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Sandwiches are back in favor or is it just that this pregnancy craving has led me to searching for them? Anyhow, i was rather excited to see that there are more sangas (the Aussie slang for sandwiches) available in the East, this time at Bloom Coffee at Siglap
The menu is quite limited, focusing on 5 sangas options such as Tonkatsu ($18) and Grilled Mushroom & Eggplant ($17). They have one sweet option, which is the PB & Strawberry Basil ($15) which we heard is a hit or miss.
On my first visit, i went straight for the Tamagoyaki Avocado Bacon ($18) as it seemed like the lightest tasting option. Made using smashed avocado, grilled bacon and tamagoyaki, the sandwich was a combination of different flavours and textures. Expect an eye-popping brightness to hit you first but it gets better with each bite. I had high hopes of the rest of the sandwiches but unfortunately they were rather disappointing.
Both the Sloppy Bob ($17), and the Tonkatsu ($18) had the smelly frozen meat flavor which was hard to stomach. The former, a bolognese sandwich with their housen made minced beef sauce with cheddar and mozzarella, would have been better if the meat were fresh. The minced meat was a tad dry too. The meaty taste of the Tonkatsu was slightly masked with the pickled daikon and zucchini and the tangy rosemary and plum sauce. However, we could taste the oil in the breaded pork belly mille feuille. 
The trick to having an enjoyable weekend brunch is to go on Sunday instead of Saturday. I think. Especially those in the CBD-ish areas. That or i was really lucky to get a last minute table for early brunch at the popular French-inspired Chez Suzette, which serves classic brunch plates all day long. 
We were thankful to be seated indoors instead of the alfresco area on the ground floor. God bless this weather. I've been meaning to drop by after gym at Tanjong Pagar but it's afterall a 10 mins walk under the hot sun, and my jelly legs do object that. A craving for Croque Monsieur (i heard they do a decent one), led me down this path and it didn't disappoint. 
I'm more a Madame than a Monsieur fan actually since i live for eggs. The Croque Monsieur ($19) here features some lovely French sliced ham with melted Comté cheese and béchamel sauce in between and on top of the crusty and pillowy sourdough, before being grilled. The flavors were classic but i found the overall bite a tad dry, probably from the lack of the béchamel sauce. I'm not sure if i was ravenous after spin class or was it a pregnancy thing but i finished the entire sandwich, which is very rare. The size was quite decent i thought. 
Weekend brunch starts on Fridays at Burger & Lobster Raffles Hotel because this is the new normal. Served from 11am to 3pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, this indulgent brunch is only available at the Raffles Hotel outlet and you could enjoy it with their expanded cocktail menu.
Something unique to Singapore is the grilled Mala Corn ($6) tossed in a fragrant spicy rub that is more savory than spicy. I would also love this on their fries! Can someone bottle me the seasoning please! 
Another appetizer is the nutty and crunchy Fried Cauliflower ($6) served with a lime cilantro mayonnaise, which could do with a tad more acidity. Needless to say, you know which is my preferred bite to start. 

You already know that SIRI HOUSE is my favorite restaurant in Dempsey (read my earlier review here) and i must have sampled most of the items off the menu. This time, Jr and i headed back for their not-quite-new weekend brunch menu (our earlier plans were thwarted by COVID-19).

A recap on the food SIRI House serves- it says Modern Asian family table, which actually meant a medley of flavors and dishes that a modern well-traveled and savvy family would be accustomed too. The international influences draw from Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian and Spanish cuisine.

But of course, brunch is not run-of-the-mill here. A simple Lobster Scramble ($21) blew our minds with the refreshing mix of a Middle Eastern Za’taar sour cream flavoring the delectably soft scrambled eggs with Boston lobster. The sour cream was a burst of mint, flower, wood, and nut, which cut through the richness of the eggs. While the suggest is to share this small plate, i advise that you add on some sourdough, a long with another other sides, and keep it for yourself.

SIRI HOUSE's Arancini ($21) changed my mind on fried rice balls. Theirs is served like a takoyaki, with the familiar presentation of mayonnaise, furikake and bonito flakes. Looks aside, each bite was greeted with a big crusty crunch, which breaks away to reveal a creamy mozzarella ooze. I enjoyed the starchy rice in place of flour, peppered with bits of octopus and chorizo. There's a twist on the typical Kewpie too, with Chef Leo giving it a spicy Thai chili upgrade. 
We also had one of the weekly specials which is perfect for this scorching summer. Summer Tings ($18) is a garden on a plate, created with Hierloom tomatoes, apricot, a slightly sweet corn mousse, starchy chewy heritage corn kernel for texture and lacto-fermented calamansi peel.
The Cheeseburger ($29) has the longest list of ingredients on the menu with each element layering on a distinct dimension to the overall bite. Here goes- juicy beef patty, salty crunch from fried Parma ham, oozy Cheddar, nutty Gouda, acidic bread and butter pickles, piquant shishito relish, jammy caramelized onions, sharp Dijon mustard, smoky harissa mayo, all sandwiched between a slightly springy milk bun. This is not your usual cheeseburger and is one that i'll remember from time to time. The double-fried fries were perfection too; they were crunchy all around and fluffy within.
After such a heavy meal, you simply have to go with the pretty terrarium inspired Cherry Sundae ($18) to bring you out of slumber. I loved the tanginess of the yogurt ice cream adorned with a balanced cherry compote (it's not as sweet as i imagined it to be) with really nice juicy cherry halves. The fruits used in this sundae are seasonal and we had apricot in ours. Crushed dark chocolate feuilletine provided a contrasting crunch. 
Given that we ate some much, the Bomboloni ($16), Italian style fried bready doughnuts filled with cashew chocolate ganache and mixed berry jam, was too much for us. I thought they were a bit oily and dense and the sugar granules coating didn't help with the greasy bite. 
What's brunch without some cocktails right and we know SIRI HOUSE makes some mean ones. While they claimed that their Brunch cocktails ($12) are low ABV and focuses more on flavors than alcohol, i was flushed after my first glass of Jasmine Sake Bellini. No complains though! Jr's Mary Nagano is a spicy wasabi and chili twist on Bloody Mary which would go very well with burger and fries. For those wanting a caffeinated kick, the Caffeinated Martini with dark rum, kopi O and espresso will provide that high. 
If you require some sobering up, check out the retail space at the front of house or pick up some toys curated by multidisciplinary creative studio, FLABSLAB- they are currently doing a Fifty Shades of Black collection.

Block 8D #01-02, Dempsey Road,
Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672
Tel: +65 9487 1552
Tue - Thu: 11.30am - 10pm 
Fri - Sat: 11.30am - 11pm
Sun: 11.30am - 9pm 
Michelin quality food in a playful and casual setting? Sign me up any time. Cheek Bistro by Chef Rishi Naleendra and his wife Manuela Toniolo goes with fun but doesn't compromise on quality or techniques. Their cozy nook is made for relaxed meals and their brunch menu makes this Modern Australian restaurant even more welcoming for diners. 
The brunch menu is not your pedestrian cafe brunch food. Don't be too surprised to see Sri Lankan influence, such as the spiced and sugary Sri Lankan Iced Coffee ($10), which could also be spiked with a shot of Arrack (a coconut spirit). It's very sweet, like Vietnamese coffee, so don't say i didn't warn you. 
I went straight for the Mushroom on Toast ($18) which showcased the Bluefoot mushrooms, a French delicacy known as pied bleu. The mushroom was woody, earthy and had a meaty texture, and was complemented with a medley of mushrooms. Give it a smear of the vegemite custard for more umami or have enjoy it on its own. One wouldn't quite know what to do with the soft-boiled eggs in a a rich consommé- do i eat them separately or pour them onto the toast. Well.. the choice is yours. I drank the broth separately because i did not want to waste a single drop.      

Egg staples are served too, such as the Shakshuka ($18) and an interesting Son In Law Eggs ($18) featuring fried eggs with an runny center, served in a pita bread with hummus and homemade dukkah spice.  
Sans the millenials, do you guys remember the start of the cafe wave in Singapore and how brunch was all about English Breakfasts and Eggs Benedict before it's about Smashed Avo on Toast or Soufflé pancakes? As i cut into my Instagram-perfect Eggs Benedict at The English House by Marco Pierre White and that sunset orange trickled down those pearly whites, i was reminded how the Eggs Benedict will always be an oldie but goodie. Is this what old people do? Reminisce? 

Anyhow, The English House is now serving traditional English breakfast items daily (except for Mondays) in their gorgeous colonial house. Daytime is the best time to get a good look inside the restored conservation building filled with quirky English curios and pop art, and also a touch of local kopitiam/old medical hall furniture. 
Breakfast starts with a basket of complimentary freshly baked sourdough with French butter and your choice of coffee, tea or juice. Proper yes sire.
Since i got you thinking about the Eggs Benedict ($20), here it is, the perfectly round eggs with a curtain of bright and lemony, rich and smooth hollandaise. Trust me when i say this is one of the best Egg Benedict out there currently. Of course the English got it right. The round Japanese egg sits on top of some juicy shredded Wiltshire ham, which provides a lovely saltiness to the dish. As the yolk explodes, the viscous liquid is soaked up by the pillowy muffin. DAYUMS. This reminded me why Eggs Benny is an evergreen brunch dish.
As French patisserie Antoinette bid farewell to its Mandarin Gallery outlet, its move to Millenia Walk is a warm welcome by the working crowd in the area, who gets to indulge on fresh bakes, sweet treats and savoury bites, all day everyday. 
Pick your spot, be it under the sun (i mean skylight) in the ‘al fresco’ area along the atrium, or tucked tucked away in a cosy corner in the store, and then be ready to watch the world go by for a bit. New to the Millenia Walk outlet are French-style savoury crêpes and weekday-specials, the Le Menu Petite Déjeuner (a simple breakfast menu) and Le Menu Sandwich (classic European sandwiches) that are exclusive to Millenia Walk.
For a quick grab and go, other than Antoinette’s signature Pure Butter Croissants ($3.5) and Pain Au Chocolat ($3.5), i highly recommend the Egg Muffin ($5) which is way better than MacD's FOR SURE. The housemade pork sausage patty is incredibly juicy and wholesome, with zero additives. Topped with cheddar cheese and a sunny side up, it's sandwiched between a housemade muffin which is amazingly fluffy and buttery inside and woah i love that crunchy crust it has. How is this only $5?? 
The Italian Focaccia ($8) is also an easy sandwich to eat on the go. You can't go wrong with pesto butter and cheese, plus some juicy sous vide chicken. I love the herby mix and it certainly provides a hearty start to the day. An extensive range of traditional European and Japanese-style breads are freshly stocked daily for a convenient snack at the desk too.
How about brunching like the French this Sunday? Think alfresco dining on French classics, right next to the riverside. Les Bouchons Rive Gauche at Robertson Quay will provide that experience with their new 'Bouchons Riviera Brunch' menu that is designed by Head Chef Mickael Cornac. With 30 newly created all-time brunch favourites a selection of their signatures, you'd be spoilt for choice. 
Start with something refreshing, like the Riviera Wellness Bowl ($18) which is packed with granola, honey yoghurt, goji berries, banana, strawberries and chia seeds. The strawberries have been cooked in balsamic vinegar for an extra tang. Order this to share as a starter, or for desserts even. 
Other starters include the classic Eggs Mimosa ($14) and the Escargots De Bourgogne ($16). The eggs mimosa may sound very simple but if you only tried making it yourself, you'd know that it's a lot of work to cream those yolks. The Burgundy snails were shelled and cooked in a refreshing pesto, which made them perfectly easy to eat with the crusty warm bread buns. 
History has it that the concept of Sunday brunch came about as a means to overcome a British author’s own hangover from the night before about 120 years ago. As a homage to this, the ‘Bouchons Riviera Brunch’ menu features the Gueule de Bois ($24) or more commonly referred to as the Bouchons Hangover Cure. But hang on, it's served with “Impossible” meatballs, scrambled eggs with truffle oil, sautéed porcini mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus on a toasted sourdough bread. Talk about hearty and healthy hangover food! The portions are massive btw!

There's a rotating Bouchons Sunday Roast ($32) served with mushroom sauce and roasted baby potatoes and the roast changes weekly. We had roast lamb which has been marinated with capers, anchovies, mint and paprika. I didn't quite enjoy the powdery lamb but the mushroom sauce was a perfect earthy creaminess. I would drink the sauce as a soup.
A safer bet would the Bouchons' signature steak frites! The Grilled Black Angus Rib Eye Steak ($39.80) is served with vigneron butter, mixed salad and free flow homemade french fries! The tender red meat was perfect with the butter but you can also flavor your meat with their their house-made condiments such as bearnaise and mayonnaise. I loved the intense potato flavor and the crispy edges of the fries. 

For desserts, if you still have space that is, the Chocolate Brownie "Fait Maison" ($10) cannot be missed. A 66% Valrhona chocolate is used to give it a rich intensity. I liked that it wasn't too sweet. 
French crepes with choice of sugar, Nutella, banana or honey ($8) are also available. 

Complementing its food menu, diners can experience brunch with a cocktail or champagne from the exclusive boutique collection of Champagne Jean Vesselle

I'd recommend steak for Sunday brunch at Les Bouchons anytime, but pick a good day with cooler weather though!
60 Robertson Quay, #01-02, Singapore 238252
Tel: +65 6733 4414
Sunday Brunch: 11.30am - 3.30pm 
The Italian throw an insane party and you can expect the same at Zafferano's Saturday Champagne Brunch specially curated by Head Chef Emanuele Faggi. The hearty brunch features 3 generous courses of Italian perennial favourites, served sharing-style at the table – the exact way Italian families have enjoyed their get-togethers for generations, as well as, a lavish spread of Italian sweets at the dessert bar. 
Go hungry is my last words for you. 
The feast starts with live seasonal oysters. Each diner gets two oysters but you get unlimited servings of all the other items. One portion of the appetizers is served first but feel free to ask your server for extras of whatever you like.
Fresh Italian burrata served with tomatoes is a must and boy are they creamy! 

I couldn't fault the other cold sides of marinated salmon topped with avruga caviar
 and selection of cold cuts
If you need something to warm you up, the stewed mussels in pepper broth with rosemary croutons fits the bill. They could have served fluffier bread so that they could soak up more of the broth. 
No one stands between me and the gratin Hokkaido scallops. The succulent flesh was topped with a mixture of savory crunch bread, parsley, pine nuts, and punctuated with juicy raisins. I'd skip the oily polenta cakes with bacalhau which was super fishy. Also, the sludgy and thick Tuscan soup of tomato and bread topped with Parmesann crumble didn't seem too appetizing so i skipped that altogether. 
Well, i was right to save my carb quota for the Primi course. From top clockwise, there's the superfine ‘risotto Acquerello’ with four cheeses topped with shaved summer truffle; house-made veal agnolotti with spinach and hazelnuts; and the baked potato gnocchi prepared in Sorrentina style, served with tomato, mozzarella cheese.
The standout was the gnocchi! I would never order gnocchi because the probability of getting a nasty one is pretty high but Zafferano does them perfectly- fluffy light pillows that you never want to stop eating, especially with all that cheese and sauce! The risotto was lovely as well. 
We haven't even gotten to the main courses yet! My pick? The pan-fried seabass prepared in the Mediterranean style with olives, tomato, and fresh thyme, accompanied by rosemary potatoes and sautéed vegetables. I love the brightness in the sauce and the flavors are certainly welcomed after loading on the carbs.
The other meat course is the pan-seared duck breast served with onion compote and mustard sauce but i found it a tad dry.
The Bar Del Dolci would be set up for the dessert course. A selection of Italian desserts such as tiramisù, chocolate brownies with pistachio mousse, almond cake with mascarpone cream, mini luscious chocolate mousse, and tarts are made available. My favorite was the chocolate cones and brownies.  

Zafferano’s Saturday Italian Table Brunch is served from 12pm to 3pm on 27 October 2018 and 24 November 2018 this and is available at $98/pax with free flow of Spumante, beer, house wine, juices and soft drinks, or $128 with the addition of free flow Champagne.

Ocean Financial Centre 10 Collyer Quay, Level 43, Singapore 049315 
Tel: +65 6509 1488
Weekdays: 11.30am - 3pm, 5.30pm till late
Sat: 6:30pm till late (last order for food 10pm) 
Sunday Brunch: 12 - 3pm
Brunch with style at Origin Grill's new Sunday Vintage Brunch which places a focus on a selection of vintage wines for the ultimate epicurean experience. Why? Because champagne brunches are so over. Adding to the romance and nostalgia is the sunlit grand railway decor that welcomes you as you embark on this gastronomic journey.
The dining experience commences with Chef de Cuisine Heidi Flanagan’s signature appetisers – Yummy Toast, Cured House Salmon, San Daniele Prosciutto, Flaky Pastry, Doughnut Time, Charred Asparagus and Origin Salad – at unlimited servings. Go easy with this, we ordered almost everything and struggled with the lot. Strategy- go with a big group of friends so that you can sample a bite of each and not let all that glorious food go to waste.   
I'm a huge fan of that Yummy Toast, which has a creamy sweet pumpkin slathered over it, sweetened by a floral wild honey, balanced with a touch of tart goat's cheese and given some crunchiness with the pistachio. Perfect little bites these are! The grilled asparagus with gorgonzola sauce, prosciutto and house-cured salmon are standard fare done well and they paved way for the main event.
We started off with some NV Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne, and then moved on to their Vintage wines selection, a dry 2007 Domaine Trimbach Cuvée Frédéric Emile Alsace Riesling. I thought the petrol aroma was rather jarring but it was a lot better after the wine opens up. I much preferred the Tempranillo 2004 Bodegas López de Heredia, a Viña Tondonia Reserva.
Pick a main course of your choice with grilled mains or breakfast staples like eggs, which i would advise you to skip because what's a meal at Orgin Grill if you don't have one of their grilled dishes!
Steak lovers will Rangers Valley Striploin with Blue Cheese Butter, or the 35-days Aged John Stone Striploin. We had the striploin and it was very flavorful on its own!
What was even more gratifying was the Iberico Pork Chop which was absolutely the juiciest beast on a plate. This is the defining pork chop of my life and i thought it was even better than the steak. I enjoyed the hint of mustard along with the char.
If i have to give up red meat, i'd choose to have this Grilled Sea Bass Fillet for the rest of my life. 

treat yourself to the lavish spread of gratifying pastries, cakes and cheeses that changes weekly, and the live crepe station; as you end the brunch high- spirited with cocktails from the trolley. 

Sunday Vintage Brunch is available every Sunday from 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm; priced at $108++ for food & non-alcoholic drinks, $168++ for food, unlimited wines & cocktails, and $208++ for food, unlimited wines, cocktails & vintage wine pouring. 

Desserts- The Snickers Peanut Bar was more Mars Bar than Snickers imo. Well i can't fault the chocolate caramel but it was missing some peanuts i think. Nevertheless, that's my pick from the dessert section. The Matcha Lemon Cremeux Verrine was creamy but delightfully refreshing with a hint of matcha. The chocolate cone was great too but the rest of the desserts were rather plain. Fresh crepes are also served on demand. 

Lobby Level, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350 

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12noon – 2:30pm (grill) Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm (grill)

Tel: (65) 6213 4398