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10 Best Buenos Aires Parrillas to enjoy an Argentine steak

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Beef is synonymous with Argentina. The county has been raising cows since the 16th century and Argentines are the second-highest consumers of beef in the world (after Uruguay, and ahead of Hong Kong). The steaks are high when it comes to picking a Parrilla (steakhouse) to dine at because of limited calories and the fear of gout. To prevent any mis-steak, here are some tips on how to order your meats, and where to enjoy them in Buenos Aires.
Bife 101
You will not find steaks on the menu, only Bife (“Bee-fay”). The most popular cut in Argentina is Bife de chorizo (sirloin). Next would be Vacío (flank steak, around the belly), a cut is rarely served outside of Argentina. Asado de tira (short ribs) and Entraña (skirt steak) are the next popular cuts.
The Argentines prefer to have their meats slow smoked over briquettes, also known as the asado style. Thus, it is wiser to have a slice with more fats, hence the popularity of sirloin. Ojo de bite (ribeye) could work too. Or if you really must, the bife de lomo (filet mignon).

Degree of over-doneness
Argentina meats are more often than not, over cooked. I really like my meat medium rare and it has been suggested that you order it jugoso (juicy). However, the chefs often have different ideas on what jugoso means. Well, in most cases, blue (vuelta y vuelta) will turn out medium rare, and medium (a punto) will come medium well or well done (bien cocida). You could always try bien jugoso or rosado con y bien jugoso for a medium rare steak; and a punto pero todavia jugoso for medium.

10 Best Parrillas in Buenos Aires
Most upmarket- La Cabrera
José Antonio Cabrera 5099
Tel: +54 11 4832 5754
Daily: 12.30 - 4.30pm, 8.30pm - 1.30am
La Cabrera is tipped as Buenos Aires top steakhouse. Make sure you make your reservation and dress to the nines if you intend to dine in this trendy Palermo restaurant. Rosemary-flavored steaks are served in 200g or 400g portions (yes they are massive), accompanied by delicious sides. Try your luck at the sister restaurant La Cabrera Norte if you can't score a table.

Family-run Don Julio
Guatemala 4699, 1425 CABA, Argentina
Daily: 12 - 4pm, 7pm - 1am
Competing with La Cabrera in the Palermo neighbourhood is the family-run Don Julio, a rustic-chic traditional parrilla with an open kitchen where you can watch your meat being grilled to perfection. 

The Modern- La Carnicería
Thames 2367, Palermo Soho
Tue-Sun: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am; Sat-Sun: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Go to La Carnicería if you want something slightly more contemporary. Smoked cuts using cherry wood are served here and you get a wide choice of meats such as blood sausages, chorizo, sweetbreads etc. Do not miss their appetizer/dessert of fried cheese provoleta with pears. 
Fun Dates- Las Cabras
Fitz Roy 1795, Palermo Hollywood, CABA Argentina
Tel: +54 11 5197 5303
Daily: 12pm - 12am
Las Cabras is a fun place for a mix of steaks and other nothern specialities such as empanadas and humitas. I absolutely love the massive quesadillas which more than suffice as a meal for me while Jr struggled with his gargantuan slab of meat. Challenge yourself to the Gran Bife de Las Cabras which includes a sirloin steak, fried veggies, a slab of grilled provolone cheese, french fries, fried egg, rice and pumpkin.
Juicy slabs- La Choza de Gascon
Gascon 1701, Palermo Viejo 
Sun: 12 - 4pm, 8pm - 1am
We managed to find the juiciest steak in Buenos Aires at La Choza. Finally someone who understands what medium rare is! We love the huge portions, quality food, and friendly service here. Desserts look amazing (and scary because they are so big) but our Asian appetite pales in comparison to the Argentines and we had to give them a miss. Try the chocolate volcano or warm apple cake if you have space!'

Away from the Palermo area, here are some other great steakhouses if you happen to be in the area.

Waterfront dining- Cabaña las Lilas
Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, 1107 CABA, Argentina
Daily: 12pm - 12am
At the upmarket dockland of Puerto Madero, check out the fancy Cabaña las Lilas. The restaurant raises their own award-winning cows and you can expect high quality ojo de bife here. The meat is so tender that each piece can be sliced with a spoon! Touristy and pricey it may be, Cabaña las Lilas is top league no doubt. 
Back to the old days- Parrilla Peña
Rodríguez Pena 682, 1020 CABA, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4371 5643
Mon - Sat: 12 - 4pm, 8pm - 12am
Wanna hang out with the locals? Then pop into the old school  Parrilla Peña in Recoleta. Who cares about the fancy stuff like mood lighting when you can have a good piece of steak. Learn all about the favorite Argentinian cuts with their parrilla completa, which has a mix of different grilled meats. Complete it with a delicious Malbec and homemade 

Timeless Dining- La Brigada
Estados Unidos 465, C1101AAJ CABA, Argentina
Daily: 12–3pm, 8pm - 12am 
Another timeless steakhouse is La Brigada in the bohemian San Telmo. Steak and garlic fries, with mushroom/pepper sauce anyone? 
No longer Hole-in-the-wall- El Desnivel 
Defensa 855, C1065AAO CABA, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4307 2489
Tue- Sun: 12pm - 12am
Mon: 7pm - 12am 
DO NOT MISS the highly sought after, no longer hole-in-the-wall parrilla El Desnivel in San Telmo. The long queue for the chorripan (chorizo sandwich), meat filled empanadas and juicy steaks is a clear indication of the popularity among locals and tourists. The early bird gets the steaks.
Meat on the Go- Nuestra Parrilla
471 Carlos Calvo, C1102AAI CABA, Argentina
Weekdays: 1.15pm - 12am
Sat: 1.30pm - 12am
Sun: 1.30 - 9pm
Too many meals, too little time? We hear you. Another great place for a taste of Argentina that doesn't take up too much stomach space is Nuestra Parrilla. Grab a choripan (chorizo sausage sandwich), morcipan (blood sausage sandwich), or vacíopan (flank steak sandwiches) from this popular parrilla in the San Telmo. The juicy mess is not complete without some chimichurri or salsa criolla. 
Hope this helps a little with your steak bets. Does anyone have a beef with this post? Share your favorites with us!

And here is an impossible list of places to visit and restaurants to eat at in Buenos Aires Argentina! Please do check the rest out for me!

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