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Shangri-La SG Shang Palace Dim Sum

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It’s hard to resist dim sum. There’s always the sweet and savory that bring happiness to the tummy. At Shang Palace, Head Dim Sum Chef Li Shou Tao has introduced 14 classic sweet and savory dim sum dishes that highlights this season’s produce.
The skin of the dumplings reveals the skills of a master dim sum Chef and Head Chef Li is certainly worthy of the title. You know how we'd rather save our calories for the fillings by stripping these bite sizes naked, but these.. we ate them whole.
Take my word and order the new items: Steamed seafood and egg white dumpling 赛螃蟹海鲜饺 ($7/3pcs); Steamed sakura shrimp and chicken dumpling 樱花虾蒸粉果 ($7/3 pcs); Steamed assorted fungus and carrot dumpling 双耳金笋饺 ($7/3pcs); and Steamed scallop dumpling with water chestnut and chinese celery 带子马蹄香芹饺 ($7/3 pcs). Fresh succulent seafood such as sakura shrimps are used. What is unique is the thinly sliced vegetables that give the dumplings an added crunch.
Taking a different approach from the ubiquitous fried-mango-prawn combination, Chef Li presents an interesting dish of Lychee prawn roll 龙须荔枝虾卷 ($8/2pcs). Big juicy prawns and sweet lychees wrapped in a golden crust of crispy noodles. You can even hear the ‘crunch’ as the person next to you bites into one. It is THAT crispy!
The misses that should never be fed to this missus: Pan-fried shredded taro and pumpkin cake 金瓜芋头丝饺 ($7/3pcs) and Wok-fried fine soya sauce rice roll 豉油皇煎肠粉 ($10). Although the Pan-fried shredded taro and pumpkin cake looked dry, they were actually moist. What was disappointing was the lack of taro and pumpkin flavor. I wondered if it’s the type of taro and pumpkin used since they did not have the packed sweetness that I expect of such a dish. Kai Garden has a better fried yam dish! Wok-fried fine soya sauce rice roll reminded me of a failed local fried carrot cake 
Make me happy.. With dessert of course! The Sweetened chilled pear with dried longan 冰镇桂圆炖津梨($12) was a satisfying end to the afternoon lunch. Don’t be fooled by the ‘sweetened’ pear. This is a light and refreshing soup that highlights the natural sweetness of chilled pear and strawberry. The mint after taste added the extra punch, just like the mint leaves in mojito.
The the rubber duckies-looking Steamed lotus paste in duckling shaped bun 蓉包 ($8/2pcs) will entertain your little ones while you rejuvenate.

Tummy happy.

Shang Palace
Shangri-La hotel Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road Singapore 258350
Tel: +65 62134138

Available for lunch daily, 12-2.30pm (Mon-Fri); 10.30am-3pm (Sat, Sun and PH)

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