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Firebake Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

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A little late here but WELCOME TO THE HOOD Firebake! Can I just say that Firebake Woodfired Bakehouse and Restaurant is my favorite dining spot in the East? I've been waiting with bated breath ever since I heard that Konstantino (or Tino) is gonna open up a place to sell his kickass sourdough bread made. Plus this passionate man was building a full-scale woodfire oven just so that he can bake his breads in (how's that for passion)! Of course, you can expect that I made many rounds around their block so that I can be the first to check them out when they open.
Tino is truly an artisan who is devoted to his craft. From raw ingredients to firewood to water, everything is as non-processed, sustainable, and close to its natural state as possible. Organic flour, natural non-iodised and non-processed salt, water that has been treated using Firebake’s elaborate Nordaq Fresh water filtration system, all these pure ingredients go into the making of a perfect loaf. 
Of course, there's more to just freshly baked breads here. The menu here features contemporary dishes cooked with traditional European techniques, which complement and showcase the range of woodfire baked sourdough bread. 
But first, bread! For first timers, the Firebake Bread Board with Greek extra virgin olive oil and the special Norwegian Roros Smor cultured butter ($10) is a great way to sample the different sourdoughs. There's the fluffy and chewy white which is perfect with the pate; a wholesome wholemeal with caraway which is lovely with the butter; a triple fermented rye for making a satisfying sandwich; and a fruit with plump sultanas and apricots that is perfect on its own or with more butter. The breads are also available in loaves ($8-13) and trust me they will be gone in no time.
You can make a meal out of just the bread, but make sure there's space for the rest! The 4-Spice Chicken Liver Pate ($12) is a smooth one, made with an equal ratio of butter. I love how it spreads beautifully on the white sourdough. It is also served with another slice of fruit loaf if you're into the sweet and savory combination.
Other refreshing appetizers that make perfect pairings with the breads include a Mediterranean style cold Smoked Eggplant ($15) with spiced hummus, tomato and Manchego.
The Heirloom Tomatoes ($17), provide bursts of flavor with smoked oil, feta, pickled cucumber and other aromatics. The mix is soaked overnight in tomato jus to enhance its flavor. Of course, sourdough croutons go into this one.
My favorite is the Wood-fired Pumpkin with Burrata ($16)! My mouth is watering just thinking about the creamy buffalo cheese with a sprinkle of pistachio dukkah, orange blossom, and a touch of molasses. In fact, I had this as my main on an occasion.
Favorite must-have main? The Cured Norwegian Salmon ($23). Love that pink in the center and how smoky it is. Plus that bread crust for added texture and some grassy sauteed leeks to go with. 
The Norwegian Blue Mussels ($25) is cooked in Golden Ale (rather than wine), and flavored with chorizo and butter. I found this a bit bland and the only flavor was from the bits of chorizo (and only when i bit into them).
The Australian Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio with Sakura Ebi ($19) has an amazing aroma from the grilled prawns and prawn oil. I would love for punchier flavor (garlic and spice) but the pure seafood fragrance becomes more pronounced as you chew on it. Maybe give it a sprinkle of salt to enhance the dish a little.

The Grilled Pork Belly ($22) with garden vegetable broth is what i'd reach for on a cold night. The vegetable broth is like a clear sweet minestrone, all naturally flavored by the pumpkin and celeriac. The sous-vide pork is given the cast iron grill treatment before being served and that crunchy skin is yums. The pork is kinda porky (if you know what i mean), so not all may take to this. 

Another hit is the Rangers Valley Striploin of Wagyu grade A3! A 300gm slab for only $38? COUNT ME IN.
Firebake Bread and Butter pudding ($10) is so damn good please. Make sure you call and reserve it as they only serve 12 a night currently! This is made using their fruit loaf and soaked with creme anglais. It's a small bowl, but it goes a long way..
For a lighter but nevertheless sweet ending, go with the Moscato Poached Peach with a sourdough ice cream (SAY WERT) and rye chips ($12). The ice cream is a little like yogurt, with the nice pull to it.
Head on over to Firebake for the rustic dishes and lovely breads. They also serve a special blend of coffee from Jimmy Monkey, and there's also nitro-coffee available. For drinks of an alcoholic nature, there are affordable craft beers, and boutique wines to complement your meal. Alternatively, sip on some Nordaq Fresh water (still or sparkling) for $3/4 (free flow). Firebake is now open for dinner and they have just started a weekend brunch service too! GO NAOOOO!
237 East Coast Road, Level 1 Singapore 428930 
Tel: +65 9784 2950 / +65 6440 1228
Open for dinner

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