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Fat Prince Mediterranean brunch

By Sunday, August 16, 2020 , , , , ,

Are you tired of Avocado Toast and Eggs Benedict yet? Try a different brunch at Fat Prince, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant located on Peck Seah Street. Contemporary kebabs, mezzes and sharing mains are fired from a custom-made oven, accompanied by Fat Prince's unique "koktail" programme. 
Enjoy a Royal Brunch ($49), which comes with a choice of a dip, mezze/salad, main, and dessert, and also a welcome koktail. The permutations will keep you busy so here are my favorites. 
From the dips, I absolutely love the roasted cashew gremolata hummus ($12)with smoked paprika. I could feel myself filling up because i could not stop eating the toasted pita with this dip!
Go healthy with the mezzes. There are plenty of greens like brussel sprouts, beetroot and cauliflower. What left an impression was the flavorful lamb meatballs ($18) with spiced nuts, chermoula and za’atar. There wasn't any gamey flavor to the meatballs at all.
Now for the mains, I'd go for the Menemen ($24). Hur hur Mene-men, geddit? Kidding. It's similar to a shashuka so i'm not sure what's the difference actually. Expect a hearty spiced tomato base, which is nicely balanced with the creaminess of the labneh. Broken eggs, and your choice of shredded lamb or halloumi accompanies the sauce. It's perfect with the fluffy pita.  
The Half fried chicken ($24) is an unexpected ME brunch dish, with some Korean influence to it. The chicken is marinated in spiced yogurt, sous vide, coated with five spice and then fried. The meat is juicy on the inside and crispy when you bite into it. It is served with pickled kohlrabi (like in Korea), and chermoula (which tastes like pickled mustard leaves).
If you're indecisive and wants a bit of everything, the Fatteh breakfast ($24) is a brainless option. The nutty and crispy falafel is the highlight here. Be prepared to be filled up with this platter. Again, don't worry if you're vegetarian. Fat Prince serves a green Shashuka ($20) made with leek and kale. I love the crunch of the vegetables! 
Skip the Spiced Berry French toast ($21) with pomegranate molasses that tastes like cough syrup. The brioche was also too dry for a French toast. 
Now back to the koktails. I had 5 too many! The Gimlet 100 ($20) was highly recommended by the manager, who said that it's the best he has had. Instead of Roku Gin, we had the Aviation Gin instead and i enjoyed the cool cucumber notes in it. The negronis are unique too and there's a Blanc and a Rouge version. Give them both a shot and let me know what you like!
Stay hydrated with the option of free flow drinks for $59 starting from 12pm at brunch for 2 hours, which also features Fat Prince's Morning Star Koktail.

Make every trip out of your house a worthwhile one guys, like for Fat Prince's brunch.

48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079317
Tel: +65 6221 7794
Weekdays: 11.30am - 3pm, 6pm - 12am
Sat: 11.30am - 3pm (brunch), 6pm - 12am

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