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Restaurant Review: Hidden Finds- The Mushroom Pot 长寿锅

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As you guys know, i hang around Town very often since i go for yoga all the time. The lack of good food in town is one of my main complains after class. It's so hard to find a nice healthy option (which is not cold ie sandwiches and salads) and there is only that many times i can do Simon & Garfunkel. Anyway, i recently discovered Mushroom Pot at OG Orchard Point and it's quite the perfect meal after yoga or for any meal. 

Mushroom Pot does a mushroom steamboat but no worries, it's not ONLY mushrooms here (else i wouldn't be there). They do however feature mushrooms quite prominently, there are plenty of mushroom based dishes (along with meat :)) and i have never even heard of some of the mushrooms they use e.g. Monkey Head Mushrooms. They use Wild Mushrooms as a basic soup base but they also do have a Ma La (Spicy) soup for the hot pot. I was quite apprehensive about eating here because i don't particularly dig those dried Chinese Mushrooms (they have a very strong taste) and i thought the restaurant would be serving a lot of that in my broth. Surprisingly it wasn't the case. 
Other than just steamboat, the Orchard Point outlet also has a set meal menu which is perfect for those who are uninterested in overeating. The prices are really reasonable. The individual set menu ranges from $10-17 while the Deluxe Sets are in the $18-24 range. A fairly extensive selection of ramen and paper pots (kaminabe style) are available. That was exactly what S and i had after my yoga class.
S ordered the Beef Paper Pot set ($13.80) which came with a spicy mushroom salad, rice and fruits. The soup is very light, no weird or strong mushroom taste (thank god) and there is a slight sweetness to it. The tender meat was lightly marinated and as you can see it's not very fatty. There are plenty of mushrooms in this pot as well. Quite fun fishing all the little heads out of the soup. 

I had the Prawn Ramen Set ($15.80) because i was greedy and wanted to try more of the mushroom side dishes. Mine came with Prawn ramen (with more mushrooms), Beef and golden mushroom rolls, fried mushroom rolls and fruits. Variety ftw! 
The ramen was quite soft. It's more the chinese ramen than the Japanese sort. I'm not usually into soft noodles but this worked pretty well for me. Can you identify the different mushrooms? I counted 5 prawns in my noodles and they were pretty fresh and sweet though a little more the powdery sort. Even though the soup base is the same, mine has a stronger seafood taste while the beef pot soup was slightly more bland. 
The beef rolls were nicely cooked though i felt that the meat was very slightly over grilled. The combination with the enoki mushrooms was perfect. I had a hard time putting the whole piece into my mouth because it's quite huge and we all know how long it takes to chew enoki. You could request for the rolls to be cut into halves for easy eating. 
The mushroom roll is packed with all sorts of minced mushrooms wrapped in a seaweed then battered and fried. Goes well with the thai chili sauce that is provided.

If you are the bigger eater, go for the buffet lunch or dinner or high tea(3-5pm). Prices range from $20-30. My colleagues absolutely love Mushroom Pot though they were complaining about the prices. I think it's quite reasonable though.

Verdict- Recommended!
Food: 4/5 Guilt free eating because it gives you the impression that it's healthy food.
Service: 4/5 Quite attentive and friendly but that may be because
Ambience: 3.5/5 Clean and comfortable.

The Mushroom Pot 长寿锅 (Orchard Point)
#04-00 Orchard Point
Tel: +65 6733 9910
Daily 11am – 9.30pm

2 Stadium Walk
#01-02 Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tel: +65 6342 3320
Daily: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm

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