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Let's face it, wine can be intimidating. And we're lucky to have the daring Rebel Rebel (and RVLT) which breaks down the stiffy French attitude and promises a ton of fun and adventure with their selection of down-to-earth, small-batch, and handcrafted wines that are terroir driven. Fret not if you're a newcomer to the wine world, Rebel Rebel offers wine by the glass and has a good mix that is rotated weekly, so you'd be able to try something new without having to commit. There's a curated range of over 200 wines priced from under  $100 to over $200 range if you wish to stick to the bottles. 
The bold wine-bar concept is supported an equally daring food menu by Burnt Ends alumnus Deborah Yeo, who throws together a exciting fusion cuisine. We started with slices of sourdough ($8) because we needed something to dip into the Pork Fat ($6), a translucent cream that is whipped fat topped with topped with crunchy farro and barley and some honey for a touch of sweetness. Something must have been wrong with my taste buds that night because i couldn't taste the gaminess ("porkiness") of the fat until i was almost done with the bread. It was enjoyable for me till then. You either love lard or hate it. 
We then went with another toasty snack, the Prawn ($14/2pcs). This smelled exactly like Otah but tasted more like a Thai prawn cake. While reading the reviews, i originally decided not to add on the uni to the toast because the overall spices would overpower the fresh sweet uni. Also, i thought the price was a tad pricey ($28 add on for 2 toasts) for a few pieces of uni. Well, all willpower vanished when the server asked if i'd like uni. So yes, it was a regretful move but i made sure to savor the uni on its own. 
Pick the Hamachi salad ($24) if you're looking for a refreshing plate in between the heavy ones. This Asian salad with Kumquat is almost like the Chinese Yu Sheng that we eat during Chinese New Year, but less diabetic. The bright salad was adorned with fresh slices of yellowtail. We could certainly do with a bigger portion. 
Vegans and Vegetarians rejoice! Homegrown restaurant Violet Oon has launched an extended menu of plant-based and gluten-free specialties at its Clarke Quay outlet Violet Oon Singapore Satay Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy smoke-kissed dishes alongside your meat loving friends. 
Expect big flavors with the use of regional spices, rempahs, house-made sauces, and the smoky sear of the grill. 

For starters, the Eggplant Goreng Dip with Emping Crackers ($17) was irresistible with the light bitterness of the belinjau nut crackers, balanced with the savoury coriander-infused eggplant purée. We got hold of some green chili sambal and boy it was a killer combination. 
The Grilled Cauliflower Sambal Tumis ($19) packs a smoky punch but I must warn that moreish sambal sauce requires a refreshing cocktail to extinguish the heat. Thankfully the cocktails at Violet Oon are perfect for that. Go for the Assam cocktail, it's my favorite of the lot.
Meatless Meatball Rendang ($18) was a soft mix of walnut, cheese and Impossible meat dumpling, braised in a spiced creamy coconut cream sauce. Honestly no one would have known that this was meat free. Certainly one of my favorite dishes on the menu. 

On to mushrooms, a crowd favorite is the Kunyit Lemak King Oyster Mushroom ($24), which sees a full-bodied grilled meat oyster mushrooms coated in an earthy turmeric-infused coconut sauce. 

It has been a month since i started on the skincare products by IDS Skincare (read Part 1 of my review here) I've been told by Dr Michelle Wong that i'm likely to experience some break outs as the products help to purge the underlying blackheads and impurities. Well even though that was expected, i was quite concerned with the additional spots, which unfortunately i picked at. SOBS. 
Apart from that, the dry skin condition has eased with the Recovery Serum and Moisture Boost combination! No more annoying flaky spots!

When i headed back for my review, Dr Michelle Wong assured that my skin was fine and that the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) ($198+) would help with clearing my skin further. This treatment works through various levels of deep cleansing to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up and clogged sebum that no regular cleanser can. It also helps with lines and wrinkles too!
The 60 minute facial is suitable for all skin types and leaves you with clearer and brighter skin. Check this out if you don't believe. 


The facial started with double cleansing followed by HydroD, a water dermabrasion which uses a multi minerals solution to remove surface impurities. Though dermabrasion may sound invasion, but you'd only feel a light suction on your skin. A deeper cleansing using ultrasound was next and you'd experience some light tingling zapping sensation (not painful at all). Then the usual extractions. I was told that my skin condition was pretty ok so that provided some assurance to my concerns. 

After the cleansing, Vitamin C is applied and with the help of the ultrasound device, you could expect better penetration of the serum. Lastly, a whitening mask was prescribed based on my skin condition.

The HTT treatment was very soothing and i was surprised at how bright my skin was immediately after. Will certainly do this facial again. 

360 Orchard Road
#02-02 International Building
Singapore 238869

8 Sinaran Drive
#05-09 to 10
Singapore 307470
It's been a long time since i last visited Golden Peony at Conrad Centennial and i remember being rather impressed on my first visit. The restaurant is helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung who has over 20 years of professional culinary experience in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Over our Chinese New Year tasting menu, i noticed that Chef is actually quite playful and adventurous when it comes to incorporating new food trends and also elements from other cuisine. 
We started our feast with an appetizer inspired by the Indian Puri snack. This Pao Pao minced duck reminded me of the typical second dish when having Peking duck, except that puri is used in place of lettuce. A savory sweet mix of minced duck and diced vegetables filled the crispy puffs, providing textural delight.
The Fortune OX Yu Sheng with salmon and wagyu beef contained a surprising element, which is mock salmon. Chef wanted to give us a taste of this vegetarian replacement and the texture was surprisingly decent and almost fish-like (it was a bit more like jellyfish). 
Next, an abalone ingot pastry served with sliced abalone rolled with asparagus and prawn paste. The seafood roll is apparently a new item and i'm sure it'd be a crowd favorite for all seafood lovers.
If you enjoy Pen Cai, know that it's included in the Diamond Ox menu ($1998 for 8 pax). Among the usual delicacies like abalone, scallops, prawns, lobster, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy and roast meats, lies a homemade meatball, made using Impossible meat! If we were not told of this, we wouldn't have thought the meatball was anything but the regular sort! Sneaky Chef but it is a great way to change diners' mindset on alternative meats/meat substitutes.
Start your own Chinese New Year tradition at InterContinental Singapore Man Fu Yuan (MFY). Now this is one highlight that i look forward to every lunar new year. This year, Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan and his team at MFY will be offering a selection of delicacies and prosperity prix-fixe menus until 26 February 2021 and it caters to couples and also intimate gatherings with family.
We tossed our way into prosperity with visually stunning 60-inch Blossoms of Spring Prosperity Yu Sheng adorned with Hokkaido scallops, salmon, crispy fish skin, shaped in the form of the Chinese character ‘Chun’ (春). The golden yuzu and plum sauce with shallot oil provided refreshing and light sweetness to the yu sheng. It is also possible to arrange for individually portioned yu sheng for your own tossing! For a 牛 beginning, there's also a yusheng with with Japanese Omi A4 Wagyu beef with salmon and Hokkaido scallops.
Next up, a luxurious Superior crab meat and pumpkin bisque with generous amount of birds nest and crab meat and roe in pumpkin husk. Lovely savory sweetness in this one! A must order IMO. 
The Signature West Lake Longjing smoked duck with truffle sauce (from real truffles) make for a good appetizer with its thin crispy skin and juicy meat. 
2020 has taken a toll on me this year, mentally and physically. The combination of stress, and a lot more outdoor workout on my roof terrace has resulted in dull and slight uneven skin tone, and also the slightly more clogged pores. I decided to put an end to this in 2021 by restarting a more diligent skincare regime and i started with a visit to IDS Skincare.
IDS is quite established in the aesthetic and clinical dermatologist market and they have their own line of IDS Skincare product, which is the result of constant innovation. IDS's proprietary formulation of Neulastin- consisting of key ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Adenosine, Zinc & Magnesium, and includes a technology called Enhance® Delivery System, facilitates the absorption of active ingredients into the skin and improves and eliminates wrinkles other than repairing and restoring damaged skin. 
I met with Dr Michelle Wong for a consultation and she was quick with her assessment of my condition and suggested some products to combat my combination skin. There's also some sensitivity/dryness around my mouth area so she suggested some products for that too. 
For cleansing, I went with the sensitive series of the cleanser and toner (C2 and T2), which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanical extracts to help combat redness, environmental stress and soften the skin. I liked how there isn't a tight and dry feeling after washing my face, as compared to the DrX cleanser that i'm currently using. In addition, i also got the Facial Scrub (FS), a super gentle scrub with ultra-fine crystals with Jojoba oil that can be used daily. 
For the clogged pores, the Pore Formula (PF) helps to refine pores and reduce blackheads and whiteheads. The creamy texture is quickly absorbed into the skin. There's a calming tea tree oil scent to it but can be a little stingy, but that could be due to my currently sensitive skin. I use this on my T-zone and problem areas. 

Then my favorite C Plus (C+), age-defense serum formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C to combat dull skin and stimulates collagen! Having tried a similar product before, i knew this is going to be my favorite. 

Lastly for moisture, i was recommended the Recovery Serum (RS) and Moisture Boost (MB). RS helps to reduce redness and irritation, which i use on the dry spots. It could be blended together with the MB for extra moisture to the face. I really liked the combination of these 2 products for a hydration boost. My dry patches have improved after 3 days of usage. 
I love how the products are quick to absorb and are not sticky. For daytime, i'm also using the S3 New Tinted sunscreen, which has a matte texture. I prefer the tinted version because i'm not very fair. If you're very fair, you could consider the regular sunscreen. 

For a weekly treat, I'm also trying the Dermashield Mask (DM). It's supposed to help protect against the blue light emitted from digital devices and environmental pollutants which lead to early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

Excited to see the results of a more consistent and diligent skincare regime. Will update more. To be better and prettier 2021.

You can visit for more about their products or if you wish to know more about your skin. 

360 Orchard Road
#02-02 International Building
Singapore 238869
T: +65 6450 3555

8 Sinaran Drive
#05-09 to 10
Singapore 307470
T: +65 6568 3555
Reimagine Sichuan flavors at Birds of a Feather with their first-ever tasting menu. I've been a fan of Chef Eugene See's contemporary and European take on Sichuan cuisine since Birds opened and now he has taken it to the next level with some really stunning and elegant dishes that knocked us off our feet. 
Leave your tongue numbing mala expectations at the door. The Reimagine Sichuan menu ($89) showcases the myriad of flavors- salty, aromatic, bitter on the individual plates that are even more refined than the usual communal menu at Birds. There is even a curated wine pairing menu which was an absolute delight, featuring a small batch Telmont Grand Reserve Champagne, Pouilly Fuissé Domaine Cordier Chardonnay, Château Mangot Saint-Emilion Grand Cru (our absolute fav), and a surprise cocktail to be paired with desserts, all for just $60. 
The seven-course gastronomic journey begins with the Homemade Pickled Vegetable Focaccia, served alongside a bright, salty Sichuan 碎米芽菜 pickled mustard green butter. The humble preserved vegetable is full of umami- very similar to kombu or preserved olive vegetables. We tried our hardest to persuade Chef Eugene to bottle this! The focaccia was also an amazing slice with an all rounded crisp and a fluffy center. 
Next, Chef Eugene presents a rotating Bird’s Snack which spotlights the Sichuan burnt chili. A thin chewy ravioli made from gyoza skin is filled with a mix of burnt chili eggplant and foie gras. The spice was very mild and slightly tingly, and further balanced with an earthy celeriac purée. 
Michelin star dining is quite pricey in Singapore unlike in US and Europe so i'm always happy to find a well-priced one- Lerouy is one of the few and they do not stinge on the experience. There's no stuffiness or snootiness at this modern French restaurant by Chef Christophe Lerouy. At Lerouy 2.0, their industrial-chic space was anything but cold as 2 loops of organically shaped counters wind round the open kitchen and diners get a full view of the precise preparation of each dish.
We were in for a surprise for our 7-course grand lunch ($78) with no inkling of what's to come, given the purposeful omission of a menu. The omakase style allows Lerouy to present a mysterious seasonal menu, which adds to the excitement of dining here. 
Four tapas appetisers and petits fours supplement the courses. A crunchy mille feuille style of Bibeleskaes potato with fresh cream and Alsace bacon was the opening act. Followed by a series of refreshing acidity in the lentils with smoked herring and horseradish on a cracker; a lightly spiced Carabinero ceviche with pickled mioga ginger and calamansi espuma, and ending with a Japanese style Asian Beef Tea made using a Japanese dashi base and a touch of keffir lime. 
Next, a generous baby sourdough loaf which was so darn good. Lovely crust with a fluffy interior, the bread came served with 4 butters- regular, beetroot, seaweed and charcoal. The beetroot was surprisingly our favorite with a touch of sweetness and light earthiness. 

The rootedness in French classical cooking continues to present itself in the meal, but the flavors are anything but traditional. The typical buttery richness is balanced with acid and herbs in most dishes. Actually i wouldn't be surprised if acid is the base of the meal. 
Japanese scallops with dashi jelly, Kaviari caviar, green shiso ice cream and a touch of yuzu kosho to brighten up the dish. I consider this quite a bold dish, given that the accompaniments could easily overpower the delicate flesh but somehow the components worked well together and a daring dish was born. 
South East Asian cuisine is often thought of as cheap street eats but at Botanico and Bee's Knees, the talented young Head Chef Sujatha Asokan elevates comforting familiar flavors into finessed plates that explores history and heritage. The 2018 World Gourmet Summit Female Rising Chef of the Year isn’t afraid to feed diners the pungent fermented prawn paste (hae gor) or sneak in some beef tongue in the tacos but trust me, you’ll eat anything she puts on your plate. 
We started at the casual Bee's Knees at level one with some cocktails and bites. You'd regret not getting the Spicy Duck Loaded Fries ($17) with golden thick-cut fries generously loaded with handfuls of smoked duck chunks and liberally drizzled with mayonnaise, mozzarella and a zingy Sriracha cream. The messy rich, umami heat is best paired with an ice cold beer.
Chef Sue also put a SEA spin on her New York-style fiery Shrimp Pizza ($30). The pie is made in-house and stretched a la minute, and has a slightly chewy texture and crispy bottom. This wicked one is made with a squid ink garlic aioli base, topped with tiger prawns, mozzarella and Parmesan, then finished with a special spicy chili dressing made with palm sugar, chilli, garlic and lime juice, and coriander. Man it was addictive though I warn that the flavors are gonna stick around the whole night. 
Check out the Beef Tongue Tacos ($18), a Vietnamese version served on baby bok choy boats with jicama slaw and cashew cream. 
Now now, this Australian beef tongue is brined for 48h and sous vide for another 18 to give it that super soft texture. It's grilled in the Inka charcoal oven before served. I loved the tanginess of the jicama slaw which composed of pickled bokchoy, ginger flower and lemongrass, and toasted rice powder. Super fresh flavors in this one. 
"Oh we're just here for a regular dinner", i told the server at CUT, without fully realizing the burn of our plastic at the end of this regular dinner. 
Well tbh i knew a meal at CUT by Wolfgang Puck is going to be a tad pricey, which is why i thought i scored a deal with their early 3 course dinner at only $95 per person. But well, we do love a cocktail to start and wine pairing also seemed like the best way to enjoy their beef selection and possibly upgrading the cut of meat to something like a filet mignon or ribeye... and yea.
Could i get a better steak elsewhere for cheaper? Or a better dining experience? Likely yes. Jr enjoyed the dinner at Spago (another of Wolfgang's creations, read review here) more than he did CUT. Honestly i was more impressed with my first course of Maryland blue crab cake than i was with the steak. I guess it could be due to our expectations. 

Anyhow, definitely go for the crab cake which is chock full of chunky sweet flesh. The basil aioli provided the perfect herby citrusy complement to the crustacean. Jr had the Austrian Oxtail Bouillon with Chervil, Bone Marrow Dumpling which paled in comparison to the robust flavors in the crab cake. 
For mains, well, i can't imagine leaving CUT without trying their steak. A half portion USDA Prime Sirloin Steak is included in the menu and comes with perfectly crisped hand cut fries. Other cuts of meat are offered at a supplementary cost. We felt that the sirloin was more flavorful than the filet mignon. The meats are quite well-seasoned (a little heavy on the salt in fact) and thus there wasn't really a need for further seasoning or sauces. For non-steak eaters (why do you even bother going to CUT if you're not having steak), there are also a mushroom pasta, and a parsley halal young chicken (yes that is how it was labelled) on the menu. You could also make your meal a Surf n Turf with an addition of half Maine lobster if you wish. A choice of side pairs the mains and i would always pick a creamed spinach (it was creamy the way i like it). 

Desserts were spectacular. We loved the warm spiced and crunchy butterscotch apple crumble with soft slices of apples, oats and Tahitian vanilla ice cream. I don't know about you but apple crumble always feels very festive to me, perfect for Christmas!

The praline mascarpone bar, with chocolate chiffon, passionfruit guava sorbet had a mix of textures though i though the chiffon didn't go as well as planned in the bar and its airiness was lost in the overall bite. 

While the wine flight pairing (a white and a red, 90ml each) for $28 seemed like a good deal, the wines aren't that great imo. If you must, the Chablis was better than the Rose and the CS better than the Shiraz. Their cocktails are certainly better. 

So back to this regular dinner at CUT. The food was quite regular but the price was not. Probably would not be back for anything other than their crab cake and fries, plus desserts perhaps.

B1-71, The Shoppes
2 Bayfront Avenue Marina Bay Sands 018972
Available daily 5-6/6.30pm (except Monday, eve of and PH)