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UbinEats by New Ubin Group

By Saturday, August 08, 2020 , ,

New Ubin has launched UbinEats for the solo diner craving for your local kopitiam fare but prefers to have it at home. The virtual restaurant dedicated to ‘Truly Singaporean’ ready-to-eat meals for one has launched with five sub brands—Ubin Nasi Lemak, Vijay Banana Leaf, Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice, Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles and Ah Boon Signatures, each representing the different ethnic groups in Singapore. 

The favorite of the lot goes to Vijay Banana Leaf devilish Chicken Masala ($12). Vijay is a long-serving New Ubin chef of South Indian descent who’s responsible for the many Indian dishes that have become signature mainstays on the tze char’s eatery menu. We loved how the heat from the chicken is balanced by the perfumed biryani basmati rice. The fluffiness of the rice was also what attracted us to the dish. The price tag is quite reasonable given the huge portion. 
Next favorite is the Ubin Nasi Lemak ($15). It's pricey but my mama was pretty satisfied with the fragrant coconut rice that has been cooked with pandan leaves. The sides are a bit different with a joo hee sambal, a sweetish sambal cuttlefish that wasn't too tough to eat, and a juicy and tendy piece of ayam bakar (charcoal grilled chicken). The thick slice of omelette was also very enjoyable, along with the spiced anchovies and sliced cucumbers.
As for curry noodles, i'll stick with my usual one from Bedok Interchange. The Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles ($12) tastes of powdered curry and the flavor was rather weak, probably because it's a vegetable curry? Yes they are pretty generous with the chicken but more effort could be put into the curry, since that's the base of the dish. 

The Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice ($18) was pricey for what it offered, which was a mish mash of ingredients from the other "stalls" (the Hainanese vegetable curry is probably the same used in the Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles). While advertised to be gooey and glorious, it was watery and weak. The lor bak (braised pork) was decent but the portion was pathetic. I'll take my $18 and head out for some proper curry rice. 

Jumping on the bubble tea wagon, you could also get your run-of-the-mill neighborhood kopitiam standard bubble tea at your Koi/Gongcha kind of price. Plus you can't customize the shiz out of your bubble tea so it's a 100% of someone's preferred sweetness. 
UbinEats will be available for self collection (New Ubin Village in Tampiness) and islandwide delivery via from a delivery fee of $10 with a $40 minimum spend, as well as on GrabFood’s platform for those within the delivery radius. As you can tell, i've mixed reviews about this. If i have to pay for delivery, i'd rather just take a Grab out to have a fresh meal. But if you are considering something for your office lunch, there's sufficient variety and looks decent enough for a catered bento. 

18 Tampines Industrial Cres, #01-16 Singapore 528605
Tel: +65 9740 6870 (Call / SMS / Whatsapp) 
Delivery hours: 11am - 9.30pm daily 

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