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Kaya and Gula Aren Cream Choux bun. That's how i first got to know about Allium, which is surprisingly not a cafe/pastry shop. This sleepy little restaurant hidden in Kensington Square is helmed by Dillon Ng, formerly of The Humble Loaf and GastroSmiths, and his wife Lulu who is the pastry master here. Stepping into their 16-seater restaurant felt like someone's home and i kept mixing them up with some other private dining turn commercial place.
The food is all about sustainable produce though i could not figured out their cuisine focus, except that modern (presentation?) came up several times during my meal there. There's no need to put people/things into boxes of course but it does help a little with dining expectation. Nevertheless, if you like surprises, Allium's monthly menus with revolving cuisines would be your cup of tea (i guess that's why i kept thinking they did private dining before).
We had the prix fixe lunch menu ($58/pax nett) for July, which was inspired by the couple's memories of Japan, featuring Japanese home-style dishes. The meal was served the Teishoku way, as a set and all at once, which is perfect for a quick (or leisurely) lunch. The cold sides were a delight- a kombu-like Sustenir Kale tossed in a sweet-ish goma sauce, an umami julienned lotus root, and chunky slices of pickled daikon.

2 choices of mains are available. The succulent Natural Chicken & Leek Japanese Cream Stew, a fusion of East and West in one dish. It's nothing fancy, just really good home-cooked food. 
I was surprised by the Fried Hiroshima Oysters (Kaki Fry) with an eggy house tartare sauce (+$8). The oysters were plump and juicy and exploded with freshness. Recommended! 
I was looking forward to the Bay Scallops, Shellfish & Clam Stewed Koshihikari Rice (Takikomi Gohan), expecting it to be like a traditional donabe that is delicate and brimming with sweet seafood flavors. Unfortunately, all i could taste was the raw and sharp spring onion in this one. Such a pity. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy spring onions but this threw the dish off course. The Canadian Pork, Burdock Root & Organic Vegetables Red Miso Soup (Tonjiru) helped to balance the rice a little.
A rich creamy homemade Houjicha Ice Cream with a salty sweet tuile-like wafer to end. And we greedily ordered also the pair of Kaya Cream Choux Buns ($18/pair) and their signature Kaya (210g/$10 jar) which fills the cream puffs. We were mildly shocked at the price, which we only realised after we paid and left, but boy each bun is HUGE and piped generously with the luxurious fragrant pandan coconut cream, sweetened by gula aren. If i'm not mistaken, there are some bits of dessicated coconut on the top of the buns too. Each bun is good for 2 to share. So yes, i'm saving the other for my next dessert fix. 
2 Jalan Lokam #01-11Kensington Square, Singapore 537846
Lunch from 11am: Fri - Sun, and PH
Dinner from 6pm: Thu - Sun, and eve of PH
Reservations only

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