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Triple Three Great Big American Buffet

By Monday, April 13, 2015 , , , ,

Looking to beef yourself up? Well head on over to Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard Singapore for some supersize-me action. From now till 26 Apr 2015, eat like an American at their Great Big American Buffet where iconic American dishes made from freshly flown ingredients from the U.S. are served.
And boy are these guys serious about the Great and Big aspects of the buffet! Presenting to you the Largest Hamburger in Singapore created for the launch. The burger measured 82cm by 40cm and weighed approximately more than 100kg and used over 60 kg of beef, 100 whole eggs, 15 kg of flour and 5kg of onions for this monster burger. It also earned its spot in the Singapore Book of Records. 
Burger aside, noteworthy items on the buffet spread include the live Boston lobsters! Have it grilled with fresh tangy tomatoes and cheese, or done the Singapore way (chili with fried mantou). I'm a fan of the former as the chili sauce was on the sweet and starchy end. Clam chowder in bread bowls are also available but i thought the soup base was too starchy as well (and salty).
Fresh seafood. Do not miss the Alaskan king crab! I wished they did something like a seafood boil though. That's so typically American!
Plump Canadian oysters (American ones aren't that great if they have any), salmon belly sashimi are also recommended. I wasn't too impressed with the other cuts of fish or their sushi (rice needs more seasoning). 
What's an American buffet without some roasts right? I would have more of that delicious baby back ribs. So tender, so well marinated, so good. The honey baked ham was juicy as well but I'd skip the dry turkey and roast beef though. 
How about some grilled corn, mushrooms, and truffled mash to go with the meats? The mac & cheese wasn't too great though but you should have a go at the ham and cheese grilled sandwiches (even though they are a tad dry).
From New Orleans, you should not miss their Cajun Spiced Grilled seafood and meats. I'm a huge fan of their prawns and cheese sausages. The deep fried catfish, battered oysters and soft shell crabs were also really yummy and we had fun with the various sauces that came with the fried food.
There's also a Mexican section where you can make your own nacho platter and have mini burgers. Skip the burgers i say (patties were dry) but the guac and sour cream combi on chips is just hmmmm. The chili con carne needs more heat in my opinion. I was also looking out for some chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy but there were none. :( I substituted biscuits and gravy for Well the cheese scones with the selection of cheese 
Save some space for pies. The banana crumble has my vote and the espresso cake as well. There's a lot of desserts so go knock yourself out. The Great Big American Buffet by Triple Three is available till 26 Apr 2015 during dinner and Sunday brunch.

Mandarin Orchard Singapore, by Meritus
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 6831 6051

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