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MadASS, Casual dining in Raffles Place

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MadASS i.e. Mad About Sucre Social is the casual, eclectic sister restaurant of the award-winning Mad About Sucre. While it's "fast food", MadASS delivers the same promise as Mad About Sucre- hearty gourmet meals made with natural ingredients that are free from preservatives and artificial additives and flavours. 
For the office lunch crowd, customisable bowls start from $13.90. The main dish ranges from tofu to seafood (barramundi, grilled prawns), to turmeric chicken, Iberico pork, and even a Topside Grade A4/5 Wagyu. This goes on a base of your choice and the 3-colored wild grains was super fragrant and flavorful (there's also quinoa, soba, and salad options). 
The hormone free wagyu ($19.90) was super tender with not much fats in fact. We heard that these cows grace on flatlands so that their muscles aren't tensed up and thus the tenderness. 
Come dinner, MadASS serve small sharing plates and cocktails. We were surprised by the 1 page extensive vegetarian menu, alongside other meaty options. Start with the signature Cauliflower ($15) which is a moreish bite flavored with a light sweet miso, with nuts, a umami housemade pickled Japanese cucumber and topped with sourdough crumbs. Loved the char and crunch in this.
We regretted not ordering a large portion of the Icelandic crab meat pasta with aglio olio sauce ($19/29) and was even more surprised that this was seasoned naturally! The wonders of fresh ingredients! The crab meat is handpicked daily for extra freshness and woah the depth in flavor is amazing. We polished this in no time. 
This mala dish would never see the light of day at Mad About Sucre and we're glad that MadASS is the perfect outlet for this. The Numbing Spicy Chicken ($11) was fragrant and flavorful and not too crazy spicy or numbing. The perfect crispy bar snack to go with the draft beers here.
We couldn't give dessert a miss of course. From Mad About Sucre, the kitchen brought over the less complicated desserts to be served at MadASS. We enjoyed the texture and temperature play in the Earl Grey mousse with Blood Orange ($9). Think silky pudding with a cold sorbet in the center. The Earl Grey hits first, followed by the light bitter citrus, and then the tea rounds it off at the end. 
The Pecan Praline Warm Cake ($9) cannot be missed too. Served warm, the organic pecan and dark chocolate cake shell breaks apart to reveal a molten nut elixir. There's no sugar used at all and we were surprised by the natural sweetness. Also, this is gluten-free?! Mind blown.
While we enjoyed the food, the environment is not that conducive as a tapas bar. Nevertheless we sure wouldn't mind popping by for lunch or tea if in the area.
01-11, Change Alley Mall
30 Raffles Place Singapore 048622
Weekdays: 8am to 9:30pm

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