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Ms SkinnyFat

By Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello my dear,

Welcome to the Ms Skinnyfat blog, where your appetite for life would be whetted by the delicious food and exotic escapades around the world.

I'm often asked why the name "Ms Skinnyfat". To sum it up, the description is metaphorical. It expresses my outlook on life: I'm a fun sized girl with a huge appetite for life and i want to experience and eat as much as i can (only if it's worth my calories), while i can. Life is too short for all the shoulda woulda coulda. 

But of course, the fear of growing fat from all that feasting is real. My advice is, if you wanna eat, then you better work that lazy ass. You're gonna need a lot of that if you keep reading my blog so you better start now.

Expect brutally honest reviews over here. I wouldn't let you waste your calories.


Ms Skinnyfat website sees more than 15,000 unique visitors and 60,000 page views each month. She is also the winner of the Singapore Blog Awards Best Food Blog 2015. For inquiries, feel free to contact her.

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  1. Hi C,

    Just dropping by to let you know that we have added your site to our list of Best Singapore Travel Blogs! :)