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Birds of a Feather Reimagine Sichuan Tasting Menu

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Reimagine Sichuan flavors at Birds of a Feather with their first-ever tasting menu. I've been a fan of Chef Eugene See's contemporary and European take on Sichuan cuisine since Birds opened and now he has taken it to the next level with some really stunning and elegant dishes that knocked us off our feet. 
Leave your tongue numbing mala expectations at the door. The Reimagine Sichuan menu ($89) showcases the myriad of flavors- salty, aromatic, bitter on the individual plates that are even more refined than the usual communal menu at Birds. There is even a curated wine pairing menu which was an absolute delight, featuring a small batch Telmont Grand Reserve Champagne, Pouilly Fuissé Domaine Cordier Chardonnay, Château Mangot Saint-Emilion Grand Cru (our absolute fav), and a surprise cocktail to be paired with desserts, all for just $60. 
The seven-course gastronomic journey begins with the Homemade Pickled Vegetable Focaccia, served alongside a bright, salty Sichuan 碎米芽菜 pickled mustard green butter. The humble preserved vegetable is full of umami- very similar to kombu or preserved olive vegetables. We tried our hardest to persuade Chef Eugene to bottle this! The focaccia was also an amazing slice with an all rounded crisp and a fluffy center. 
Next, Chef Eugene presents a rotating Bird’s Snack which spotlights the Sichuan burnt chili. A thin chewy ravioli made from gyoza skin is filled with a mix of burnt chili eggplant and foie gras. The spice was very mild and slightly tingly, and further balanced with an earthy celeriac purée. 
For the third course, a pretty plate of Octopus Carpaccio which showcases some elements of the typical Sichuan cold dishes. Here, the wasabi-like Sichuan mustard is used, together with some sweet purple mustard and red wine vinegar gel to go with the sous-vide octopus. A saffron-infused block of mung bean jelly is layered in. This Sichuan staple provided a silky jelly texture to the dish. Fresh coriander oil rounds out the dish with a balanced note. 
Then comes the punchy ‘Yu Xiang’ Carabinero Prawn, a classic flavor that combines sweet, spicy and sour. The flavor was largely dou ban jiang (fermented chili bean paste) with a touch of vinegar for acidity. Go easy on the sauce, otherwise it may overwhelm the delicate deep sea Carabinero prawn that is naturally sweet. The translucent flesh is barely cooked to preserve its texture and is served with the roasted intense prawn head. separated from – but still served with – its head, which naturally, is meant to be sucked for its intense flavour. I’m not one to devour prawn heads but this was too good to be missed. The prawn is served on top of a crunchy polenta-like cake that is ubiquitous in the home village, Qian Wei, south of Chengdu Sichuan of Sous Chef Si Yang. 
The fifth course presents the Sichuan Fish Stew, a modern take on the Sichuan dish Suan Cai Yu. The traditional version is more piquant, sour, and salty with the stock of dried chilis and pickled mustard green. However at Birds, Chef Eugene gives the dish a European flair by adding on on a dash of cream, with chive oil and butter, to balance the Sichuan elements. The broth is poured tableside atop a plate of crispy barramundi, mussels, strips of sea cucumber on bed of pearl couscous. This was hands down my favorite dish on the menu. Chef even made me eat sea cucumber unknowingly and i actually enjoy the texture in this dish. 
The Wagyu Striploin MBS4 was a spectacular end to the savory meal. The Australian Wagyu was grilled to a bloody pink, just the way we like it. Take a bite of the meat on it own, and then taste the magical transformation when you add that touch of spiced salt- a classic Sichuan spice mixture of pepper, salt, chili powder and cumin. The meat instantly brought back fond food memories of biting into a piping hot stick of bbq skewers on the wintry streets in China. For a different experience, have the meat with the tea tree mushroom jus and butternut squash purée blended with dou ban jiang and spiked with chili oil. Raw and fried brussels sprouts topped with eryngii mushrooms serve as a complementary contrast. Guests can also choose to upgrade their Wagyu to an indulgent MBS9 for an additional $25. 
The gastronomic journey ended on a high with the Mandarin French baba cake, the best i've eaten in my life. Instead of the typical rum, Grand Marnier is infused into the airy and webby sponge to give it an added brightness. Contrasting textures of Mandarin ice, freeze dried Mandarin segments, Chantilly cream and a delicate tuille made from orange peel and sweet orange juice add to the multi-sensorial experience. The dish is sprinkled with a dash of pink peppercorn for colour and balance. Super love this dessert!!
We had a ball of a time at Birds of a Feather with their latest tasting menu. It was definitely more elevated and full of surprises. This is a menu that we would come back for and obviously we've already been sending our friends there already. The Reimagine Sichuan tasting menu is available every evening upon special reservation. 

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