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boCHINche Argentinean Small Plates

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Don't cry for Meat Argentina. The truth is... Argentinean cuisine is more than just meat. In fact over at Bochinche, chef Diego Jacquet will expose you to the bold Argentinean flavors with quality seafood, cheese, and greens, other than meats.
The ideal start to a night includes a round of drinks with with the small plates. With the daily Happy Hour on from 5.30 - 7.30pm (wines and cocktails go for $10), you know dinner is off to a good start. Go with the refreshing Mr Hendricks ($19), a classic lemony cucumber cocktail; or shake things up a little with Spicy Lolita ($19) made using a house spiced vodka. Argentinean wines are available too and I highly recommended the smooth and full bodied Cadena 2012 Mendoza Malbec.
Be there on Wednesdays at HH and you'll get the delicious Provoleta with Almond and Oregano honey ($17) free with 1 HH drink! You know where you'll find me on Wednesdays!
That salty sweet baked cheese is best complemented with the Iberico Cold Cuts ($22) which have been cured for 30 months (my favorite is the lomo). I would also have some of Chef's special salted butter (which he makes in small batches each day). If you miss that, the olive oil is amazing too with the Rosemary focaccia and ham.
The small plates menu has been refreshed with some new items like the tangy Hokkaido Scallops Tiradito ($21), tomato water, avocado purée and yuca chips. While I expected the Sea Bass Ceviche ($16) to be really acidic, it turned out to be slightly sweet and well balanced with the lemon curd and pickled radish. Or have the Crispy chicken skin ($18) with liver parfait, candied walnuts and grapes chutney as a savory start to the night. 
A crunchy deep fried dish is a must with some tipples and the Crab & Humita croquettes with spicy criolla sauce ($16) were generously filled with a slightly starchy crab meat sauce. The corn cake batter provided a light and crunchy texture that complements. Careful of that really punchy criolla sauce though!
Vegetarians get pretty interesting options here at Bochinche. The Watermelon Salad with mozzarella and sundried tomato and watermelon granite ($14) is a good palate cleanser before our mains. New on the menu is also Roasted beetroot, goat’s cheese, tarragon & oat crumble ($16); and the Grilled pumpkin with lemony braised kale and yogurt ($16). 
The braised kale was kinda sour but it's refreshing enough, and it almost has a Mediterranean twist to it.
We had the Ojo De Bife (300g Rib Eye) Sourced from Estancia El Perdido run by Ricardo Braida in Bolivar city, Buenos Aires. I was surprised that the grass-fed free range beef was kinda tough and despite the medium rare cook. It's kind of missing the juicy fats IMO. I enjoyed the sides of Chips Provençal ($10) and Creamed spinach ($6) better! 
Be sensible and save space for the Milk cake with a sourish sweet passion fruit sorbet and toasted almonds ($14). Love the moist texture and the smoky dulce de leche flavor. If you like pudding, the Creme Caramel with a side of Dulce de leche jam and dark chocolate crumble ($13) would be your thing. I'm just not a fan of dessert puddings, but that crumble was ahmazing.  
Other than the refreshed dinner menu, boCHINche has also updated their weekend brunch menu (11am - 4.30pm). I'm drawn to that Dulce de leche pancake with caramelised banana, basil & baked ricotta ($19)! Other favorites like the Braised Ossuboco and Brioche French Toast are still on the menu.
Still in love with boCHINche and now there are even more reason to keep coming back!

22 Martin Road #02-01 Singapore 239058
Tel: +65 6235 4990
Tue - Thu: 5.30pm - 12am
Fri: 5.30pm - 1am
Sat: 11am - 4.30pm, 5.30pm - 1am
Sun: 11am - 4.30pm, 5.30pm - 12am

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