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American Fast Food: Omakase Burger

By Tuesday, January 22, 2013 , ,

What do you do when you can't find a good enough All American Burger to satisfy your craving? Most of us would continue our search but boss cum chef of Omakase Burger was too impatient for that so he made his own. 
His 1.5 year experimentation culminated in THE ONE Patty; made from a blend of 4 USDA Choice Grade premium cut beef, expertly grilled to maintain the pinkness and juiciness, topped with a secret sauce made from 13 ingredients, all sandwiched between 2 yellow colored Japanese artisanal bun.   

So ST has called it the King. 8 days said it's the best. Now here's my skinny on the fat burger.
Deluxe Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Fries
The basic burger is the Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90). All the patties are ground, blended and hand-formed daily to ensure the freshness. The disformity leads to certain charred bits and extra smokiness but the meat is extremely juicy. The other variations are just the different toppings so it's up to your preference. Deluxe comes with grilled onions and mushrooms ($15.90). There's Bacon as well. Or have all of them in the Ultimate Cheeseburger ($17.50)

I had the Deluxe Cheeseburger. My medium rare patty was oozing so much jus the bun became soaking wet and liquid was flowing freely down my hands. Perhaps it was the combination of the toppings but i thought my burger was on the bland side. Should have stuck to my all time fave bacon cheeseburger. But the bun. OH THE BUN. Absolutely buttery and fragrant. I love how it compresses and molds to my fingers and the patty (till it soaked up all the essence). Fantastic bread. 
Make any burger a double with an additional $5.90. I would certainly do that with the Bacon Cheeseburger ($15.90) next time round. Double the cheese, double the American bacon smoked in natural hard wood, double the happiness level. Now how about doubling the buns?
The prices are for the a la carte burger but i'd suggest you top it up to a meal for an additional $5.90. Somehow i wasn't quite satisfied with the burger alone. Get a regular sized French Fries and Soft Drink with the full meal. Upgrade to any side or drink and top up the difference. The Sweet Potato Fries is a must have and so is the homemade lemonade. The sweet potato fries remained rather crispy even towards the end of the meal. It kinda doubled up as a dessert as well. Very nice starchy texture. 
Other than the regular fries, there's also the Cheese Fries ($5.90/6.90) and Truffle Fries ($6.90/7.90). On the special menu was the Poutine with grilled mushrooms and onions with cheese crumble. I also spotted a Port wine burger.

Another side to get is the Onion Rings ($4.90). Nice thick crispy batter on the outside and stringy/semi soft onion on the inside. Dip into special sauces like Truffle Mayo, Wasabi Mayo for an addition dollar.

So how's Omakase? Well i think it's kinda over hyped. The burgers are decent but it's not like out of this world. Plus the price is on the high side considering it's self service and all. I much preferred Roadhouse and Suprette. They have better ambience and service too. 

So which is your favorite burger joint?

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #01-05
Tel: +65 6763 2698
Mon- Thu: 11.30am- 3,30pm; 5- 9.30pm
Fri- Sun: 11am - 10pm

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  1. Tried it - agree, it was good, though not all of this world.