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Hawker Review: Johor Bahru Restoran Mun (Closed)

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I have been hopping on over to our neighboring country for quite a bit for the main purpose of eating and reviewing their food. Seriously you can't beat JB for the cheap and tasty seafood. Malaysian chefs are awesome. If you don't believe me, check out the chefs at the good zi char stalls in Sg, bet the chefs are Malaysians. Price wise, you only pay less than half of what you normally would in Sg and on top of that you'll get 30-40% more food! What's there more to ask for? 

The braders and i finally drove in to JB for seafood supper 1 night, that's after years of saying that we should. Think massive jam and empty stomachs and ravenous appetite upon arrival. Jaz, our supper food guru, recommended Restoran Mun at Taman Sri Tebrau (it's where all the Singaporeans go to for supper) and we happily invited Jaz to order. :))
So began a night of nonstop eating. 1st up, Ginger sliced wild boar (RM12). Nice tender meat that is well marinated. I like how the spring onion lifts the taste of the dish and takes away some of the porkiness. I always think that it's very simple to cook Chinese food. Just use some minced garlic, sliced onions and some ginger and walaa, authentic Chinese meal. :P
Deep fried baby squid (RM12) was next. This was an appetizer for us. Crunchy and caramelized baby squid that is lightly spiced. Perfect beer food but we had it with sugar cane juice. :)
Sambal Kang Kong (RM10) is a dish that we'd never fail to order. Nice pungent sambal shrimp paste against the slightly crunchy kang kong. I think they add a little of the fermented brown beans to give it the additional salty taste. Goes best with rice.
Then came our seafood orders. Butter Crayfish (RM56) with a total of 4 crayfish (perfect for 4). Crispy flour batter which is mixed with butter and sugar. There are still little sugar granules that gives the slight sweetness to the dish.
Thought the batter was a little too much. It has a little more flour than butter and i'd choose to have more butter anytime. The meat was fresh and chunky. I love crustaceans (only when the meat is easily removed)! The dish is a little dry on the whole but it was fine because we had some superb gravy from the next dish..
Salted Egg Yolk Crab (RM108). This was the highlight of the meal. 2 medium sized crabs cooked in a buttery and savory salted egg yolk gravy which is slightly sweet and spicy. Absolutely finger licking good! Granted the crabs are not the huge Sri Lankan ones that we are used to in Singapore, but they were substantial enough.
By the time our Salt Baked Herbal Chicken (RM26) was served, we were fully stuffed (did you see how much the 4 of us ate?!!) And this is not even a spring chicken. It's like a full sized adult chicken that has been stewing in its own juice for hours. The result is meat that simply falls off the bone. We easily chopped up the chicken with a spoon! The herbs taste isn't very overpowering but i thought the broth tasted a little sourish. I guess my tongue was just a little confused by then due to all that contrasting flavors.
All that food only costs us a total of $100sgd! Seriously that can only buy you 1 crab dish in Singapore. Super love JB for the cheap food. Yes i'm such a cheapo Singaporean. Haha. 

Was told i was overdressed for JB hawker supper in my maxi dress. :P

So yes. If you are tired of Singapore food or you are simply bored out of your minds on this island, take a little trip out to JB and eat like a king or queen! I sure did! More on my Malaysia eats soon and ideas for the long weekend coming up. Watch this space!

Restoran Mun (closed)
Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 332 3113/ +6012 780 3113

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  1. Hi,
    I was there. The food standard has dropped terribly. Menu and receipt also shows a different stall name. I'm guessing the original owner/cook is no longer there. If you know where they have shifted too, I would love to hear from you