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Cafe Review: Jones the Grocer

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I always thought that Jones the Grocer cafe is darn overpriced in Singapore. My first memory of it was the brunch that i had some weekends eons ago at Dempsey Hill. The food was unmemorable but the hefty bill at the end made me swear not to return again (I obviously did not stick to that resolution). 

I gave it a second shot at Mandarin Gallery. It is my less crowded alternative when WH is packed to the brim. Given a choice i would stick with WH but when one is hungry, one loses all capacity for logical reasoning. Being the usual greedy self, i ordered the English breakfast ($22) and i could barely finish half of it. The big brekkie consists of two large pieces of sourdough bread (bigger than my face), a large sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon and sauteed mushrooms. Do not attempt to go at this one alone. Really. It may be worth it if you share though. Anyway I have since found a better alternative with better tasting food at Lots (though it's really kinda out of the way).

So what really changed my opinion of Jones was their cakes. Was looking for a tea place at MG but A was packed and so we decided to give Jones a shot and i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cakes. If there's something they do well at a reasonable price, it's their cakes.
Not a usual fan of the Red Velvet because it's usually too dry but this baby is moist and juicy! From the picture alone, you could see the deep red beetroot awesomeness. If the sponge is dry, the colour would be a powdery/whitish red. The frosting was a bit too much for me and felt kinda like fake cream. Surprisingly bearable though i would prefer a cream cheese frosting. This doesn't taste like there's cheese in it at all.
Gotta say i love the brownie cheesecake. If it were cheesecake alone, i would be bored of the creaminess after a bit but the chunky chocolate goodness was spread out to ensure that there is a bit of cocoa in each bite. It is faultless. Dense and smooth cheese batter with bits of chewy brownie on a graham base, topped with a layer of chocolate fudge. What more could you ask for? Sighs.
I was a fan of their Mudslides or Iced Mocha. Can't go wrong with espresso, milk, chocolate and ice cream! Again. Lots does it better at a cheaper price. But one can't complain when one is in need of some dessert coffee fix in town and Jones does it the best.

So yea, give Jones a shot for tea sometime. You may be surprised at their offerings. Their baked goods smell really awesome.

Food: 3.5/5 Overpriced. Slightly above average.
Service: 4/5 Attentive and friendly. Quite humorous too.
Ambience: 4/5 Not a bad place to chill out with gfs.

Jones the Grocer
#04-21/23 Mandarin Gallery
#01-12 Dempsey Hill
Daily: 9am - 11pm

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