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World's 50 Best Restaurant: Iggy's

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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. However, that journey could be made easier with 'carrots' along the way and food is always the best way to provide that energy to press on. One carrot that came my way was Iggy's, thanks to S who took it upon himself to book his early birthday meal and swept me off from work to indulge/pick up the tab. 

Iggy's is well known for its Modern European delicacies by many in Singapore and around the world. Since 2009, it has been awarded the World's 50 Best Restaurants and has steadily moved up the charts to its current 26th place. 
We started off with the Amuse Bouche, Iggy's rendition of Nasi Lemak (a Singapore local dish). It was interesting to taste the familiar flavors presented in the molecular gastronomy form. The bottom layer is a nutty coconut pudding with a layer of rice grains laid on top of it. The mousse is a fragrant fish, coconut, pandan and lemongrass mix and the dish is then topped with some crispy fried white bait. This local delicacy is then completed with the Sambal Chili cracker on the plate. Love the presentation and the taste in this one. Who says local food can't be high class? 
For Starters, S had the Salmon served atop a light Champagne foam and fava beans. The icing on the cake has got to be the generous dollop of Avruga caviar. I could taste the freshness of the sea in this one. 
I can never resist the temptation of Foie Gras even though i know how artery clogging this is. The best way to do it is to sear it for the browned and crisp exterior and serve it with a refreshing fruit mix. Iggy's uses figs, hazelnuts and Creme de Cassis for that slightly sweet and acidic taste. I'm imagining a fat duck waddling in a garden when the dish was presented. :P
It's quite a sizable piece of foie gras though it pales in comparison to Gold by Harlen Goldstein. That has to be the biggest piece of foie gras i've eaten in my life. Will do a post on that some time. This is about as delightful. 
S then picked the Gnocchi with Lamb belly, sugar snap and green pea puree. The gnocchi were little fluffy puffs that soaks up the flavorful lamb jus. Didn't really remember much of this dish because i was enjoying my cappellini too much. 
On first look, the Signature Cappellini with Sakura Ebi, Konbu and Shellfish oil reminded me of the dry Mee Kia (another local noodle dish). In fact, it tastes pretty much like that though the flavors are a little more defined and refined though. I enjoyed the crunchy sakura ebi and the shellfish oil gave the dish an additional seafood sweetness. Very umami.
For the meat dish, we both picked Wagyu without a second thought. Sea Bream and Sanma are available but I'm not a fish fan. I stand by my 'fish is not meat' rule. Our bad experience with pigeon (at Hibiscus London) has left us scarred and terrified of birds done the European way. The meat was done medium rare though i thought it to be a little tough. Love the sweet onion puree and the Madeira wine sauce that coats the beef. 
The Pear; a pear dessert with yogurt, elderflower and Spanish onion was very light and icy. This is not what i would consider as a dessert. It felt more like a palate cleanser to me. 
Out of the lot, only the Kaya and Teh Terik sounded more like a sweet ending to the meal, though i must say that it felt like i had high class Singaporean food rather than European. However, this Brioche French toast is to die for. Filled with a creamy custard, the fluffy pillow was almost like a cream puff. Pair it with the thick and smooth egg, coconut and pandan jam (it was more custard) and that milk tea ice cream and foam and that's the fine dining version of a local breakfast dish. Now that they have spoiled me, how am i ever going back to the usual Kaya toast? :( 

For a mere S$85++, you will be able to enjoy the delightful four course meal daily. Now that is extremely reasonably priced. I've heard of people who were underwhelmed by Iggy's dinner/gastronomic menu (S$195/275) due to the price. I'd say try lunch first and if you like it, go for the full menu at dinner.

581 Orchard Road
The Hilton, Singapore 238881
Tel: +65 732 2234

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    1. That's for lunch! Only S$100 per pax after tax and service charge. Affordable and nice. :)