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Hic'Juice Juice Cleanse Experience

By Monday, August 11, 2014 , ,

Last post on the HIC'Juice restore level 2 cleanse! Was reminded of this because there's a recent pop up at Rockstar by Soon Lee and I went to grab some juices! :)

Was in a semi state of insomnia because my body was just bursting with energy. You would think that going on juice alone would make you lethargic and hungry but nope! That said, I really wanted to sleep but somehow the body thought otherwise. I also crazily believed that I can do a marathon at 1am in the morning. What did they put in my juice?!

640am. Weight: <39kg Mood: Energetic
Had my juice early (because I'm a rebel like that). Well I always skip the warm water with lemon thing because it's too much of a hassle. Drink 1 was the yummy 4 carats which I surprisingly took to even though there's celery in it. I shared some with the mummy and mama. Btw they both liked Heart Beet too! I took the obvious opportunity to get mummy to take the bottle of Kaleidoscope. Mission accomplished! I really couldn't stand that mix. Replaced that final drink with my coconut water from Day 2 since I didn't managed to drink it before I sleep. Well remember to just chill, there's no need to force yourself to go through the whole cleanse. Drink to your limits #yolo.

1030am Lemon n Spice
No kick for me. I'd take this drink over Kaleidoscope, which mummy has informed me that she only drank a little because it's spicy for her. So says the woman who grew up on chili. -Roll eyes-

Yoga for lunch! Hot Patanjali at my regular studio to work out the arms. I had a hard time concentrating at the start because I'm so hungry!! Then I decided to cast away the need (yes food is a need) and to focus on my body. Felt terribly drained after the class though. Jelly but toned arms and a superbly flat tummy! Thankfully I'm not losing my abs. Had to use every ounce of willpower to walk away from marche and not lose myself to the freshly baked breads. God this sucks. Need to get back to my juice now!
Oh My Greens was waiting for me back in office. A slight energy booster with the mix of Celery, Apple, Pineapple and Broccoli. It's an ok drink like I mentioned before.
4pm. Green Lemonade was my tea break. Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Celery, Romaine Lettuce, Parsley and Lemon. The green juices do taste quite the same but this is a little cooler in terms of taste.
Ended the cleanse with Lemon N' Spice and Coconut Water.

Well, the cleanse was rather tough to get through for a serial snacker and rule breaker like me but I'm glad that I kinda stuck to it. If you want tastier juices, I'd recommend Level 1. The green juices, though good for your body, is quite nasty. I guess I just need to find a company that doesn't add too much celery in their juices.

So HIC Juice wasn't too bad but like I mentioned in my first post, the major con is the weight and fragility of the pretty bottles. I much preferred the lighter and smaller packs that they sell at their store on Boon Tat Street. They definitely need a store somewhere in town! For $8 a pop (250ml), it is certainly a good (and cheaper) way to initiate yourself into a cleanse.

Read about my entire HIC Juice Cleanse experience here! Day 1 and Day 2. Happy juicing people!

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    I love juice cleansing, and have done many of them! Having a good arsenal of recipes is so key, so I hope these will at least help someone who is interested! Anyhow good luck with your future cleanses and have a great day! :)