtabak-styled omelette, doused in sriracha, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and slices of pan-seared meaty Scarmoza cheese, all sandwiched between homemade burnt-on-the-grill ciabatta bread. It’s a delicious mess you wanna get into. Cool off from the heat with the side of raita (an Indian style salad) made with cucumber, pineapple, and coriander. 
Every bite of the Fried chicken with pancakes ($22) was a party in our mouths! There's the spicy pseudo-thai style gula melaka chili sauce; tangy slaw of red cabbage with apples in Kewpie mayo; succulent fried chicken that has been brine overnight; sweetened by some light fluffy pancakes.
Another winner is the hearty and comforting Lamb Meatballs ($23) with tomato sauce, fava beans, soft eggs and papadum. The spiced up meat balls (flavored with cumin, fennel, cardamon, and onions) are cooked in a tomato sauce that reminded us of chili crab sauce. We were happy to mop all the sauce with the crunchy toast.
Feel that the dishes are too heavy for brunch? Well to play it safe (but certainly not boring), there's the delicious Bacon and Eggs ($22). Boy do we love that smoky thick cut slab bacon with with a blooming flower of creamy scrambled eggs. Layer them on top of the crunchy garlic-sour cream toast and you'd be sent to breakfast heaven with one bite.
I had the pleasure of checking out Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay during my stint as Weekender SG Food Mania Awards 2016 judge and we were all pleasantly surprised by our dining experience. BSK also went on to clinch the best restaurant in the European category! As promised, albeit super late, here is the detailed review of what we tried. 
A refreshing start was the Sea bass fillet carpaccio ($21) with avocado puree, horseradish and a spicy twang of ginger. 
For a shared starter or as a light meal for one, i'd recommend the crunchy cracker-like Flatbread ($28). It's more like a cracker pizza really with the sweet onion jam, creamy ricotta cheese, San Daniele ham and that nutty asparagus. 
In contrast, the Tomato Tart ($24), was a tangy juicy flavorful pastry puff topped with caramelized onion, burrata cheese, balsamic glaze and basil pesto. It looked and tasted like a garden with all that fresh herbs. The pastry was a little wet and flat but everyone at the table was happy with it.
Kam’s Roast is finally here in Singapore! Yes it is THAT one Michelin Star roast meat place from Hong Kong and it has opened in the star studded Pacific Plaza, which also houses Tsuta Ramen and upcoming Tim Ho Wan.
The Singapore branch is the brand’s first foray outside of Hong Kong and second in the world and much has gone into ensuring that diners taste the very same as at the HK outfit. This includes flying down the original roster of HK chefs to ensure the preparation and taste are up to mark. 
Start your meal with sides of Marinated Cucumber with Vinegar & Garlic ($6.80) and Marinated Black Fungus with Vinegar ($6.80). Both are refreshing options, with the latter providing more kick with some fragrant chili oil.
Meats are the highlights of course. We also enjoyed the firm Crispy Roast Pork ($14.80/portion) with lovely skin that is of just the right amount of crunch. I liked that each piece wasn't overly fatty and i didn't see the need or want to remove any fats. Plus they provided a nice buttery texture to each bite. 
Typically not one to order chicken at a Roast Meat place (if i wanted chicken i'd go to a chicken rice store), I was surprised at how silky and flavorful the Soya Chicken ($14.80/portion) at Kam's is. I resisted the urge to devour the entire portion (about a quarter) by myself. This pairs perfectly with the ginger scallion oil! Yumms...
I set a high standard for roast duck. The skin has to be thin and crispy (like that of Peking Duck) with a thin layer of rendered fats, and flavorful smoky meat under the golden exterior. Well.. Kam's Roast Duck ($55/duck) is typical HK restaurant standard. The meat was a tad bland for us but THAT GRAVY THOUGH! Make sure you order a bowl of fragrant fluffy rice to soak up all that special sauce. Hell we could just make a meal out of that gravy and rice. Sadly, no famous roast goose for now but they're working hard to bring some over!

If you like skin, there's also the Suckling Pig ($34.80/portion, $148 for half, $248 for whole pig). The crackling was thin and crispy (but cold). We didn't get a chance to sample the meat though so try it and let us know! 
My current obsession is Char Siew and the special ‘Toro’ Char Siu ($22.80) made with premium pork belly satisfies with the Kam family's award winning marinade, though i found myself wishing for more char! The secret recipe is by Mr Kinsen Kam, who was once the second-generation owner at the famed Yung Kee. I enjoyed perfect layers of alternating tender lean meat and fat though Jr thought it was a little too fatty (he prefers Canton Paradise's). 
You can see the layers of fats better here! There's also the regular char siew ($14.80) which is less fatty but the one we had was too dry though some other pictures/videos that we saw were a lot juicier. Teething problems we say, hopefully resolved soon. 
If you prefer noodles instead of that glorious rice with gravy, you are in luck. Kam’s Roast legendary Wonton Noodles, same as the one Mr Kinsen Kam served in Yung Kee, is available here. These noodles are air flown from Hong Kong daily on Singapore Airlines and the logistical operations are handled by Kerry Logistics. Absolute freshness guaranteed! Toppings include fresh, handmade goldfish-shaped wontons filled with prawn and pork fillings and slices of Kam’s famous roasts.

We had the Braised noodle with ginger scallion ($6.80) is served al dente with a light bouncy bite. I liked that the alkaline taste isn't too strong. 
Save your space for desserts elsewhere. The diluted Red Bean Soup with aged orange peel ($5.80) isn't quite worth your calories and bucks. 

Overall, Kam's Roast is a decent HK roast meat place in the Orchard area. They will open their doors tomorrow 19th November at 1pm. Takeaways are already available now so get your fix before the queue gets too long.

Kam's Roast Singapore
9 Scotts Road, #01-04/05/06/07
Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Weekdays: 11am - 10pm
Weekends & Pubic Holiday: 10am - 10pm

Ninja Cut has stealthily moved in to the vicinity of City Hall! Most of you are familiar with the sister outlet, Ninja Bowl. Ninja Cut, however, has cut its own identity with a menu featuring succulent meats, fresh seafood, and all-day brunch items.

Who doesn’t love brunch items? The best part is that whether you get out of bed at 9 in the morning or 5 in the afternoon, you still get the satisfaction to start the day!
Polenta Mash ($18). The name says it all. You will fall in love with the warm truffle polenta if you adore creamy scrambled eggs. The dish is served with Aburi pork slices, sautéed mushrooms and shaved parmesan cheese. Tucking into truffle polenta with parmesan and mushrooms brought a smile to my face.
But what left me speechless was the Cheeky Cheese ($18). That fluffy and buttery brioche (almost like danish bread) transported me to brioche heaven! With two types of cheddar stuffed between the fluffy pillows, the sandwich is the answer to the perfect brunch. So what’s the cheeky bit? 24-hour braised Japanese curry beef cheek!

Marvellous Matcha ($16), on the other hand, is a feminine and delicate plate of whimsical garden. Topped with a quenelle of ricotta, homemade chewy dango, yuzu peel ‘worms’, speculoos crumble ‘soil’ and anko, the dish is quite a piece of art. The highlight thou, is the instagrammable oozing matcha of the dense matcha ‘hotcake’. Do yourself a favor. Don’t take too long getting that marvelous picture or video. Dig in while it hits the sweet spot.
Celebrate autumn with hairy crabs because it's back in season! I know i'm a little slow in updating while feasting on a lot of Argentinian steaks and Peruvian ceviches but i've not forgotten about the luscious crabs at Shang Palace, Shangri La Hotel Singapore. You still have 2 weeks till the end of Nov 2016 to slurp on that delicious roe!
This luxurious crustacean will be prepared by Chef Steven using various traditional culinary techniques to best showcase its distinctive and delicate flavors. Of course, the traditional steamed option served with ginger tea is available (from $82/pc, choice of male/female crabs) but i prefer my crab shelled and ready to eat, so here are some crabby dishes from the a la carte items.
For something nutritious and healthy tasting, go with the Braised Bird’s Nest, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe ($56/pax). I felt that there wasn't much flavor in the broth. Even the black vinegar that our server repeatedly told us to add to all of our dishes failed to bring out any distinct profiles in this dish. IMO, i thought it was a waste of the bird's nest to be included. 
The Braised Tofu and Hairy Crab Meat & Roe Meatball ($42/portion) was a tad more flavorful, though i had a feeling that the base broth is all the same- a light hairy crab and roe starch base with edamame. The beancurd puffs and meat added more texture (the tofu more so than the delicate minced meat) and some additional flavor to the dish. 
Well, a must order is certainly the Pan-Fried Hairy Crab Meat Stuffed Shell with Shrimp Paste and Pork ($28 /pc). The sticky soy-glazed juicy shrimp and pork patties were full of flavors and before i knew it, i was scrapping the bottom of the crab head! 
We saw the repeat of the same flavor (as with the braised bird's nest and beancurd meatballs) in the Crispy Noodles with Sea Caracol, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe ($24/pax). I imagine it to be extremely boring to have to eat the same thing thrice over. That said, this was the most intensely flavored of the lot and i approve of the crunchy noodles softened by the gravy. My suggestion is to order other non hairy crab dishes from the usual Shang Palace menu (check out the Dim Sum review here).

Otherwise, the six-course Hairy Crab Menu ($138/pax) provides a good mix of dishes alongside your steamed hairy crab e.g. BBQ Kurobuta Pork with shredded lobster roll, claypot braised bird’s nest dumpling, and also a deep fried cod fish with yuzu honey glaze. A complimentary bottle of 8-year-old Chinese yellow wine is served with every four set menus ordered.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore 
22 Orange Grove Road Singapore 258350
Sarnies, our favorite Aussie cafe in Telok Ayer has turned SIX. To celebrate this milestone and to provide diners with more options, they have now launched a brand new dinner menu on top of their usual comfort cafe grub. But really, there's no need. We'd be more than happy eating their staple of sandwiches and salads than the lackluster dinner mains.
Wholesome bites are expected and the Haloumi Sliders ($13) work. We loved the mix of sweet, salty, and sour flavors from the various components- little browned fluffy brioche buns, squeaky slabs of salty haloumi, and tart onion jam. Absolute deliciousness. We believe that the Pulled Pork with White Slaw & Homemade Barbeque Sauce ($13) version will be equally tasty. Do you know they make every component from scratch, even the buns?!

The Home cured bacon bombs stuffed with mozzarella and truffle mash ($13) sounded delicious but turned out pretty blah. I felt that the mash was a tad too wet and bland in flavor. Perhaps a starchier potato would do the trick, and a stronger cheese perhaps. 
The Spicy Buffalo Wings ($14) were true to Buffalo flavors- crunchy, extremely sour, and spicy burn after. I could only stomach one. Safe to say i'm not a huge fan. 
Bigger plates are also available and we highly recommend the Southern Indian Style Hand-Cut Pappardelle with Prawns, Coconut Milk & Curry Leaves ($19.50). The pasta is made by hand, cooked al dente to order and coated in a light creamy curry sauce. It's a tad salty, but we kept going at it. Perhaps it's because the other mains weren't that great.
We have all our Mexican cravings satisfied by the Loco Group which is now dishing out our favorite tacos from 3 different lovely locations at Lucha Loco at Duxton, Super Loco Robertson Quay, and now the latest at Super Loco Customs House
Let's start with the original Lucha Loco, the super chill Taqueria and Garden Bar. Have the winning combination of Elotes and Taco Pescado Snapper ($11) here. 
Juicy cobs of Mexican street style grilled corn topped with chipotle mayo, spices and cotija cheese are excellent snack bites to be chased after by tequilas and cocktails. And whenever ready, the fish taco will fill up the tummy.
Want to chill by the river, then Super Loco Robertson it is, best accompanied by the Alitas De Pollo ($16). It’s better than those Korean wings, imo. Sweet and spicy sums up the wings, though an oversimplification. There’s chipotle, red chilli, pickles, lime and crema, and the subtler spices of coriander seeds, white and black peppers, paprika and salt in the seasoned flour that is used to coat the wings overnight. These mouth-watering wings are amazing and they fly off the plate. Don’t forget the tipple!
Brawn & Brains is one of my favorite cafes in the East (Mountbatten is such a sleepy and charming area). I would squeeze myself into their little cafe just to enjoy one of their cuppas and amazing bakes (love their croissants). Well now that they relocated to around the corner from their original hole-in-the-wall, there's more reason to hang around.  
Jr was a little concerned that there wasn't going to be anything substantial but the food menu has expanded to include more sandwiches and wraps that will fill up a boy's tummy.
I couldn't peel my eyes away from the Oven Baked Molten Eggs ($9.80) which featured 2 golden globes covered with melted cheese. Cut into the soft runny eggs and let the yolks ooze onto the tortilla sheets and send the mess into your mouth. Of course the millenials in us picked this because AVOCADO. I added smoked salmon ($3.50) with this one but there's also bacon.
If you are a bread lover like we are, then you would adore the Open-Faced Toast with soft cooked eggs ($14.90). We are happy to eat the fluffy brioche on its own but who can say no to grilled bacon and eggs to go with? The side salad was a refreshing mix of pear and cucumber with loose leaves. Jr enjoyed this more than the molten eggs (more for me yay). 

For something punchier, try the Curry Chicken Wrap which encases chunky chicken marinated in curry spices and drizzled with a yogurt dressing. Expect bursts of flavors from the herbs, cheese and onions.