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Bag Review: MyBags- Mulberry Alexa

By Friday, December 09, 2011 ,

This time a year ago, i was searching for my perfect blue bag (kinda.. i just thought it would be nice to have a blue bag). I just started on my rainbow bag collection then- my aim was to have a piece in each shade of the rainbow. Ambitious much. It was a small idea that stuck with me ever since i got my Pourpre Twiggy. A little colour always spices an outfit up. So why not right? Anyway since then i have added a green (ok canard is quite an in between colour), a yellow, a pink (yes i know rainbow doesn't have pink but mine does ok), and then an ocean blue. 

Ok back to the story. I happened to browse the Mulberry site and saw that they have a blue Alexa (or at least i thought it is a blue). Somehow the name 'Grape' felt pretty blue to me. So i headed down to the Hilton store to check it out and found out it was actually purple. Even in the picture you can't really tell the true colour of the bag. Seriously bag stores should have white light so that customers can be sure of the colour of the bag that they are getting. 

Anyway, i fell in love. I was worried that i couldn't carry off the colour, purple is after all an unusual colour. The classic colours for Alexa would be oak and black but they didn't appeal to me. Why would i pay so much for something normal right? Besides, i was in a pop colour mood then (if you look carefully my hair was bright red with even brighter red highlights). 

I love the Alexa because it is casual and fun. It goes well with jeans, jumpsuits, shorts, dresses... practically everything i wear (not one to love formal dresses and events). She is always perfect with my Toms, which made things so much easier because i wear them everywhere. If you want a more girly look, carry her in the crook of your arm. 

 The plus point of the Alexa is that it is a great travel bag. It's roomy enough for essentials (passport, waterbottle, umbrella, guidebook, maps, wallet, phone, cam...). You can easily sling it on your shoulder or crossbody. The strap is really long, i usually double loop it so that it is easier too carry it, feels lighter that way too. 

So this is Alexa on her first trip. It was a short weekender to HK just for some food and shopping and meeting up with my gf! :)

Bestie in the world world! Us at Peninsula Hotel after our afternoon tea, me with my alexa and she with her chanel. Anyway the bag goes well with skirts too. Bestie approves of the bag, loves it in fact. :)) We have such great taste in bags. Headed off for more bag shopping and i went home with something new. :P

Here is S trying to model the bag. He claims that he can carry it off perfectly. Pardon the terrible picture, he is really bad at this. And that's me outside Mulberry. The bag earned many envious looks from the hk shoppers. Bet they were all wondering where i got this lovely purple. :)

A couple of months after the hk trip, i brought her with me to UK. She weathered the horrible London weather and the really depressing one in Edinburgh. This is the best part about calf leather, they can hold so well. The leather is really lovely; very thick and hardy. However, this is the case for this particular bag. Friends with the oak Alexa have complained about the leather, one even developed little holes in them over time. I don't know how that happened. Maybe the leather for oak is thinner or something but just make sure the quality is alright before you purchase. 

Lunch at the Hibiscus
And another couple of months later, she accompanied me to South Korea! I have really been utilizing this bag. Somehow the colour just goes well with almost everything. 
Know what the best part is? It was during the Club21 sale when i got the bag and it was a 20+ 10% discount and i only paid S$1.3k! Real steal right?! And guess what my dear readers, the sale is on right now. Yes you heard me. My friend just bought a Mulberry mini bayswater just a couple of days back. So head on right down, maybe you will still be able to get something you like this season. I love the eggplant colour on the bayswater satchel. It is a very similar style to the alexa and the eggplant is deep reddish purple. Very rich colour. That comes highly recommended, if it is still available :)))

Store Locations
Hilton Hotel
581 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6304 1357

Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade 
#01-26, 328 North Bridge Road 
Tel: +65 6336 6977

Takashimaya Dept Store
#02-206, 391 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6304 1372

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  1. yes i love it!!!!!!!!!! ;P

  2. Now you have your own! I love the eggplant bayswater satchel!

  3. Hi, just saw your post when i google Mulberry Alexa bag reviews. I realize that there's Alexa and also Oversized Alexa. Can I know which one is yours?? Thanks!

  4. This is the regular Alexa

  5. Hi what is your take on the size? Regular or oversized? Appreciate your view. I am looking at the midnight blue but it doesn't seem to come in oversized.

    1. Hey Deb,

      It really depends on you. Things to consider. 1. What's the purpose of this bag? What will you use it for? 2. Your preference- big or small bags? 3. May also wanna consider your size to bag ratio. I'm not a fan of the oversized because I prefer smaller bags. Also it looks even more casual than the regular. And I reckon it'll be rather heavy too. The wt kills after a long day even for the regular. :) hope this helps!