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Balenciaga is still one of my favorite brands despite how so many Singaporean women are carrying it these days. 

Still, I don't go for the conventional City. My first Bal is the Twiggy. Very casual and I love how the tassels give it that rocker chick look. Love the reddish Pourpre from many seasons ago. Still one of my favorite bags!
My second Bal is the First in Canard and RGGH (that's rose gold giant hardware in Bal speak). Took me forever to hunt down the greenish blue hue. I thought it was lost to me forever but then I found it in HK. Mini bags for the mini me. The First doesn't hold much but it's an ok evening bag because of the color and the hardware adds a touch of sophistication.
Finally my latest Bal addition, the Triple Tour Bracelet in Bleu Tropical. The S size fits me ok but the overall width overwhelmed my tiny wrist at first. Getting used to this and I'm starting to love the look.

Will more Bs join my bag family? Hmm.. Well... Stay tune and find out. ;)

There is no other airport in the world like Changi Airport where i would find locals visiting and dining there on a regular day. That's part of the charm of Singapore, you can find great food anywhere (except in the west. hurhur.) We're all familiar with the chain restaurants at Changi Airport but the Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore is not typically mentioned when it comes to dining at the airport.

I had the opportunity to check out Azur at Crowne Plaza and their latest offering of premium buffet dinners. The award-winning restaurant will be launching its first edition of the series, Feast of the Seven Seas, this July over a limited period of two weekends from 19 - 21 July as well as 26 - 28 July.

Diners can have their pick of the most decadent and exotic fresh seafood and shellfish: sweet and juicy Boston Lobsters, Steamed Blue Crabs, Tasmanian Crayfish, New Zealand Green Mussels, Freshly Shucked Fines de Claires Oysters, Jumbo Bay Clams and Poached Tiger Prawns. I absolutely loved the pearly juicy oysters and sweet and succulent tiger prawns.

The Lobster Bisque with Tarragon Chantilly Cream with Herb Gougères was rich and creamy without being heavy. It may be a tad salty but i liked the robustness in the flavors. 

Other delightful seafood dishes available during the Feast of the Seven Seas include Truffle Risotto with Pan Seared Scallop topped with Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Truffle Salt and Caviar Butter, Black Pepper Slipper Lobster, Hawker Style Stir-Fried Chilli Bamboo Clams, Parisian Mussels with Fresh Herb Crumbles, Amritsari Fish, Freshly Sliced Sashimi and Soft Shell Crab Tempura served a la minute.

The slipper lobster and the stir fried bamboo clams are of the Singaporean zi char standard. The chili sauce of the bamboo clams is akin to the chili crab sauce but i found the bamboo clams too fishy for my liking. I'm sure Chef has taken our feedback and worked on that aspect. 

The sashimi slices were really huge unlike some hotel buffets that provide pitiful pieces. I liked that the sashimi weren't sliced in large batches to ensure freshness of the fish. 

From the carving station, the Baked Whole Salmon with Seafood, Aromatic Spices, Coconut & Lemongrass Espuma is something that you should not miss. This dish is Thai inspired and i loved how the scallop and salmon were fresh and juicy. 
There are many other dishes on the buffet line like the award-winning cheeses from New Zealand, appetizing starters, freshly baked selection of bread and sinfully decadent mini shooters and cakes at the dessert bar. Remember to save space for the Bread Pudding for it's one of my favorites.
Diners will also be treated to a complimentary first glass of red or white wine specially selected for its quality and taste by the Azur Team. Feast of the Seven Seas will feature Australia’s Flametree Embers Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. Subsequent glasses of Flametree Embers wines will be sold at a special price of $14++ per glass and bottle purchases will be entitled to a 15% discount. A mocktail will also be available for diners who prefer a non-alcoholic welcome drink.

Get 15% off your bill if you make a reservation via the Crowne Plaza Dining website

Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Tel: 6823 5354
Dinner Buffet: Adult: $88 Child: $44
I had the privilege of attending the opening night of Ong Shunmugam's fifth collection Whenever I Fall at Your Feet at the National Museum of Singapore. Priscilla's label has always focused on engaging the modern women in dialogue about the Asian origin and identity and this collection has brought that theme out even more strongly with its dedication to the historic structures in Singapore.
Each piece of garment was designed after a national monument or other historic buildings and places such as the Cenotaph, Tanjong Pagar Railway and Tiong Bahru flats to name a few. They serve as a reminder for us to re-evaluate the importance of history and reconsider the destruction of the past in our chase for development and progress.
On a lighter note, introducing the Tiong Bahru flats dresses. I love the one on the left!

To me, these are pieces of art and not just clothes. The designs embody the silhouette of the socio-historical foundations of the buildings, as well as personal emotions that people have towards them. Filmmaker Jacky Lee and Photographer Clarence Aw tastefully captured these anecdotes on media and you would be able to gain an insight to the what, why, and how the collection came about.
One of my favorite outfits, the F16 blouse and F13 skirt inspired by an Indian barbershop in Holland Village. The fabric design and colors are drawn from the cutting tools and religious symbols which feature in the shop. 
My other favorite, cropped top and pants suit inspired by the Jamae Mosque. Also digging another fuchsia ensemble based on the Former Cathay Building. Too many great pieces!
Drinks for the night was sponsored by Grey Goose Guild. Teh O Ais Limau specially created for the exhibition. Very tasty! The cool stirrer spins around in the champagne glass when you swirl the drink. It also doubles as a hair pin! ;)
Fly away little goose.
Remember to check out the exhibition at the Stamford Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore from now till 28 July, 10am to 6pm daily. Admission is free. A Designer's Talk and Tour will be held on 21 July, 4.30 to 6pm. Registration is required so drop your contact details at by 15 July 2013.

Wear a piece of history today.
I love the Duxton area for the copious cafes, restaurants and quaint little stores, as well as the generally laid back atmosphere any time of the week. I've been rediscovering da hood these couple of weeks so you can be expecting a few more restaurants to be added to my Duxton list. So happens that Praelum Wine Bistro is a restaurant under the Palate Card and that gave me a chance to utilize my privileges!
Nothing good happens when you put 2 hungry girls in a wine bar, especially one that easily allows you to taste the various wines with their automated wine dispenser. 
After Amanda, our young and bubbly sommelier, passed us our wine card, we proceeded to have a little wine tasting of our own. The drinks are available in 3 sizes, tasting, half and full glass. This is great because you could try many bottles before deciding on the drink (or drinks) for the night. 
If you don't know what to get, Amanda is really good at giving recommendations. My Austrian Leth- Roter Veltliner Schieben was aromatic, extremely concentrated, smooth, round and waxy on the palate with a bit of spice and racy acidity. I found this a great food wine that is refreshing and friendly.
It's so good i decided i should just bring the whole bottle back to the table. Heh. 
The Ojai Pinot Noir 2007 is another good quality easy drink that goes with any meat from chicken to pork. This is a rich, ripe fruit pinot that comes from America, California. It has the typical ripe fruit flavors but is still delicate on the palate. 

The Yllum Reserva Malbec 2007 is another delicious red that we enjoyed. Smooth, ripe fruit, rounded with a little tannins; it's almost like biting into the fruit. This entry level Yllum from Argentina is yummeh and you can expect more from their top range!

A couple more drinks later, we floated back to our table and were greeted by our dinner. :)

The Tarte Flamee- Classic Alsatian "Pizza" ($15) is actually a thin crust bread dough that is baked to cracker crispiness. We had ours with creme friache, onions, bacon and egg and i loved how the yolk coated the slice to give it that extra moisture. The onion may be a little overpowering but it was delicious nonetheless. Vegetarian option is also available.

If you love cheese then the Baked Brie with Nut Crust ($18) is made for you. Mind you this is an entire round of oozy brie baked with roasted garlic and nuts. Spread it on top of the crispy garlic bread with pillowy interior and you have a winning formula.  

The Escargot with herb and garlic-basil pesto (1/2 dozen $16) is a must order. W and I mopped the sauce with our buttered bread and left nothing in our pot. It can be so hard to find a sauce this flavorful and i liked how the snail had absorbed all that essence thoroughly. 

You got to be crazy to say no to the Bacon wrapped Scallops ($18). The rich Bernaise sauce was the icing on the cake and had me ooohing and aaahing as i chewed on the juicy morsel.
The Roasted Pork Parcels ($16) was undoubtedly our favorite dish of the night. Juicy pork fillets stuffed with herb filling, mushroom, cream cheese, wrapped with pork belly and roasted and then topped with apple sauce. Pair this with the Leth Rottinger; this wine complimented the dish and brought out the sweetness of the pork. TOO GOOD. 

The Coq-Au-Vin ($24) was one huge plate of traditional French chicken stewed in red wine.The meat was tender but we found that the dish was a little salty for our liking. If you're a big eater, you'd love this dish. The garlic butter mash was hearty and i love that it still has the potato bits in it.
No dinner is complete without dessert and wine! We paired the Moelleux Au Chocolate ($12) with the Hungarian Disznoko estate 1999 Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos. It was like drinking nectar and this wine is fresh and well balanced with a delicious long finish. This 1999 was the best vintage of the 90s. 

The cake is not exactly a lava cake and certainly not as rich but i liked the lightness of the flour. Perfect sweet ending to the night.

What's sweeter was the bill. Our bill came up to $233.55 (heh heh) and with the Palate Card, we received a 50% discount. Say wert?! Happy bellies and happy pockets! For more information on the Palate Card, you can read my post here or visit

So here is the first Palate Card giveaway! This is what you need to do to win a Basic membership card worth $428.

1. Visit my Facebook page (click here) and find the Praelum Wine Bistro Post
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Giveaway ends midnight 19 July! Remember to like my FB page if you haven't done so. :) Good luck! 
Through Her Eyes

There's no better way to explore a city than walking around aimlessly. You never know what you may find at the next corner. 
Walking around Havana Vieja.
Hanging out.
All in the details.
Street art. In a park.
Our friendly neighborhood barber.
Peso Meals. 
No menu.
The main Paseo de Marti.
Just scooting around.
Little yellow minion rides.
Ready. Get Set. Go.
To my next adventure...
The worst thing that can happen on a shopping trip is to forget one's credit card. Trust me because that's exactly what this silly girl did, and in Hong Kong of all places. So all i had was my phone and camera and a limited amount of cash and a whole load of pretty things that i couldn't buy. If only i can pay with my phone. Awesome idea right?

Well guess what? DBS has come up with a whole new one.tap mobile paying technology. Check this video out. 
Cool hur? Some red carpet treatment that is. This drama queen would have owned the red carpet if i were using a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphone (sorry iPhone users). Those lucky fellas won instant mobile coupons such as movie tickets at the Shaw Lido event.

Anyways, the coolest part is really about the virtual credit card, first ever in Singapore. No more wallet clutter! No more wallets even. I can finally use my mini Bottega Veneta without having to throw in random cards and cash along with keys and phone. Perfect.

You will now be able to tap and pay, using your mobile phone, for purchases at over 30000 merchant acceptance points in town and for taxi fares even. Popular merchants include Watsons, Shaw Theatres and fast food chains like Popeyes and Pasta Mania among many others. What's more, you can also redeem mobile coupons on the go by attaching the mobile coupon on your phone before payment. The offer would then be instantly and automatically redeemed.

Sounds interesting? Find out more about what you can do with DBS one.tap in the next coming months.
This new secure payment service is made possible through a collaboration between DBS, MasterCard, StarHub and EZ Link through their SmartWallet digital wallet application. 

It's time to sign up now! :)

Weekends are for brunches and i finally checked out Maison Ikkoku's brunch offerings! I don't know why i took so long to visit but anyway i'm glad i finally did because it was purrrrrfect. Nothing makes me happier than brunch with perfectly done eggs, a strong and aromatic cuppa and of course great company. 

What sets Maison Ikkoku apart from the regular coffee shop is that it sells a lifestyle and not just a product. Think of it as a one stop shop for the chill out weekend; Maison Ikkoku is branded as a lifestyle boutique combining mid-high end international menswear retail, a café centered on quality coffee and the perfect semi-alfresco cocktail bar.

I was too occupied with brunch to check out the other levels but anyway.. Great Iced Mocha that wasn't too sweet. Bittersweet and intense melted chocolate was used with the strong coffee that had my head and tummy singing. 
Girls being girls, we each ordered a different dish so that we could try as many dishes as possible. The adventurous Yanni went for the Spicy Beef Rendang Fusion sandwich. Not my typical choice for brunch (i'm boring that way) but this was a surprisingly fiery and exciting option that i would consider in the future. It's easy on the coconut so you can taste the well flavored rempah but it's pretty spicy.
Mich had the Omelette which turned out waaayy larger than we expected. The style is kinda Mediterranean with the spices and diced peppers. Love the runny inside which was more buttery than creamy and it even had a slightly layered texture.

I struggled with my brunch choice and in the end i went for the Croque Madame instead of the Eggs Benedict. Great flavors from the honey glazed ham, gruyere and home-made béchamel but it just seemed a little dry with the toasted pain de campagne.
The benedict/florentine really takes the cake here at Maison Ikkoku. Full bodied and well balanced Hollandaise sauce is so hard to come by and this was da bomb. Loved the texture, loved the flavors, loved the overall moisture of every bite. The savory spinach in the Salmon Florentine gave the dish an interesting twist and made me crave for more.

While the brunch items were great, the desserts were meh. We had the Blueberry Cheesecake which was very light. I liked the graham crust but found it too crumbly! The blueberry sauce was a tad too sweet and require some tartness to balance it out. The Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake was really dense a la brownie texture but it tasted empty. I really wouldn't wanna be wasting my calories on this one.
Another delicious gathering with the WAGs club at Maison Ikkoku! Maison Ikkoku is definitely on my favorites list. Enjoy!

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885
Tel: +65 6294 0078
Mon - Thu: 9am - 9pm
Fri, Sat & PH Eve: 9am - 11pm
Sun & PH: 9am - 7pm