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Yan Ting Signature Menu by Chef Tony Wun

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It's no doubt that Yan Ting is one of my favorite Cantonese restaurants, especially so after Executive Chinese Chef Tony Wun joined the team at St. Regis Singapore (read my previous Yan Ting review here). This time, we headed back for the new specials that Chef Wun has created.
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We started with a trio of appetizers. A lightly battered deep fried whitebait fish with salt and pepper; a pan fried scallop glazed with teriyaki sauce; and an appetizing Japanese-style marinated radish 
Something to warm the tummy before the arrival of the mains- the soup in a tea pot.
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A luxurious update from the previous sea whelk version is the Double-boiled Abalone Consommé with Ginseng served in Teapot
 photo file_zpsbnrgwv7s.jpg
We piled on more nourishing goodness with the Braised Superior Bird's Nest with Black Truffle in Pumpkin Sauce. Delicate silvers of bird's nest (it was almost like eating glass noodles) in a savory pumpkin and stock broth. The black truffle was more a garnish as it didn't contribute any flavor in fact but we were more than happy with the bird's nest. 
 photo file_zps4jf6q68a.jpg
The Steamed Seafood Dumpling was made with an inventive egg white skin which encased a savory and crunchy mix of seafood and water chestnut. I found the crab broth to be on the bland end in terms of flavor but i think some people may enjoy this healthy option. 
 photo file_zpsxjgrhb6l.jpg
If you're into rich flavors like i do, then i'd highly recommend the Pan-fried Chicken with Morel in Superior Soy Sauce, which was a burst of wok hei and featured the distinctive flavor of morel mushrooms alongside tender chicken fillets. I loved how the sweet morel soaked up all that superior soy, making each bite a delightful one.
 photo file_zpsahiu74bd.jpg
Next, the Baked beef ribs with herbs served with Ee-fu noodles.
 photo file_zpsmsheyyki.jpg
The ribs were fork tender and full of collagen bits. However, it was lacking in flavor and i had to add the bean paste chili to it. I couldn't stop eating the noodles even though i'm not a carbs fan. 
 photo file_zpsgxmqvbyw.jpg
To complete the meal, one must have the Coconut Jelly with ice cream! Yummy! For something more indulgent, you could go for the Double boiled Bird's Nest served in Coconut.
 photo file_zpsmwbharro.jpg
I was also amazed by the Crispy red bean and Banana fritters. It sounds heavy and oily but it was light and airy and full of crunch. 

Apart from new à la carte selections and set menus, expect weekly specials at Yan Ting such as Alaskan crabs, giant garoupas and imperial eels, prepared in a variety of cooking styles. The Weekend Dim Sum Brunch has also been updated by Chef Wun and i can't wait to head back for his signatures.

The St. Regis Singapore. Level 1U. 
29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911

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