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Barossa Bar & Grill Vivocity

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Barossa Bar & Grill has launched its new outlet at VivoCity. I've vaguely heard of the brand before and they've been operating from the Esplanade branch but i've never tried it, i guess partly due to the location (sadly Esplanade isn't known as a food destination). We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of meats at this Australian-inspired restaurant, flown from four renowned Australian farms- Bass Strait, Wanderer, Josdale, and Carrara, each known for different qualities of their cattle.
Not only that. The restaurant also boasts its own dry-ageing fridge to enhance the flavors of their meats. To further elevate the experience, all the meat and seafood are cooked on a Spanish Josper charcoal grill for the perfect golden-brown Maillard reaction. 
For starters, the Barossa Steak Tartare ($26) is one smooth fella. The slightly thicker strips of beef were coated in a mix of smoked oyster aioli, ponzu jelly, pickled red onion, wasabi zuke, and a coagulated egg yolk. 
Ah Hua Kelong's Tiger Prawns ($26) are served charcoal grilled for that extra smoky headiness and further flavored by a shio kombu garlic beurre noisette. The charred kale chips that the prawns sat atop off were a great accompaniment to the juicy crustacean.
Between the Australian Full Blood Wagyu Ribeye (300g) MS7/8 ($98) and the Australian Premium 50-day Dry Aged Porterhouse (600g, $138), we actually preferred the former, which was more buttery and juicier. The dry-aged process which was supposed to give the porterhouse a more complex flavor also made it a tad drier imo. 
Each beef dish is served with a caramelized garlic confit and a choice of sauces, all concocted in house- Whisky Double Mustard, Chimichurri, Tarragon Béarnaise, Red Wine Bordelaise, and Truffle Brown Jus. My favorite was the red wine sauce. 
For sides, definitely order the Mac & Cheese with smoked bacon ($8). We loved how the light creamy cheese sauce is picked up by the springy macaroni and how the breaded crust contrasted it. It's a first that we finished a M&C effortlessly. 
Other mains were good too. We particularly enjoyed the Iberico Pork T-Bone Chop ($32) which was very tender. It's served with smoked chorizo Colcannon potato and grilled baby corn. 
The Ōra King Salmon ($35), aka the Wagyu of Salmon, glides down our throats easily. The smoked peppery Romesco sauce is a punchy choice for the fatty fish but the fish held its own. 
For desserts, we tried the Jasmine infused Smoked Fig Mochi Cake and the Frozen Dark Chocolate Whisky Souffle ($18 each). The souffle left more of an impression with its airy texture, a wonderful ending to the meal. 
Barossa Bar & Grill at Vivocity came as a surprise find for us and the waterfront dining was enjoyable, mainly due of their quality meats at affordable prices (skip the cocktails). Definitely worth a check if you're in the area. 
1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-161/162 
Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6255 1855

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