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Cafe Review: The Broers Café

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The Broers Café has been under my radar for the longest time. Tucked in a quiet corner just a stone's throw away from Farrer Park MRT (and City Square Mall) on the North East MRT line, I should have gone there ages ago but i didn't. I was under the impression that it's a loooooong walk from Farrer but if you cut through the shopping mall, it's less than a 5mins walk away.

The Broers Café is opened by Kiat and Han, "two incurable coffee aficionados who relish every opportunity to share their mad obsession with those psychedelic nuts to the rest of the world". Their cafe is a small and spartan place, typical of a place "designed" by bachelors (which means no design at all). The light bulbs were scantly covered with cotton wool? It's kinda quirky in a lazy way. This definitely goes into the category of "silly things guys do". 
Love the simple wall feature which was all about coffee and tea and all things nice. Certain words jumped out at me. I'm such the caffeine addict. :))
The coffee is made from roasted beans from Highlander Coffee and then lovingly prepared with a Vibiemme espresso machine. I also noticed the expensive Chemex and Pour Over filter set up on the bar counter. Don't quite remember there being filter coffee drinks or perhaps i was just distracted by the espresso. For iced drinks, choose between 12oz (single shot) or 14oz (double shot). The difference in price is only 50cents and the caffeine effect is more than double. The coffee doesn't taste very intense (i thought my Mocha was quite thin in fact) but it was smooth.
In fact, i thought the highlight was the food instead. I had the Beef Sundried Sourdough ($7.50) which was an awesome sandwich. The succulent grilled beef, fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce was sandwiched in a lightly toasted sundried tomatoes sourdough and it was oh-so-juicy. Well marinated and tender beef which was in harmony to the amount dough. The bread was surprisingly fluffy on the inside and i love that slight tanginess and sweetness from the sundried tomatoes. It's amazing how they taste like berries! 

The side of potato salad deserves a mention on its own. The roasted baby potatoes with skin were amazing with the homemade creamy and peppery dressing. I love the slightly starchy texture of the potatoes and the light crunch of the skin. This side is so good you can order it on a salad (S$4). 
The Chicken Mayo Croissant (S$6.50) was just a little buttery and airy (nice height to the puff). Perhaps i'm nitpicking but the croissant is not flaky or crispy enough for me. Chicken Mayo is kinda a standard feature so i'm not particularly impressed. 

Even though B and i were kinda starving, we were quite full after our sandwiches. Thoughts of a 3rd sandwich was immediately dispelled halfway through our meal. We even had to forgo the desserts! The tarts are from the Muffinry! A pity to let that go to waste (my tummy's loss really). 

Verdict- Recommended!
Food: 4/5 Love the Beef Sundried Sourdough and the potatoes! The coffee isn't too bad as well.
Service: 3.5/5 
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 Laid back and chill. It's quiet on a Sunday afternoon and quite perfect to just sit and read the papers.

The Broers Café
3 Petain Road
Tel: +65 6295 5426
Tue-Thu & Sun: 10am- 8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am- 11pm

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