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Bread and Hearth Bakery Cafe

By Tuesday, August 26, 2014 , , ,

You have my heart at baked anything, and i can never say no to freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, you name it. It's the smell of butter and sugar probably, both of which i cannot resist and that resulted in a shopping spree when i stumbled into Bread and Hearth, a new artisanal bakery in the Keong Saik/ Chinatown/ Ann Siang area. 
Bread and Hearth prides themselves with using pure butter and quality ingredient. There is absolutely no shortening used, as highlighted by the friendly staff. French Normandy butter and flour goes into making these quality pastries.

Their Le Croissant ($2.80) is their signature and it looked visually appetizing with a nice crust and a good height. I didn't give that a try because i was distracted by all the interesting flavors of the other bakes.

The Matcha Orange is a bread roll with a nice matcha fragrance and the flavor is lifted by the refreshing chunky orange peel. The Honey Chocolate bread ($3) was porous and very bouncy. Even though it said Honey Chocolat, it wasn't sweet at all and it actually had a salty taste. That said, i still like how it was flavored nicely with the dark chocolate chip bits. Do add some honey to it after you toast it. I swear it's divine.
The Bacon Focaccia ($6.50) is exactly that kinda bread that i'd want for a breakfast. The fragrance was taunting me during work the whole afternoon and i finally succumbed to my weakness and took several bites and boy was it satisfying. It's the perfect savory snack. I would eat the foccacia even if it didn't have bacon on it. 
The Cream Cheese Sesame ($2.80) turned out to be a sweet treat instead of a savory one! Think dense creamy cheese with a nice sweet pastry crust peppered with smokey sesame seeds. Yummy! Another must try is the Bostock which is more than 50% cake i swear. 
Bread and Hearth also does sandwiches and coffee and they do have a nice enough spot for lunch/tea. 

Bread and Hearth
18 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089125
Tel: +65 6534 7800
Daily: 8am - 9.30pm
Reserve @ Katong V outlet

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