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Paradise Dynasty Singapore

By Monday, April 30, 2012 , , , ,

I suppose everyone knows about the colored Xiao Long Baos from Paradise Dynasty ($13.80) for 8. I've had it before some long long time ago. Flavors include Sze Chuan (too spicy), Garlic, Cheese, Foie Gras (can hardly taste it), Truffle (just the oil), Ginseng, Crab Roe and Original. To ensure the optimum tasting of the distinct flavours, you have to start eating with the white original flavour, moving along to more adventurous Black Truffle and Cheesy, ending with the reddish Szechuan dumpling. Some flavors are there more for the sake of providing novelty and variety. I'd say stick to the normal flavors e.g. Original or Crab Roe. You will not go wrong with that.

The skin is thin with a nice chewy dough. I like the sweet savory broth which i lightly seasoned with the mild vinegar.

There is a powdery texture to the finely minced meat probably due to the flour used to hold the pork together. Nevertheless, it was nicely seasoned and the dish perfectly executed.
While waiting for our food to be served, we were entertained by the chef preparing the la mian (noodles) behind the open concept kitchen panels. They were pretty amused by us, as we were by them. Caught them spying on us a couple of times.
I ordered the Beef La Mian ($10.80) which is perfect sick people food. The noodles were quite soft and smooth. I felt the texture was more like mian xian (or overcooked angel hair pasta). The pork bone broth has been cooked for hours to achieve that milky appearance and it is surprisingly oil free and not too rich in flavors. The generous slices of meat were tender but not braised sufficiently to give it its individual taste. It was a little on the bland side (or was it my spoilt taste buds..).
The voice got progressively worse over the course of the night. Was dying for some cold desserts to soothe the broken throat. I was so happy when i saw the Chilled Aloe Vera and Osmanthus Jelly ($3.50). Aloe vera is the best medicine for sore throats. I like that it is very refreshing. Could taste a splash of lime juice. The light fragrance of the Osmanthus could be tasted but i was wondering about the jelly (didn't eat any!).

Other than that, we also ordered the Souffle Balls with banana and red bean paste. The texture is very interesting. I was expecting it to be puff like but it really tastes like egg white (which it is anyway) but with that slightly chewy and bouncy texture. The let down however is the lack of filling! There was hardly any red bean paste in it and i only spotted 1 pathetic slice of banana. BOO!
Food: 4/5 Not too bad. It's more of home cooked food than gourmet.
Service: 3/5 Not very attentive but it could be due to the massive number of diners.
Atmosphere: 3/5 A little on the cold side. Glad to be sitting next to the kitchen. Some blasts of warm air to keep us cosy.

Paradise Dynasty
#04-12A ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 9118
Mon–Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat–Sun & PH: 10am – 10pm

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