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The Naked Finn- Lobster Rolls

By Friday, June 19, 2015 , , ,

I've got lobsters on my mind and my craving sent us over to The Naked Finn for one of their really affordable lobster rolls. I've attempted to have one of these some time back but alas they only serve this for lunch (we ended up trying those at The Market Grill instead), just like their other signature Hae Mee Tng with wild-caught prawns and Berkshire Kurobuta pork belly.

These buttered buns were previously priced at $29 but the price has since gone up to $35 due to the increase in prices of the ingredients. Well for 90g of live American Lobster meat, i would say that it's still worth the price tag, plus it's still cheaper than some other lobster places. Owner Ken Loon also took the pains to explain to his customers on the price hike (it's definitely not due to their expansion at Gillman Barracks).
We sampled both the Creme Fraiche and House-made Mayonnaise lobster rolls. To retain the natural flavors of the lobster, the meat is first tossed in the pan with butter only and the sauces only go on the buns spread. There're pros and cons to that i guess. On the sauces, creme fraiche provides a light creamy texture to each bite but doesn't do anything flavor wise. The lightly tangy mustard mayonnaise is a better option in my opinion. As for the meat, some parts were more rubbery and chewy than the others and we found it to be a little bland, though easily resolved by some salt.
The buns were lovely though as they were perfectly buttered, crisp but still pillowy inside. I would have preferred salted butter for that added flavor. Do note that it's a little oily. The fries were a-ok with a nice crisp and a filled insides. Certainly way better than the cardboard fries at The Market Grill.   
The lobster rolls at The Naked Finn are quite decent here but i'm not sure if i'd make the hike out to Gillman Barracks just for this. Then again, i'll need to check off the other lobster places like Pince and Pints and Platypus, in order to make a better judgment. Who knows, maybe it's simply worth my time and tummy space.

Blk 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109454
Tel: +65 6694 0807
Mon - Sat: 12 - 3pm, 6 - 10pm 

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