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Two Men Bagels

By Tuesday, February 23, 2016 , , ,

I'm a crazy bagel fan. I'd have one (or two) a day every time i'm in NYC (it's my post yoga breakfast staple). I even signed up for bagel baking classes just so that i can make my own (i still haven't though) because nothing in Singapore satisfies my craving. Well Sacha & Sons does a decent one but there is only 1 option (sesame, with garlic herb schmear). I've been meaning to try Two Men Bagels for the longest time, upon word that freshly baked hand-rolled doughs are done here. While the lucky CBD folks get to wake to these babies, the sad me had way too many missed opportunities to taste these until recently. 
The hidden spot in ICON Village was hard to find (look for Cold Storage) but we followed the smell of freshly baked dough to get to this hole in the wall, where we were greeted by the sight of these rounds behind the glass walled kitchen. Other than bagels (plain/flavored) with cream cheeses, they also have the more elaborate bagelwiches which make for a heartier lunch option.
To determine the quality of the bagel, i had to order them on their own. Bagels are priced from $2.60 onwards. I went with the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Walnut and Raisin Cream Cheese ($4.50) because sweet is always logical with a latte.
Well well. Knock knock. The crust was more like a shell, with a slightly blistered crust all around. It was too hard (mind you i'm comparing them to the NYC ones). Plus the dough was a little thin, thus it lacked that nice doughy chew. Flavor wise, it was also kind of strange, with an alkaline aftertaste, possibly due to the almost pretzel like shell. Perhaps i should have stuck with the regular cream cheese because the walnut raisin one was kind of grainy instead of rich creamy and the amount was so little! URGH. #spoiltbynyc Next time, i may just go with the Plain Cream Cheese and Berries Jelly but honestly they need to have more cheese on these.
Well Jr really liked the Chix ($9.90) on his onion bagel. The tender house-roasted diced chicken thigh were generously smothered in lemon garlic aioli and peppered with the sourish pickled relish and fresh greens. We both agreed that the filling was delicious but it overshadowed the bagel. It could have been any other bread. In fact, it would have been better if it were a different carb that didn't jab our gums with the hard shell. I had a few bites of the onion bagel on its own and it was rather flavorless, alkaline, and hard. BAH.

Other yummy fillings include the Piglet ($8.50)- Montreal bacon served with deep fried potato patties, lemon garlic aioli, runny eggs and greens; and the Babe ($10.90)- Montreal bacon served with mozzy cheesy soft scrambled eggs, local farmed fresh tomatoes and spring onions
I really wanted to love Two Men Bagel, but i can't. Can i like it? Maybe. But it kinda ranks the same as the packaged NYC Bagel Factory bagels, which may not be as fresh but at least their crust is better. Go for their bagel-wiches to avoid disappointment. At least it'll fill you up and the filling will distract you from the bagels. Or get the sesame bagels from Sacha & Sons and slather it with your own cream cheese mix.

Two Men Bagel
#01-02 Icon Village
16 Enggor St Singapore 079717 
Weekdays: 8am - 7pm
Weekends: 9am - 6pm

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