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Cafe Review: Wimbly Lu

By Friday, May 04, 2012 , , ,

Finally visited Wimbly Lu, a quaint little cafe in the hearts of Serangoon. I have heard about their desserts for some time but i've been lazy to explore the area myself (especially on foot), so i waited for S to drive me there. :P It is situated in the housing estate a stone's throw away from Serangoon Gardens (by car). Do not try walking from Gardens. It is much nearer to cut in from Upper Serangoon Road.

The area kinda reminds me of Greenwood. I love these sorta neighborhood restaurants. Great places for neighbors to hang out after work. The vibe is super chill. There are 2 other food places next door- Jules Cafe Bar and The Fat Cat Bistro. S said that the reviews for the other 2 aren't that great. Let me know if your views on them.

The first thing that greeted us was the cute red and white VW Beetle. I go crazy when i see Beetles. Not sure if you guys have played this game before but you are entitled to smacking someone damn hard on the head when u see one. My friends (especially S) have been subjected to this childish game of mine. It's fun. Try it! :)) 
The interior reminded me of the castle of Edinburgh with the exposed brick walls and natural light from the ceiling. Very vintage and yet homey. There are little nooks and crannies to be explored such as the kids section under the stairs. I think it's the perfect corner to take off your inhibitions along with your shoes and sit cross legged on the mat. You can do that while enjoying a yummylicious dessert.

I like the fake lawn at the back. I simply took off my pumps and walked around on that patch of green. I practically treated the place like my own. Haha. #Thingspeopledowhenhighoncaffeine.
There's quite a selection of sweets but Wimbly Lu place quite a large emphasis on their chocolates. Didn't get those as i was still recovering from my cough. Caught sight of the Root Beer Float Cake, which has a slice of moist chocolate fudge cake soaked in root beer and ice cream and good ol' choc fudge. It's a dessert in a dessert! I don't know why this didn't appear on my table but then again it's really lousy judgement on my part for letting S do the ordering. :P Heard that this is pretty awesome. I think it's only $6.50.

Instead, this was what we had. Why didn't i order more?!! Grrr. No. Why did i drink so much coffee in the morning to spoil my lunch appetite?!! :(
For desserts, S ordered the Rocky Road ($5). This is essentially a sizable piece of chocolate rather than a dessert. Rich dark chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts and macadamia, peppered with marshmallow cushions to give it that nice contrasting texture. It's not bad, but it's just not my idea of desserts. I was actually eyeing some cake in the display. :(
There is a limited selection of hot food, most of them being finger food. I suppose they didn't want to be in direct competition with their neighbours which is a right choice since their food is just average. We had the Lasagne ($12) and were quite amazed at the portion when it arrived. It's bigger than the size of the Swensen's baked rice! Really huge! The taste is very homey and Wimbly Lu is extremely generous with the amount of cheese in the Lasagne. Every mouthful is an explosion of cheesiness. The pasta sheets are quite soft and moist. All this dish needs is a little more meat sauce to overcome that heavy cream. We struggled to finish it but S saved the day with his bottomless pit! Not a bad dish, but not very fantastic.
I only saw the scones when we were paying the bill. BOO. They look so cute on the tray with their powdered tops. They are a little on the small side though. Anyway, verdict for Wimbly Lu? Skip the mains, have the desserts and chocs. 

Food: 3.5/5 Maybe i just didn't try the right stuff.
Service: 4/5 Chirpy and friendly staff!
Ambience: 4/5
Btw, there's no GST or service charge! Yay!

15-2 Jalan Riang
Tel: +65 6289 1489
Tue–Fri: 12pm – 10.30pm
Sat–Sun: 9am – 11pm
(Closed on Mon)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love the obscure locale, and the free parking that comes with it!

    Liked their waffles and homemade "organic" ice-cream (that's what the waitress said), didn't fancy their coffees at all. The latte I ordered was overly milky, but the cashier took note of the feedback (when prompted) and promised to improve on their coffeemanship ;) ordered a 2nd round of drinks, and thankfully their hot chocolate was awesome (not as great as Kith's, but still loaded with chocolaty goodness and packed with marshmallows).

    Ambiance would get rated fairly higher than most other places (sat under the stairs, although the inner seating looked comfy).

    Overall a pleasant experience at Wimbly Lu. Would wanna check out Fat Cat, their neighbours next :)

    1. Need more of such funky cafes in the northeast!