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Fastfood Review: Everything with Fries

By Tuesday, March 13, 2012 , ,

I have been a bad girl the past week, mostly to my tummy because i have been eating a lot of junk food! I'm quite the junk food monster actually. Fried food always tastes so good! :( Add that overseas work trip into the equation and all that irrepressible holiday eating and the result is one helluva fattyfat girl. :(( Gonna be working my butt off at yoga this week. Shall try to break my personal best of 4h. :)) 

Back to the topic of fast food, i gotta recommend this particular juicy heavyweight. Since this picture popped up on my instagram, friends have been asking me where i had such a yummy looking burger. I was raving about it like a mad woman (that's how awesome it is). So the secret is revealed- it is EwF's Har Jeong Kai Burger! RWARRR!!
Disclaimer: I have only eaten ONE burger here and it's from the Orchard Central outlet. I can't comment on the other burges but i've heard that the Char Siew Burger is quite yummy too. EwF is the fast food version of Everything with Fries so it's just burger,fries and desserts.

Har Jeong Kai is a typical Cantonese dish which is actually prawn paste marinated chicken (wings usually), served with the Chinese mayonnaise. EwF transformed this zi char staple into a burger form and i must say it is a wonderful adaptation.
Think deep fried well marinated chunky whole chicken leg that is oh-so-juicy and satisfying with every single bite. The prawn paste is pungent and fragrant (really depends on your preference) and the batter is crisp and light. The patty is absolutely tender and juicy (i like to think it's the essence of the chicken and not the oil)! And if i could direct your attention to the Chinese mayonnaise (it is not the usual western mayonnaise). It's a slightly watery form, not as curdy as the western type, slightly sweet and translucent looking. Nice to see that EwF kept this traditional element of the dish because it really is the essence! 
For $9.95 or is it $9.65, you get an entire meal which includes the burger, the fries of your choice and a drink! Super Value Meal! Pick from 2 different cuts for the fries- shoestring and straight cut and five different flavors: Original, Curry, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream and Onion, Garlic and herbs. They are like shaker fries. Another of my love! :)) I tried the sour cream (best seller) and curry on 2 separate occasions. How can anyone say no to Curry fries with Western Mayonnaise! I am indeed a junk food monster.  

This was the leftover from my first meal at EwF. I know i can be such a small eater at times but trust me this is a really huge burger. However, the second time i finished my entire patty and more of the fries. :) Level up in the junk food chain!
Noticed how i only took hamster bites of the bread? The reason is as follows. According to EwF, all their breads are baked from scratch but honestly they are darn terrible. Extremely stale and porous, i wouldn't eat this to save my life. Then again, i am extremely picky about my breads but i maintain that this is bad. The regular KFC or Mac's buns are nicer.

For an additional $4, you can add a dessert to your meal. Crowd pleaser here is the Nutella tart, which i had at the Joo Chiat Road outlet. It's chocolatey with an oreo base, really rich. I tried their Vanilla Crepe cake for my birthday. S got it because i insisted on having a crepe cake BUT it wasn't this one that i wanted! Imagine the disappointment because their so called french crepes with light vanilla cream reminded me of the fake rubbery so-called pancakes they served me in Saigon and the cream is that kinda neighborhood confectionery fake cream (really oily and somehow waxy and tasteless). No way would i eat that again. Grrr.

Anyhoo, stick to the HJK burger and you would never go wrong. Maybe i'll try the other burgers some time. Or maybe i'll get my dining partners to order them so that i can still have my HJK burger. Yums.

Food: 4/5. -1 for the terrible bun!
Service: 3.5/5 Average service. Not particularly warm but they were patient with the indecisive me. :)
Ambience: 3.5/5 Clean and simply furnished. May get noisy with the school kids but quiet on weekday afternoons.

Orchard Central
Daily: 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 11am - 10.30pm

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