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I'm a meat girl as you all know. I love my slab thick, juicy, bloody and char grilled. Call me an American girl if you must but i think the best setting for steak would be outdoors, with lots of friends, loud music and booze. A pool party would be fine too; it's a lot easier to grill food in a bikini. Takes the heat off ;)
That kinda explains why I have put off visiting The Prime Society at Dempsey for so long. The name and location kinda gives the impression that it's fine steak dining, similar to the stuffy Morton's (didn't like it) and glitzy Lawry's. After all, it prides itself as a provider of prime cuts of the best grass-fed and grain-fed meat in town. I was surprised to find out for myself that it is more tongue-in-cheek fun than expected. The feel is contemporary chic with a relaxed vibe than high society (especially so if you dine alfresco).

I had the first taste of The Prime Society's newly expanded menu (includes non-moo dishes), which is designed by new executive chef Dallas Cuddy. Chef Dallas has a slew of awards Down Under his belt (pun intended). This includes Young Chef of the Year and Best New Restaurant for Izakaya Den (which he co-owns). Having gained experiences from star studded restaurants e.g. Nobu London, he brings to the table some world famous signatures transformed by his Midas touch. 
What i love about this man is how he remains so humble and down to earth. Throughout dinner, he patiently went from table to table, explaining to us how each dish was prepared. This quirky chef constantly looks out for local ingredients to infuse into his dishes. Apparently, he picks out fresh herbs/leaves around Dempsey for his creations. Despite the megawatt charm that we turned on, he kept mum about his secret herb garden location. Boo.   
We started out with some light bites and cocktails before dinner commenced. I was intrigued by the Beef Tartare Pastry ‘Cigar’ (S$7ea). The brick pastry cigars appearance leaves diners with no inkling of what to expect. The first taste was of the finely diced plum wine jelly which is a little sweet and acidic. As you chomp on further, you would then realize that it's filled with a refreshing blend of chopped beef, red onion and chives, lemon juice and olive oil. I foresee this new form of presentation is gonna gain popularity in the coming months.
The Cold Smoked Tuna (S$26) is good for sharing. Marinated in citrus dressing with ricotta, feta and yogurt milk curds, chives and slow-cooked mustard seeds, this is a refreshing dish without the fishiness of the red meat.
Our first course was the Cured Kingfish with eggplant and pickled mushroom (S$15). The fish is first cured in salt, sugar, orange zest, vodka, juniper berries and star anise for six hours and then sliced sashimi style and served. The accompanying puree, made of roasted eggplant blended with tofu and lemon juice, was most interesting. I couldn't figure it where the eggplant in the dish was till it was pointed out. Overall, the dish is tangy and refreshing with hints of yuzu, rice wine vinegar and citrus vinaigrette. 
The steamed Bamboo Clam with green basque sauce and jamon (S$24) was bursting with flavors from the garden, farm and sea. Each flavor could be tasted separately but everything works well together: the sweetness of the clams perfumed with white wine; the herby oregano, basil, chili, parsley and olive oil mix and the saltiness from the shaved jamon. Lovely combination.
Lobster Raviolo was freshly made and stuffed with live lobster and spanner crab meat and served with a lobster shell bisque foam. Herbs and tofu are added to the mix to bind the meat and seal the juices. Though the seared foie gras was bland, the salmon roe kinda made up for the flavors. This is a very light dish and quite perfect for the ladies.
We were extremely lucky to taste the famous Nobu Miso baked Black Cod (S$44) but this has a local twist to it. Served with the egg drop noodles known as lau shu fen or mee tai mak, the dish also features soy beans, spring onion, roast eggplant, tatami iwashi, and a thickened dashi with soy. Chef Dallas does his own dashi fish stock by simmering konbu seaweed and adding bonito flakes. The Black cod needs no introduction; it is marinated in miso, sugar, mirin and sake for three days then baked to order and the flavor and texture are to die for. 
Finally onto some beef. I kinda forgot that i was at Prime Society as the new dishes were all seafood. The Mayura Station Wagyu (S$90/200g) is a Full Blood Wagyu Sirloin, 550 Days Grain Fed (marble score nine). Simply grilled and served with Prime Society seasoning, the meat was quite flawless. I picked the green tea salt along with their sauce. The red was accompanied by confit shallot and truffle custard cream which was irresistible. For big eaters, The Prime Society does 100g supplements for their steaks so you can easily add on a half portion (or full) instead of getting another slab.
Ending off our extremely delightful dinner was the Chocolate parfait, coconut cream and basil dessert (S$15). Now this, you cannot miss. The flavors and textures are mind blowingly awesome. Taste a bit of everything individually and then mess it up for the wow effect. I never thought that basil and coconut could ever go with milk chocolate but it did. And that aerated chocolate/coconut meringue that simply sublimes, that crunchy salted caramel popcorn and creaminess of chocolate..This is dessert heaven.

Gotta say i love the new dishes at The Prime Society and i'll definitely be back to try more of their meats. They also do a neat brunch on weekends. :) 

Thanks to The Prime Society for hosting the event. It was a fantastic girls' night out with great food, happy juice and conversations that we never wanted to end.

The Prime Society
10 Dempsey Road #01-01
Tel: +65 6474 7427
Mon – Tue: 6 pm to 10.30 pm
Wed – Fri: 12 pm to 10.30 pm
Weekends: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm

I love my brunches but i really hate the crazy crowds at the popular brunch spots. When the craving for creamy scrambled eggs kicks in, there is no choice but to wait or starve. OR you could head to some uber out of the way brunch spots like Parco Caffe.

Nestled in Raeburn Park, a commercial space that was the former Gan Eng Seng School, Parco Caffe is extremely hard to get to. The management really mean it when they say it's off-the-beaten-track (pun intended- it's behind Tanjong Pagar KTM). I would never head to this place unless i'm driven here. The great news is that you won't have to jostle for a spot with annoying kiddos here.
The vibe is quite similar to that of Skyve Elementary Bistro though Skyve feels a little more fun while Parco more serene. The Park theme is consistent throughout the restaurant with open spaces and lush greenery. I love that it is filled with natural lighting and there is a seamless integration with the outdoors but yet it maintains that air conditioned comfort. Singapore ought to have more of these indoor alfresco dining places.
I especially love the atrium, which can be booked for private events. This is the perfect garden party location minus the disgusting humidity we have. We tried to do dinner here once (their online reservation failed us) but the place was booked for a couple's solemnization ceremony. I thought it looks better in the day with its chapel-like atmosphere but i guess it's equally romantic at night.
Artificial Peace Bellini made with syrup (S$14) and diluted Mojito (S$12)
Food-wise, if you like the food at Spruce and Alkaff Mansion Ristorante, then you would probably like the offerings at Parco; they are managed by the same group. Expect classic Italian cuisine and some Asian fare for lunch and dinner daily. The Homemade Tagliatelle with Duck (S$23) sounds like a crowd pleaser, so does their Calzone with spinach and smoked duck (S$20).

Weekend brunches (also on PH) offers indulgent items like Scrambled Eggs with shaved Black Truffle (S$25) and Foie Gras & Wild Mushroom Eggs Benny (S$21). Served from 9am - 4pm, this is perfect for all you lazy birdies. 
I had the Parco Continental Colazione (S$20) because i was craving for meat. The freshly baked bagel with creme fraiche was more of a bread than a bagel for it lacks in the density department. Wasn't too impressed with the rest of the items. Hash brown was too flaky and tasteless and the tomato was the fishy Malaysian sort. I enjoyed the juicy Portobello but it didn't come grantinated with Gruyere cheese as promised on the menu. The sausage was a little flat and powdery. I regretted ordering this instead of the foie gras benny. :((
The pancakes were fantastic S had the Strawberries (S$11) which were 3 ginormous fluffy and moist pieces stacked with fresh strawberries, tons of buttery sweet thick cream (it didn't seem whipped to me) and maple syrup. Love the light sweetness of the cream with the lightly salted pancakes. 

If you are still clueless over where to eat this weekend, perhaps check Parco Caffe out. I'm a little uncertain about the brunch menu but would probably head back here some time to try their all-day Italian mains which i heard fantastic reviews about. Try it and let me know?

Parco Caffe
10 Raeburn Park #01-28
Singapore 088702 
Tel: +65 6223 6338
Weekdays: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30 -10.30pm
Weekends & PH: 9am to 4pm (Brunch/Lunch), 4.30 - 10.30pm
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. However, that journey could be made easier with 'carrots' along the way and food is always the best way to provide that energy to press on. One carrot that came my way was Iggy's, thanks to S who took it upon himself to book his early birthday meal and swept me off from work to indulge/pick up the tab. 

Iggy's is well known for its Modern European delicacies by many in Singapore and around the world. Since 2009, it has been awarded the World's 50 Best Restaurants and has steadily moved up the charts to its current 26th place. 
We started off with the Amuse Bouche, Iggy's rendition of Nasi Lemak (a Singapore local dish). It was interesting to taste the familiar flavors presented in the molecular gastronomy form. The bottom layer is a nutty coconut pudding with a layer of rice grains laid on top of it. The mousse is a fragrant fish, coconut, pandan and lemongrass mix and the dish is then topped with some crispy fried white bait. This local delicacy is then completed with the Sambal Chili cracker on the plate. Love the presentation and the taste in this one. Who says local food can't be high class? 
For Starters, S had the Salmon served atop a light Champagne foam and fava beans. The icing on the cake has got to be the generous dollop of Avruga caviar. I could taste the freshness of the sea in this one. 
I can never resist the temptation of Foie Gras even though i know how artery clogging this is. The best way to do it is to sear it for the browned and crisp exterior and serve it with a refreshing fruit mix. Iggy's uses figs, hazelnuts and Creme de Cassis for that slightly sweet and acidic taste. I'm imagining a fat duck waddling in a garden when the dish was presented. :P
It's quite a sizable piece of foie gras though it pales in comparison to Gold by Harlen Goldstein. That has to be the biggest piece of foie gras i've eaten in my life. Will do a post on that some time. This is about as delightful. 
S then picked the Gnocchi with Lamb belly, sugar snap and green pea puree. The gnocchi were little fluffy puffs that soaks up the flavorful lamb jus. Didn't really remember much of this dish because i was enjoying my cappellini too much. 
On first look, the Signature Cappellini with Sakura Ebi, Konbu and Shellfish oil reminded me of the dry Mee Kia (another local noodle dish). In fact, it tastes pretty much like that though the flavors are a little more defined and refined though. I enjoyed the crunchy sakura ebi and the shellfish oil gave the dish an additional seafood sweetness. Very umami.
For the meat dish, we both picked Wagyu without a second thought. Sea Bream and Sanma are available but I'm not a fish fan. I stand by my 'fish is not meat' rule. Our bad experience with pigeon (at Hibiscus London) has left us scarred and terrified of birds done the European way. The meat was done medium rare though i thought it to be a little tough. Love the sweet onion puree and the Madeira wine sauce that coats the beef. 
The Pear; a pear dessert with yogurt, elderflower and Spanish onion was very light and icy. This is not what i would consider as a dessert. It felt more like a palate cleanser to me. 
Out of the lot, only the Kaya and Teh Terik sounded more like a sweet ending to the meal, though i must say that it felt like i had high class Singaporean food rather than European. However, this Brioche French toast is to die for. Filled with a creamy custard, the fluffy pillow was almost like a cream puff. Pair it with the thick and smooth egg, coconut and pandan jam (it was more custard) and that milk tea ice cream and foam and that's the fine dining version of a local breakfast dish. Now that they have spoiled me, how am i ever going back to the usual Kaya toast? :( 

For a mere S$85++, you will be able to enjoy the delightful four course meal daily. Now that is extremely reasonably priced. I've heard of people who were underwhelmed by Iggy's dinner/gastronomic menu (S$195/275) due to the price. I'd say try lunch first and if you like it, go for the full menu at dinner.

581 Orchard Road
The Hilton, Singapore 238881
Tel: +65 732 2234
If you are in the East Coast/ Siglap area and searching for reasonably priced and good tasting Japanese food, you musn't miss Megumi. This unpretentious joint may look plain to the unknowing; simple rattan chairs and tabletops covered by a plain red tablecloth. The distraction caused by its more commercialized neighbors, Pasta Fresca (Italian) and Udders ice cream, also contributes to its hidden gem quality. But of course, no good food will escape these sharp peepers. You can't call yourself an Eastie if you don't know of this joint. Can't believe S missed this. Tsk.
Like any good Japanese joint, the interior is very clean and functional. A little opening showcases the sashimi counter and part of the kitchen. Service is efficient and the food is served shortly after the seat is warmed. You're really meant to just eat and then go off. Be considerate, don't let the hungry folks outside wait too long. 
There is a good selection of dishes: sushi, sashimi, yakimono, nabe, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, don, teppan and the list goes on. If you have no idea what to order, start with their signatures (they have a good selection of that as well). UFO Maki (S$12) is a crunchy salmon, crabstick and deepfried seaweed roll coated with roe. The savory Hotate Miso Yaki (S$15.80) is guaranteed to explode in flavors and the Teppanyaki styled Saikoro Steak (S$16.80) will satisfy any meat craving.
I was drooling over the Scallop and Bacon skewers. The succulent and bouncy shellfish flesh is complemented by the smokiness of the fatty bacon. The grilled leeks lifted the dish with its freshness and left us craving for more. 2 sticks were definitely not enough.
While the Salmon Aburi was chunky and generous in its serving, the blow-torch technique has been executed rather amateurishly. There wasn't any charred appearance on the surface and the fish was mostly raw. What i didn't like about it was how the texture felt like biting into human flesh due to the coarseness of the surface and the thickness of the meat. None of that melt-in-your-mouth texture. I would advise you to stick to the sashimi. 
The sets are worth every buck you pay and they are extremely easy on your wallet (S$18-25). S and i shared the above dishes and we were stuffed at the end of the meal. I was extremely satisfied with my Tenzaru Soba Set. The cold soba was nicely chilled and has a nice bite to it. Tempura was light and crunchy and the buttery smooth sashimi was the icing on the cake. Will definitely be having this one again. There is also another sushi set for all of you who loves having variety in your meal.

There is also another outlet at Sunset Way.

77 Upper East Coast Road #01-03
Singapore 455218
Tel: 6243 0700/ 6243 0700
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30 – 10pm

Block 106 Clementi Street 12 #01-64 
Singapore 120106
Tel: 6779 1411 / 6779 1411
Daily 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6 – 10pm
Singaporeans are a disgruntled lot. We complain about everything under the sun, and about the sun as well! The weather is too hot and humid for anything outdoors and so we hide in the air conditioned comforts of shopping malls. Then we bemoan the lack of things to do. This never ends, does it? Why not bear the heat, explore the green spaces we have and marvel at the beauty of nature? You may even find some hidden surprises.
Casa Verde is one of those surprises. Very few dining establishments can boast of being at the doorsteps of nature. What's more? It is located in the heart of the city, nestled in a quiet corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The vibe is very relaxed, with pets roaming freely in the alfresco area and people chilling after a hike in the park.

Brunch is a casual semi self-serve affair where you place your orders at the counter and wait to be served. We took refuge in cosy indoor section to escape the sweltering heat while waiting.
Brunch is never complete with eggs. I can never say no to a Gourmet Breakfast with scrambled eggs (S$15) because it provides a great variety of ingredients. Even though the eggs weren't sufficiently creamy or buttery, I love the juicy Cumberland sausage and flavorful back bacon. The portions were huge for the price we paid.
I'm always fearful of eating Carbonara because the cream sauce could be rather overwhelming if not done well. However, Casa Verde's version (S$15) kept us going on till none was left. The cream, egg and Parmesan mix is drier as compared to most but it was just sufficient to coat each strand of spaghetti to give it a flavorful burst.
The slightly doughy Italian thin crust pizza was very decent as well. We had the Pizza Frutti di Mare (S$23), which came with fresh chunks of scallop, squid and shrimp on a tomato salsa base. This is perfect picnic food. Grab a few friends, lay out the red and white checkered mat on the luxuriant green and enjoy a good conversation over wine and pizza. Life is too short to be stuck in overcrowded shopping malls.

Sunnies up folks! It's time to stop and smell the roses.

Casa Verde
1 Cluny Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tel: 6467 7326

This post was first published on LadyIronChef.

I have a love hate relationship with eating seafood; love the salty sweet flavors but hate the mess that i get myself into. I'm a firm believer that food tastes better off your fingers (finger-licking good!) but I also thought it to be unladylike to eat with your hands in public. Solution to my quirks? Takeaway so i can eat in the comforts of my home where no one would be able to JUDGE me. But thanks to Cajun Kings, the seafood boilers, I can now eat to my heart's content in public without discriminating stares.
Specializing in the Cajun/Creole Seafood Boil, Cajun Kings welcomes their patrons to get low and dirty with their Dungeness Crabs, Maine Lobsters (Market Prices) and Red Sea Prawns, along with the rest of their shellfish. 
New dining rule: No cutlery. Method: Eat with your hands. Tools given: A plastic bib to protect you from the glorious juices of the shellfish and a waterproofed mahjong paper covered table top to dump the shells on.

The seafood is first boiled in Cajun spices, a mix of cayenne pepper and spice blends, then tossed into a plastic bag full more Cajun spice and/or Garlic Butter. The easiest way to reach the food is to simply pour everything onto the tabletop and just dig in. There is really no better way to eat seafood than this method. I'm dreaming of a tabletop full of hot steaming seafood of all shapes, sizes, textures and flavors.
There are 3 level of spice for the Kings Mix which is a garlic butter based cajun spice blend. If you like it spicy and packed with the full bodied stench of the garlic, this is what you could go for. We had level 1 and i was suffering from that dull heat already (spicy but bland). In fact, the spice didn't sit too well with my gf and i and we had queasy tummies for the rest of the night. :(

I much preferred the savory garlic butter though the aftertaste of the minced clove is sufficient to save you from lifetime of vampires (and maybe the next). I can easily finish 250g of Red Sea Prawns done this way (S$9/100g). Remove the head of the crustacean and suck on the creamy umami brain/roe/abdominal fats and juices. Undress the shells, dip into the butter gravy and then chomp on the succulent white flesh.  Do order the yeasty and salty French Petite Baguette (S$3) to soak up that roe infused sauce.

The Manila clams (S$8/100g) are more of a starter than a main course. I would say it's a good to have but not a necessity.
Other than the seafood boil, there are typical Creole dishes such as Catfish and fries (S$12), Gumbo, Buttermilk Frog legs and so on. I didn't quite dig the breaded catfish as the crust didn't have much flavor but my dining companions enjoyed it. We changed our fries to the Sweet Potato Fries (S$8) which were fantastic. This is one carb that i wouldn't mind eating. 
The Chicken and Andouille Gumbo (S$11), an everything-in-the-pot smoky stew thickened with Okra (lady's fingers), was a little overpowered by the commercial BBQ sauce taste. I couldn't really taste the okra as well. To be fair, this is my first time tasting gumbo so i'm not quite sure what it's supposed to be like. It felt like it was lacking in flavors. You could also order the smoked tender sausages on their own (S$5 for 6pcs).

Overall, it was a fun eating experience. Great place for a boys night out. Not quite the place to bring a date. I'm already looking forward to my next meal there. It's gonna be Lobsters and prawns in butter sauce (gonna request for less garlic)! Hop over to Wimbly Lu for some desserts after to complete your meal (it's just next door).

Cajun Kings
15-1 Jalan Riang
Tel: +65 6284 4426
Daily: 3pm - 10.30pm (closed Mon)

When i think of Dim Sum, 點心, i'll naturally relate it to Hong Kong. The Hongkongers do these bite sized portions of steamed goodies and baked pastry pieces the best. The delicate edible art is not the only thing that draws us in, it's also the raucous and energetic atmosphere in the traditional tea houses that contributes to the overall delightful Yum Cha  (loosely translated as drink tea) experience. Regardless of the time of the day, these 點心 will literally warm your hearts and tummies after a long tiring day of shopping in the bustling harbor. 

With so many Dim Sum places peppered all over the island, i always find it extremely difficult to make space and time for them. As i consulted the many Best Dim Sum lists, i realized that while many hole-in-the-wall places sound fantastic, they aren't the most convenient for tourists who are hard-pressed for time. So here is my list of easily accessible and tasty Best Dim Sum for Tourists on a short Hong Kong trip. Coincidentally, they are mostly on the Hong Kong Island side. Now get your handkerchiefs out and be ready to wipe that drool off. 

The 1 Star Wonder
Tim Ho Wan
I've failed to try this massively crowded 1 Michelin star place at its original location in Mong Kok when i visited last year. The phenomenal two hour wait is a daily occurrence at any time of day. I was over the moon when Pui Gor, former Lung King Heen chef, expanded his business to Sham Shui Po and Hong Kong Station! Granted that the Hong Kong station outlet may not be the most atmospheric but you could have top quality Hong Kong dim sum at rock-bottom prices almost immediately after you step off the plane (and then Airport Express train).
Their Honey BBQ Pork buns (Char Siew Bo Luo Bao) is simply out of this world. This lovely sweet and slightly milky crunchy sugar crust perfectly envelops the juicy and wonderfully roasted meat inside. You'll also enjoy that fluffy pillowy bun sandwiched between the crispy exterior and moist center. Best CSBLB in Hong Kong i swear. 

Their Steamed Malay Cake, Cheong Fan (steamed rice rolls), Har Gao (steamed prawn dumplings) and Panfried Carrot cake are also up to mark on the flavor and texture scoreboard.
I especially love the Osmanthus jelly which has the light fragrance of the flower and wolfberries. This sweet cool jelly left me wanting for more after the first bite. Quite the perfect way to end the meal. Best 1 Michelin star restaurant i say!

2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, +852 2332 2896
9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, +852 2788 1226
8 Finance Street, IFC Mall, Podium Level One, Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station, +852 2332 3078.
Daily: 10am - 10 pm

The Old School
Lin Heung Teahouse
This eatery has been serving old fashioned Guangzhou specialties since 1918 and it guarantees the most authentic and traditional Cantonese flavors. If you want to experience Hong Kong breakfast like the locals do, this is where you should head. Grab what you want off the dim sum trolleys pushed by grumpy old ladies. Traditional Siu mai (steamed meat dumplings) topped with pig's liver anyone? Don't expect fantastic service during the busy Dim Sum service (6am - 3.30pm) for the waitresses can be impatient and intimidating all at once.

160-164 Wellington Street, Central +852 2544 4556

The Cinematic
Luk Yu
Central's Luk Yu Teahouse is a time warp in itself. Walk through the building's colonial facade and it's like time has stopped at the pinnacle of Hong Kong golden years. Let the nostalgia wash over you as you taste the menu from years long gone. This is another rare place where you can still find Pig Liver Siew Mai and deep fried dumplings in soup.

It seems like there's a Luk Yu in Ion Orchard Singapore as well. Not quite sure if this is a branch. Will check it out soon.

24 Stanley Street, G/F-3/F, Central, +852 2523 5464
Daily: 7am- 10pm; dim sum till 4pm

The Convenient Chain
Lei Garden
This relaxed and unpretentious Dim Sum restaurant is popular for its tasty Cantonese dishes. Dim sum is highly popular and has more hits with a few slight misses. I would expect no less of a Michelin star restaurant. What's great is also their warm service, and that is always a plus point. Their hospitality and service also applies to the Singapore branch.

Expect fat Har Gaus (steamed prawn dumplings) that are fresh and flavorful, fluffy Char Siew Bao (Honey BBQ steam buns) and nice Siu Yuk (Roast meats). Dishes cost between HK$30 and $50.

Multiple locations. See for details.

The Hidden Secret
Che's Cantonese Restaurant 
Locals in the know would head to this smart Cantonese restaurant that is well concealed at the 4th floor of an office building in the middle of Wan Chai. The restaurant though small is elegant and classy. Their Char Siew Bo Lo Bao (baked crispy porn buns) comes close to Tin Hou Wan's! 1 bun is never enough. The egg tarts are fabulous with its wobbly custard center and flaky puff pastry. What makes Hong Kong egg tarts so special is the lard they use in place of butter (uhoh!) Skip the Liu Sha Bao (Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun), it is way too oily and bland. 
I was surprised by the flavors in the Steamed Lotus Glutinous Rice- the saltiness of the meat, smokiness of the Chinese dried mushrooms and the faint aroma of the lotus leaves. I unknowingly finished the rice even though i was thoroughly stuffed. Other than the dim sum, the other Cantonese dishes are stellar too. The soy pigeon is a must try over here. It doesn't look appetizing at all, in fact it looks scary, but the meat is well flavored with soy and chinese spices. Make sure you book a table before showing up. Che is only hidden, it's not unknown.

54-62 Lockhart Rd, 4/F, The Broadway, Wan Chai, +852 2528-1123

The Classic
Maxim's Palace City Hall
Overlooking the Victoria Harbor, 1 Michelin Star City Hall Maxim's Palace provides diners with a grand view and a posh environment for enjoying their breakfast. Well dressed waitresses pushing fully laden trolleys will fill your tummy up with goodies while you soak in the elegant air.
Start with the smooth Century Egg and Pork Congee (comes with crispy crackers) and make sure you order the Siew Mai and Har Gao which are plump and fresh with succulent pork bites. The Bo Lo Bao is also very decent, though not as good as Tin Hou Wan (that's the only standard). All dishes are executed perfectly. 

The only way to beat the weekend crowd is to arrive early or make a reservation for this is one of the most famous dim sum spots in town. If not, try your luck at the sister restaurant, The Square at Central but chances of getting a table is also pretty low. Dim sum is served till 3pm and they open at 9am instead of the usual 11am on Sundays.

5-7 Edinburgh Place, 2/F, City Hall, Central, +852 2521 130

Luxurious Decadence
Fook Lam Moon
If you are willing to pay HK$60 for a basket of Dim Sum, then this is the place for you. Wealthy customers are known to hop off their Rolls Royce to dine at the Wanchai outlet. The friendly staff would turn on their 1000 Mega Watt charm for every customer regardless of the horsepower of your ride though. This 1 Michelin star restaurant is expensive but the dim sum is quite fabulous. Barely-there translucent rice flour skin wraps fresh meat and locks in the flavorful juices till the time you pick them up and send them into your mouth. The salted egg yolk custard in their Steamed Liu Sha Bao will spill readily when the thin bread casing is pierced so be ready for the explosion.

35-45 Johnston Rd., Wanchai, +852 2866 0663 (for reservations)
63 Nathan Road, 29/F iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 
Daily: 11am - 3pm, 6-11pm

Top of the WorldTin Lung Heen
No other dim sum establishment can beat the view of 1 Michelin Star Tin Lung Heen. Located on the 102nd floor of the Ritz Carlton at the ICC, Tin Lung Heen offers a bird's eye view of Asia's financial hub. The floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking view will complement your gold dusted shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoots and asparagus, caviar siew mai and bird nest custard tart.

1 Austin Rd. West, 102/F Ritz Carlton, West Kowloon, +852 2263 2270
Weekdays: 12 - 2.30pm
Weekends: 11.30am - 3pm 
Daily: 6pm - 10.30pm

Star Studded Opulance
Lung King Heen
Lung King Heen is one of the three restaurants that has been awarded 3 Michelin stars in Hong Kong. Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak is the brain behind the intricately decadent menu here. Expect only the best ingredients like foie gras, black truffles, abalone and the likes. This is fine dim sum dining at its best. Everything from the texture, flavors and presentation will excite you. Be in for a treat.

8 Finance Street, 4/F, Four Seasons Hotel, Central, +852 3196 8888
Daily: 12-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm

Of course, there are many other stellar dim sum establishments in Hong Kong and this list barely scratches the surface. Do share with us your favorites in Hong Kong. Yum Cha! 
If you don't already know, I'm a carnivore and i love my meat. Hell. What am i gonna do without cows seriously? That said, i don't mind the occasional vegetarian meal. There is just something weirdly appealing about fake meat. I'm really amazed at how they attempt to create the sinewy texture of the moos. Vegan Burg in Jalan Eunos takes it a step further by making vegan fast food burgers. Now that sure got my attention. Will they be able to handle that juicy and succulent patties? Read on to find out. 
The founding joint in the East is a hippie and cheerful airy space where cows would feel at home. There's plenty of land to graze on, grass for munching (artificial though) and nobody to run after them with a butcher's knife. 

VeganBurg is built on the foundation of respect and love for Mother Earth and the owners want to introduce a form of sustainable and healthy diet to you so that we can all live happily ever after. If you don't believe me/them, you can check out their 'Why VeganBurg' page. That will be enough to scare you off eating meat for at least a day.

Even if you don't give ding dong about the global climate or animal abuse, the food is pretty decent and is a refreshing change from your typical All-American greasy, artery clogging, stroke inducing burger. VeganBurg's fast food is certainly no junk food. All their ingredients are carefully picked to provide you with essential nutrients but at the same time tantalize your taste buds. Expect wholemeal organic grains and mystery vegan patties that are free of gluten and GMOs

There are 5 burgers on the menu and a special flavor of the month (the current is a Grilled Curry Rendang burger). Pick from Cracked Pepper Mayo, Hawaiian Pineapple, Smoky BBQ, Char-Grilled Satay and Creamy Pepper Shrooms. The patties are either pan/oven grilled or breadcrumb battered and fried and then sandwiched between VeganBurg's Signature Organic Ciabatta with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts/wholemeal grains. 
I had the Cracked Pepper Mayo burger (S$5.85 for burger/ S$9.85 for meal) which contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Zinc (i feel so much healthier knowing that). The patty is exactly the sort of mock vegetarian 'chicken meat' that the Chinese vegetarian store sells. Interesting texture that is tender but yet it has that sinewy chew to it. I really can't complain that it's a tad dry, since it's not real meat. The mayonnaise added a little moisture to it though it didn't feel very healthy. More greens and tomatoes would be perfect for this one. Maybe the Hawaiian would fare better with the chunky slice of pineapple and grilled soya patty with a sweet plum sauce (that sounds mouthwatering already).

For an additional $4, you can make it a meal with seaweed fries and a juice. The fries were sinfully crisp and airy and went well with the garlic chili sauce. My spinach wheatgrass juice was kinda artificial though. There are other interesting sides such as Vegan franks and hotdogs, potato and spinach pops and even a guilt free ice cream if you have a small appetite. 

Even if you don't dig vegetarian/vegan food, don't write off VeganBurg just yet. It is easy to forget it's a 'fake' burger and the cause is really worth it. I already feel like i shouldn't be eating so much meat. Save the cows, save the Earth, 1 ngom at a time. Cheers!

44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore
Tel: +65 6844 6868
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Other Outlets
VeganBurg@Golden Shoe
VeganBurg@Marina Boulevard
VeganBurg@The Grandstand
VeganBurg@Orchard Gateway