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Travel: Singapore Airlines Suites

By Tuesday, June 11, 2013 , , ,

Singapore Airlines is my favorite airline. While it may not be the cheapest and the flight timing may not be the best all the time, the boy and i would rather pay than sacrifice our comfort. And the best way to fly on SQ? The Singapore Airlines Suites, exclusively on board my other favorite, the A380. This is really the class above the rest. 

And that was what we took to Melbourne! It was a delightful surprise from the boy for our anniversary and Valentine's celebration. I was a little puzzled when our cab pulled up at the private First Class check-in reception at Changi Airport instead of the regular Business Class check in. It was only after the gold printed Suites boarding passes were in my hands did I realize that he had it all planned! Such a sneaky boy. And no it wasn't a surprise proposal if you are wondering. Hur hur.

I did a little dance as we were whisked through Immigration via the private entrance and directly into the SilverKris Lounge like celebrities. 

The Private Room is only meant for First Class and Suites passengers and is separated from the Business class lounge. The warm and luscious tones of gold, warm browns, orange and cream soothed and relaxed my mind and body as i sip on my first glass of bubbly. We adjourned to the dining section for our sit down dinner, fine dining style no less, accompanied by my second glass of bubbles.
For the sake of you, my dear readers, we ordered a fair number of dishes for tasting. Good thing the dishes were degustation portions. Here's the US Prime Beef Burger with Foie Gras and fried quail egg. Burger patty wasn't too flavorful but the foie gras was seared adequately and that had me asking for a second serving. 
I thought i would be sick of lobsters after our Cuba trip but Boston lobsters are sweeter and more flavorful. Love the Baked Lobster in the creamy 3 cheeses- gruyere, emmental and cheddar. Yums. 

IMO, i felt that the Asian dishes were executed better. S enjoyed his flavorful "Lap Mei Fun" Claypot Rice with Chinese pork sausage, waxed duck leg and waxed pork belly, salted fish and cabbage in dark soy sauce. My Chinese Dim Sum basket was delightful as well with fresh and succulent prawns and juicy marinated pork. They were certainly on par with the top Cantonese restaurants in the city. A pity there wasn't any salted egg yolk buns. Now that's the look of a happy belly. Off to the showers and then onto the plane.

Classy wood and leather interior in soothing natural hues, similar to that of the lounge, enhances the sense of serenity. There is also more privacy in Suites as compared to the regular First Class. Each individual cabin features sliding doors and window blinds, offering passengers the level of privacy that they desire.
Here's me getting comfy in the largest ever armchair hand-stitched by master Italian craftsmen Poltrona Frau. And it's bubbly time again! First the Krug Grande Cuvee, and then Dom Perignon 2003, followed by 2011 Cloudy Bay Savignon Blanc Marlborough...

Plenty of leg and butt room. My Bottega Veneta gets her own seat too!

Was too full to eat at this point so it was TV time on the largest personal screen in the sky. The 23 inch seemed a little small from where i'm seated though #firstworldproblems. Hmm.. The advanced Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones shut off any noise from the surroundings and it was me and Ben Affleck for a while.

I was looking forward to the Book the Cook service and S had already ordered my Kyo-Kaiseki by Chef Yoshihiro Murata but guess what.. this stupid girl got motion sickness. All that bubbly plus bumpy ride didn't help much. SOBS. I was too sick to eat anything and my lousy dr didn't bring any motion sickness pills up the plane as well. So the only thing to do was to change into my Givenchy Pjs and freshened up with my Kiehl's amenity kit and then off to bed. I was appalled at the amenity kit though. It used to be Salvatore Ferragamo and now it's so... meh?
Miserable pic of me on the bed that our steward and stewardess made. What i love about the bed is that it's a full bed, complete with fine linen and plush, full-sized pillows. Take a look at how this is done, while i was sulking away in another cabin.
Amazing hur? Words cannot convey how grateful i was for the restful slumber. Snuggled up to S on our mini queen size bed and woke up surprisingly better. And this was what greeted us. LOVE.
Gorgeous isn't it? 
Still looking a little pale and queasy at breakfast. Simple breakfast of croissant and milk. I was still very annoyed at myself for ruining dinner. :( And also a little disappointed that breakfast was just this. Boo. 

Regardless, the whole SQ Suites experience was wonderful but just a little too short. Oh well.. will be back soon. ;) I'll give you a better review next time. And next time, i'm staying off the bubbly.. till meal time that is. 

Singapore Airlines Suites, the BEST way to fly. 

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  1. wow. normal business class ticket is about 8k right..?
    how much are the tickets?

    1. It's better not knowing. Haha. If you're really interested you could check with SIA.

    2.'s surprisingly easy to book singapore air suites class via miles. e.g. if you accrue enough on certain credit cards. most people use miles to book it since even if you were a millionaire, would you really waste 10k on a mere 8-hour flight?

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