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Paradise Group Seasonal Favorites 2020

By Saturday, July 18, 2020 , , , ,

Jr and i are fans of Paradise Group. #notsponsored. We can always count on them for some hearty ramen from their casual LeNu (man i love their wantons and tonkotsu broths), or fatty char siew and delectable morsels of dim sum at Canton Paradise. Oh and Beauty in The Pot is my favorite hot pot place (except i wish it doesn't break the bank every time i visit)! 
From now till end of August, be greeted by some of your seasonal favorites at the Paradise Group. Do we hear a Shrimp Broth hot pot calling our name? Or a wicked but appetizing Nagano Pork Belly with Mala Tomato Soup Ramen? 
Now now our favorite rainbow xiao long bao place Paradise Dynasty has a special “Shanghai Night” lined up for us. And it has taken their signature soup dumplings and turned it into a Sheng Jian Bao. The thin-skinned dumping is given the hot oil treatment on its bottom and emerged all puffed up and crispy but juicy nonetheless. The Crispy Original Xiao Long Bao ($7.80/4pcs) is a keeper. Please don't take it away!!
Sweet and Sour Crispy Fish in Shanghai Style ($11.80) is not the usual thick ketchup variant. Instead, the addition of soy sauce gives it a lighter savory note. The sauce lightly glazes the battered boneless fish, and makes this one a good snack for the old and young alike.
If you like fish, the Deep-fried and Braised Yellow Croaker with Preserved Radish in Brown Sauce ($29.80) is recommended. Even though preserved vegetables are used, the overall flavor is quite delicate and slightly sweet. It's best to accompany this with their golden fried rice! 
Pork Ribs in Sweet Plum Sauce ($16.80) is also a good meat option as the sauce isn't overly sweet. The bone-in ribs are crispy and meaty as well. 

Dining in is allowed now and Paradise Group has put in place safe distancing measures at their outlets. Give your cutlery a wipe down with their food-safe wipes before your meal and also enjoy a 20% off dine-in or 30% off takeaway orders from now till 31 Aug for Citibank and Maybank Credit or Debit Cardmembers and PGR members. 

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