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I'm a fan of SIRI HOUSE if you don't know. Tucked away in the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill, it is an art space, Collective Market retail store, and restaurant rolled into one. The menu, is one that celebrates the vibrance of the Modern Asian family table. The latest edition is based on the favorite food memories of Head Chef Leo Pang (formerly from Le Benardin) culinary team, and you can expect nostalgic flavors presented in new and inventive ways. 

Start with the bites to go with the apertifis. The restaurant’s signature Chicken Fat Cookie ($12), delightful buttery cookie has been given a face lift. Enhanced by chicken fat, topped with a curry spiced cream with chicken skin bits which eats like curry Twisties and peppered with turmeric mushroom dust, each bite brings back fond memories of snacking in front of the TV. 
The Papadum ($10) eats like an Indian roti prata/nacho, with a dip of curry creama spiced up with bits of smoked fish chili. Chef Leo's favorite childhood dish is roti prata with fish curry and that inspired this snack. We loved the light tang from the sour cream, which is very similar to the acidity in Indian fish curry. 
No traveling still so i'm making pretend with a bowl of IPPUDO ramen at their eighth dining outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre which is just a couple of days old. The 80-seater serves not just their signature ramen, but is also the first sake bar concept with some dishes exclusive to it. 
Outfitted with an in-house sake cellar, diners can enjoy highlights such as Japanese-style Shochu Sour and around 20 types of sake. We had the refreshing sparkling sake CHIYOMUSUBI SORAH which helped to cut through the fat savory ramen. I'd also recommend the DASSAI Junmai Daiginjo 45 which is available by the glass!
The exclusive dishes range from salted egg and cheese fries ($6.80), to healthy pumpkin salad ($5.80), wings and also a Teppan Rice. 
The Teppan Rice is served with a medley of red and yellow peppers, corn, and crisp-fried IPPUDO ramen noodles. A homemade cheese lava sauce poured on to the sizzling hot plate to give the dish extra savoriness. You could add on grilled wagyu beef ($13.80) and pork ($12.80). I probably wouldn't come to Ippudo to eat this as a main but it's quite an interesting side to share. 
Are you tired of Avocado Toast and Eggs Benedict yet? Try a different brunch at Fat Prince, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant located on Peck Seah Street. Contemporary kebabs, mezzes and sharing mains are fired from a custom-made oven, accompanied by Fat Prince's unique "koktail" programme. 
Enjoy a Royal Brunch ($49), which comes with a choice of a dip, mezze/salad, main, and dessert, and also a welcome koktail. The permutations will keep you busy so here are my favorites. 
From the dips, I absolutely love the roasted cashew gremolata hummus ($12)with smoked paprika. I could feel myself filling up because i could not stop eating the toasted pita with this dip!
New Ubin has launched UbinEats for the solo diner craving for your local kopitiam fare but prefers to have it at home. The virtual restaurant dedicated to ‘Truly Singaporean’ ready-to-eat meals for one has launched with five sub brands—Ubin Nasi Lemak, Vijay Banana Leaf, Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice, Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles and Ah Boon Signatures, each representing the different ethnic groups in Singapore. 

The favorite of the lot goes to Vijay Banana Leaf devilish Chicken Masala ($12). Vijay is a long-serving New Ubin chef of South Indian descent who’s responsible for the many Indian dishes that have become signature mainstays on the tze char’s eatery menu. We loved how the heat from the chicken is balanced by the perfumed biryani basmati rice. The fluffiness of the rice was also what attracted us to the dish. The price tag is quite reasonable given the huge portion. 
Next favorite is the Ubin Nasi Lemak ($15). It's pricey but my mama was pretty satisfied with the fragrant coconut rice that has been cooked with pandan leaves. The sides are a bit different with a joo hee sambal, a sweetish sambal cuttlefish that wasn't too tough to eat, and a juicy and tendy piece of ayam bakar (charcoal grilled chicken). The thick slice of omelette was also very enjoyable, along with the spiced anchovies and sliced cucumbers.
Finally introduced Jr to The Spot! The Spot was one of my highly recommended restaurants of 2018 and i'm so glad that Chef Lee Boon Seng is still dishing up his creative European dishes using SEA ingredients! Trust me, you wouldn't regret making your way to Marina One for a meal. Plus there's a good selection of drinks with bottles with 1855 (i spend all my wine money there) and specials from the Macallen boutique. 
We were there for restaurant week and dinner featured mostly items from their main menu. To start, the cheese bread (a Pao de Queijo) with unsalted butter & paprika sea salt ($8) is the perfect savory bite that packs a punch. Lovely crust with a dense center, perfect with butter. 
Market garden greens with a pan seared, panko-like crusted foie gras that cuts like butter. sweetened with a wild stingless bee honey, a little blue cheese was snuck into this one as well to go with the greens.
The Char-grilled Octopus with preserved green papaya slaw, mint, peanut aka miso emulsion showcases Chef Boon Seng's clever take on modern Asian-European cuisine. The peanut aka miso is all too familiar, like our local rojak sauce and the association with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine is also strong with the use of the pickled fruit and herbs. Of course, the star is the smoky octopus. I always associate grilled octopus with Spanish cuisine, do you?
I was wowed then and i'm still impressed with the Grilled Hamachi ($38), which comes with a spring onion chimichurri, Ratte potato, white clams, in a coconut clam broth. The broth is a pseudo Thai Green curry and the sweet clams really shine in this dish. 
Kaya and Gula Aren Cream Choux bun. That's how i first got to know about Allium, which is surprisingly not a cafe/pastry shop. This sleepy little restaurant hidden in Kensington Square is helmed by Dillon Ng, formerly of The Humble Loaf and GastroSmiths, and his wife Lulu who is the pastry master here. Stepping into their 16-seater restaurant felt like someone's home and i kept mixing them up with some other private dining turn commercial place.
The food is all about sustainable produce though i could not figured out their cuisine focus, except that modern (presentation?) came up several times during my meal there. There's no need to put people/things into boxes of course but it does help a little with dining expectation. Nevertheless, if you like surprises, Allium's monthly menus with revolving cuisines would be your cup of tea (i guess that's why i kept thinking they did private dining before).
We had the prix fixe lunch menu ($58/pax nett) for July, which was inspired by the couple's memories of Japan, featuring Japanese home-style dishes. The meal was served the Teishoku way, as a set and all at once, which is perfect for a quick (or leisurely) lunch. The cold sides were a delight- a kombu-like Sustenir Kale tossed in a sweet-ish goma sauce, an umami julienned lotus root, and chunky slices of pickled daikon.
Jr and i are fans of Paradise Group. #notsponsored. We can always count on them for some hearty ramen from their casual LeNu (man i love their wantons and tonkotsu broths), or fatty char siew and delectable morsels of dim sum at Canton Paradise. Oh and Beauty in The Pot is my favorite hot pot place (except i wish it doesn't break the bank every time i visit)! 
From now till end of August, be greeted by some of your seasonal favorites at the Paradise Group. Do we hear a Shrimp Broth hot pot calling our name? Or a wicked but appetizing Nagano Pork Belly with Mala Tomato Soup Ramen? 
Now now our favorite rainbow xiao long bao place Paradise Dynasty has a special “Shanghai Night” lined up for us. And it has taken their signature soup dumplings and turned it into a Sheng Jian Bao. The thin-skinned dumping is given the hot oil treatment on its bottom and emerged all puffed up and crispy but juicy nonetheless. The Crispy Original Xiao Long Bao ($7.80/4pcs) is a keeper. Please don't take it away!!
What was your virgin meal post Circuit Breaker? Phase 2 coincided with our #fridate and i was craving for a good fresh burger and that led us across the island to Burger Labo, by Ken Loon of Naked Finn. The burger lab has been experimenting on burgers to produce one of the best burgers i've eaten, the Basic Burger, which is not at all basic #humblebrag LOL
The Basic Burger (120g single/ 240g double, $18/$25) has gone through so many iterations from 2015 and the current version features a patty made with a blend of Black Angus beef & Toriyama Umami Wagyu A4 patty, grilled on cast iron griddle. Damn this is one juicy beast. Go for the double btw, you wouldn't regret it. The condiments all contributed to the perfect bite- crunchy pickled and also jammy caramelised onions, sharp American cheese, house-made bone marrow ‘butter’ and house-made shio kombu mayo-based sauce. Holding it all together is a glistening glossy brioche bun that made the angels sing. The buns are from Brera Bakery, a favorite of mine.  

Wash it down with an alcoholic milkshake. Boy that chocolate bourbon one was wicked!

Now sadly, the Chicken Burger (150g, $20) was sold out by the time by the first seating. SOBS. The recipe is by Julien Royer of Odette and showcases a GG French Poulet boneless leg marinated in yoghurt & spices, grilled on cast iron griddle. I'd probably have to go back for this, and another Basic Burger again.
WHO: The Gyu Bar. Contemporary Yakiniku dining and bar concept that specializes in premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef from Kumamoto. I've been here before for dinner and wanted to kick myself for forgetting to make an advance reservation for the omakase dinner. 
WHAT: Special wagyu dons are available now. 
Wagyu Uni Chirashi don ($48)- I was attracted by the pretty cubes of food but was also kind of disappointed with the overall mix of flavors for this one. I blame myself for being seduced by the uni. Well, cubed wagyu don't go very well with uni and i thought the rice could be more flavored. It was only slightly sweet.  
Yakiniku Wagyu Foie Gras don ($48)- this bowl is worlds' apart from the wagyu uni chirashi don that was rather plain. Very big flavors with a charsiew-like sauce and garlic chips. But of course there's also the rich buttery battered foie gras on seared wagyu. Such decadence. 

WHAT ELSE: I'd probably want to try Sukiyaki don ($32) or Hokkaido Butadon ($28). Hopefully the flavors are more balanced in these.
HOW: Place your orders on for delivery or pickup at 30 Stevens Road, #01-08, Singapore 257840

WHO: Jiggy & Pony Group's Humpback seafood restaurant. One of my long time favorites that i need to visit more once CB is over. Also one good thing that came out of the CB is that i'm reminded to support my fav F&B outlets.

WHAT: Humpback's Seafood Sharing Meal for 2 ($78)
Smoked Salmon Dip, served with Ritz Crackers- not overly salty which is great.
Barramundi, with charred corn, garlic mashed potatoes- Lightly seasoned to allow the natural flavors to come through. 
Ah Hua Kelong Lala, olives, yellow onion, saffron broth- slightly creamy broth with notes of pickled mustard leaves (probably from the olives). Would order this again. Am also going to place some orders from Ah Hua himself. Did you see his giant clams??! 
Cabbage (v), with herb cheese, crispy quinoa, chilli oil- simple delicious. The vegetable dishes at Humpback are my all-time favorites.
Flourless Chocolate Cake (gf), with jameson whiskey, sea salt- airy poofy goodness with a twang of citrus