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Little Rogue Coffee, Tanjong Katong

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You’ll not go hungry at Tanjong Katong- the entire street is practically a stretch of eateries ranging from roast meat to Wanton mee and Nasi Lemak. Little Rogue Coffee is a welcomed addition to the mix, bringing an end to the dearth of brunch offerings (though i heard the 6 Letter Coffee is pretty decent) in this enclave.
An impromptu breakfast calling had me call my trusty early bird friend B who was already out cycling since god knows what time. Just as well, Little Rogue Coffee has a bike rack within the cafe where B's expensive bike could be parked (i guess there is really a growing bike community in the East). For families, there’s even a little playground to occupy the kiddos while the adults eat.
The newly opened cafe is already drawing a crowd but thanks to the spacious interior, the queue moved rather quickly (the wait is of a diff sort). Breakfast is served all day with more substantive mains like Beef Cheek Linguine ($24), K-pop Chicken Burger ($23), Steak and Eggs ($30) dished out from 11am.
Breakfast is more Australian-cafe style with various egg options. The dish which has made its grand tour on social media is the Soft Scrambled Eggs & Ikura ($14), featuring wet creamy eggs with small curds, with a scoop of uber umami truffle cream and pops of ikura and chives. I wouldn’t recommend stirring all the cream into the eggs as i felt that it overpowers the dish but feel free if you're a fan. The sourdough was flawless on its own, lightly chewy and perfectly buttered and toasted. The dish speaks for itself and the bonus is its IG-worthy appearance.
My indecisiveness led me to ordering the Breakfast Toast ($12)- a single serve of Egg Benny with baby asparagus on sourdough. It is a fairly straightforward dish (code for MEH), which could do with a more robust hollandaise sauce. I obviously regretted not going with my original craving, which was for the croissant from B.A.O. with kombu butter ($6). An attempt to order that later was futile as the croissants ran out at 10ish am. Long story short, we waited, they updated that they’re not sure when the bakes would come, we switched to brownie plus more coffee, croissants came but we’re too full to eat anymore. TRAGIC. Moral of the story- stick to your gut feel.
Needless to say, it means that i'd be back for that elusive croissant. Also, i'll go for the Sourdough Cheese Toastie ($16) with onion cider soup. They had me at Brie, Cheddar, and Gruyere. 
Coffee was also pretty good, and strong. The beans are from Proud Mary of Anna May SG #iykyk. My head was spinning after 2 cups- because i had to have hot coffee with the speculoos brownie which was oooh sooooo goooey. 
Some teething issues are expected, like a long wait for food and mixed up orders. The seats near the kitchen are particularly drafty, which explained our change in seats and additional cups of coffee. The staff are trying though so I expect the problems to be sorted out soon. Be back soon!

Little Rogue Coffee
336 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437109
Wed - Mon: 8.30am - 6pm

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