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Cafe Review: Salted Caramel

By Tuesday, April 03, 2012 , , , ,

I guess i was an honorary Thomsonite (if there's such a term). Spent many of my younger days hanging out in the Thomson area. Thursday and Saturday nights were spent at the Community Centre honing my Taekwondo skills and burning calories in preparation for our after class supper escapades. I grew up eating the prata from Prata House and whenever prata craving kicks in, i'd still head to Thomson without a second thought. Anyway, i'm liking how the stretch is turning into a food and chill out enclave. As compared to the past when there was only Prata House, Macs and a couple of coffeeshops, there are a gazillion restaurants, cafes and desserts places now! YAY! 

Of course i was one of the first few to notice and try the ice cream at Salted Caramel when it opened. How can i not? It is just next to Prata House. Prata and ice cream is the best combination for supper. Or lunch... Or dinner.. Or maybe bunch even! (Read about my sweet and savory quirk here).

I love the ice cream at Salted Caramel. My favorite flavors? Salted caramel for sure! And Chocolate stout. And Earl Grey. And Horlicks. And.... (you get my drift). The flavors are intense and the ice cream is creamy enough (no icy centers). The chocolate stout has a strong alcoholic flavor and somehow the bitterness of the stout goes very well with the milk chocolate. I also have a soft spot for tea infused ice cream so earl grey is a must have when the caffeine addict in me acts up. What i love best about SC is that the ice cream is very reasonably priced! $3 a scoop, $5 for double and a mere $7 for triple and that's for ALL flavors. Take that Udders and your ridiculous pricing and weighing of your scoops! BOO. 
To improve your ice cream experience, go for the waffles with ice cream. It only costs an additional $3.50 for a light crispy batter with a slight tinge of saltiness. Each waffle is made to order and served piping hot with ice cold cream on top and your choice of maple/chocolate syrup. I like that the centre is not too floury and spongy (if not i'd OD on flour). 2 scoops of ice cream is perfect to cover every waffle cube- that's how i eat my waffles. I'll cut the ice cream into little cubes and fill up the holes before eat each square individually. It's just more fun this way. :) Oh and the good thing about getting the waffles is that you can skip the queue and order at the cashier right away. Another incentive!

The ice cream parlor is not very big and it gets really packed at night when all the Thomsonites finish their dinner and head out for some sweets. Not a place for chilling out especially when it's packed. I would not hesitate to give you the evil eye if you hog the seats during peak hours. As for me, i do my part and try not to hang around for too long after i'm done with my desserts. :)
Food: 4/5 Love the ice cream. They have interesting flavors like Avocado as well. :))
Service: 3.5/5 Average. Could be a little faster when it comes to clearing the tables
Atmosphere: 3/5. Could get pretty noisy. Not a place for hanging out.

246F Upper Thomson Road
Sun-Thu: 12pm - 11pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 12pm - 2am

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