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Hanare by Takayama, specialty Kamameshi restaurant

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I'm always on the hunt for decent and affordable Japanese food and my eyes lit up when i heard that Chef Takayama of Takayama has opened a kamameshi specialty restaurant which doesn't break the bank. Kamameshi is also known as "kettle rice", a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in a "kama" (iron pot). My first Kamameshi was actually at Sun with Moon, which actually serves pretty decent kamameshi too.
While Hanare may look like a pricey restaurant located in Takashimaya shopping centre, the prices are really affordable. We sampled the 6-course dinner set menu for 2, which showcases the restaurant's best dishes, and it only cost us $110++ for a rather satisfying meal.
2 appetisers were served, a tofu and white bait salad with a tangy plum sauce, and slices of sashimi. The sashimi wasn't the freshest and Jr found that the kampachi was a bit slimy. No loss for this pregnant woman who can't take raw food for now. 
We were then informed that our Kamameshi would be prepared table-side, but we could only eat it 18 minutes later! Fret not! while the dashi-soaked koshihikari rice cooks over the fire in the iron pot, you would continue to feast on the other courses. 
We were served the fluffy Dashi Maki in the interim, which features a roll of fluffy eggs in a Chef's special smokey dashi broth. We didn't care much for the toppings, especially the pickled ginger which we removed. 
The assorted tempura with tiger prawns, mushrooms, lotus root and Shishito peppers was fresh and crisp. I would have preferred one with a lighter batter but this was acceptable. 
Back to the rice! Jr picked the Unagi Kamameshi which uses freshwater eel from Kagoshima. There was also the option of Wagyu, Salmon Ikura, and Abalone (with a top up). Truth be told, i wasn't really looking forward to unagi because it could go so wrong and rubbery. I was extremely pleased with Hanare's unagi though because the meat was so pillowy and not overly seasoned. The wait was definitely worth it. To prevent the eel from flaking, we removed it before mixing the vegetables into the rice. 

Dinner ended with a scoop of yuzu sorbet and we were left fully satiated. We were very pleased with the meal at Hanare and would certainly come back for their kamameshi! Their service was also very friendly and prompt. 

Hanare by Takayama
391 Orchard Road #03-07, Singapore 238872
Takashimaya Shopping Centre Ngee Ann City
Tel: +65 82989369
Daily: 12 - 10pm 

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