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Cafe: Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar

By Saturday, August 31, 2013 , , ,

Finally checked out Smitten after walking past it a gazillion times that i've been to Robertson Quay. The small food selection has kinda deterred me from dining in for brunch but somehow it seemed quite perfect for a light dinner post yoga class. I'm obviously happy to have breakfast food for any meal of the day. :)

Don't go there expect large cooked meals for there are none. However, a selection of cakes, little baked goods and some sandwiches are available. It's only decent that any coffee place provides some sort of little bites to go along with the drinks.

Sadly, the coffee is not as good as i expected it to be. S said he could taste the bitterness from the over roasted beans but it was kinda masked with the milk when it was hot. The bitterness was even more so apparent when the drink was cool and that's when the sourness came out as well. Meh.
The homemade granola fared so much better. S didn't wanna eat anything at first but he kept stealing from my bowl! Nothing makes us happier than yogurt with granola and fresh fruits. It also came with milk on the side for those who wants a lil more moisture in their bowl but my personal preference is that yogurt alone would suffice.
There were bananas, strawberries, blueberries and nuts in this one. I thought there were some crunchy dehydrated bananas as well. Very satisfying.

We were rather surprised of the huge crowd that showed up sometime after. The place was packed at 9pm! Didn't know that the coffee culture is going so strong in Singapore these days. Don't suppose people need to sleep anymore. Or maybe it was a pre clubbing shot of adrenalin. Who knows.

#01-11, 60 Robertson Quay
Tel: +65 9876 2347
Mon, Wed, Thu: 10am - 10pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 11pm

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