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Circuit Breaker Delivery: BoBo Fish Balls SG

By Monday, June 01, 2020 , , ,

WHO: BoBo Fish Balls Singapore aka your trusty steamboat supplier. If you didn't know about their wide variety of steamboat products, well now you do. 
WHAT: A mad variety of seafood products (i portioned them for a 2 pax steamboat)
Cheese meatballs/ Salted egg chicken meatballs, Cheese tofu- my absolute favorites and must have in any steamboat. Let them boil and bob around till afloat and be extremely cautious when biting into these scalding hot balls. 
Fresh fish balls, Fuzhou fish balls with chicken filling- bouncy things. I love that they are savory and do not have any overly fishy flavors to them. The Fuzhou fish balls has a fragrant sesame-oil flavored center. 
Fish Dumplings- another must-have. Slipper morsels with salty meat fillings.  
Big Fried Tau Kee- a new steamboat favorite for me! Pop them into the toaster/air fryer to reheat and crisp further. Generous layers of fishcake and beancurd skin. SO DAMN GOOD. 

WHAT else: Convenient sets for busy days. I got the Prawn Noodle Set ($31.50) which came with giant tiger prawns, prawn & chestnut roll, fried fish balls, fish noodles, and prawn paste for the stock. 
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