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Shall end the International Tea week with this post even though there are so many other awesome tea places on my travels that i really wanna share. I have readers complaining about how it's a torture reading about these places when they are stuck in Sg without better options. So 2 posts tonight! 1 on tea and another for brunch (in SG) tomorrow. :)

I love matcha. It's light, soothing and refreshing. Like coffee, it goes well with many different types of desserts. When the boy and i spotted O'sulloc tea house along Insadong (where we first stayed at in Seoul), we knew for sure we would be spending many afternoons enjoying tea there.

O'Sulloc Tea House is a theme cafe that offers a variety of Korea’s traditional tea. Here, you'll find their home grown Matcha from Jeju being used as a main ingredient in all their dishes- from juices to smoothies, ice cream to cakes, teas to coffee.

S was very fascinated with the tea set which gave us an option of ordering various combinations of green tea delights. We went with some platter thingy (as shown in picture above), with a green tea tiramisu and a green tea smoothie/milkshake/ice blended with more green tea ice cream. That set cost us about 30000++Won, which is about 30ish- 40sgd. It's not cheap but it's worth every buck.

The Matcha taste was very intense and you could taste the bittersweet caffeine in every bite. I was on a perpetual high. You can never go wrong with the azuki beans-Matcha combination. The shaved ice tasted like they were frozen green tea milkshake! YUMS.
I have to rave about the tiramisu. It was a-mazing! It was light and airy and packs a punch of green tea in it. If i didn't stop S, he would have gobbled the entire thing without me having a taste of it. The smoothie sent us to pure Matcha heaven with each gulp.

On top of that, i ordered the green tea caramel latte and it left a lingering sweetness that calmed and soothed my nerves (not that i had any. we were on a holiday after all. :)) We were simply grinning from ear to ear from the moment we stepped into the cafe till everything was polished off the table.

The ambience was very relaxing as well. Open spaces, nature friendly interior, large glass wall and an air well to create the illusion of space. There are curated pieces of ceramic tea sets (very expensive) making the cafe seem almost like a museum. You could also purchase the various tea leaves from the shop as well. Best souvenir you can buy home from Seoul. I regret not buying more and now i gotta ration. :(

The O’sulloc Tea House has stores in Myeongdong, Jongno (Insadong), Daehangno, Gangnam, and at the Gangnam Finance Center. There are many other tea places/museums in Insadong so do take a look around. I've stumbled upon some really cool cafes while exploring that area.

O'sulloc Tea House
Myeongdong, Jongno (Insadong), Daehangno, Gangnam, Gangnam Finance Center
Daily: 9am - 10.30pm