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Travel: How to pack for a trip

By Monday, June 11, 2012 , ,

I hate packing for a trip. It's so much trouble really. I'm not sure how many share my sentiments on this but S surely doesn't. He just grabs a couple of tee and shorts and jeans and he's done. "It's ok to wear the same thing again", he says. Me? It's a lot more complicated than that.

So how do I pack? Well.. First, make a mental list of the places we'll go and the activities we'll participate in. Also, check for dress code for restaurants. Then begins the whole fashion parade in my room which involves changing in and out of various permutation and combination of tee, blouses, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers... I'm not even being specific here with the rompers, jumpsuits, midi, maxi etc.. Accessorizing is another ballpark altogether. This is why packing is torture for me.
As you can tell, I'm not one of those people who think that it's absolutely okay to wear your lousiest clothes on holidays just because people don't recognize you. It is a matter of aesthetics! Some people just don't get it, even at home where they'd be recognized. These people should not be let out of their houses really. Oh my burning retinas. It's one thing to have confidence but another to be delusional about what clothes fit you. I do not claim to be a fashionista but at least I dress to hide my flaws and I look decent in public.

I digress. Back to the topic of packing. I've tried various methods over the years in order to maximize my luggage space just so that I can look well coordinated and presentable and yet have space to bring home more shopping.

Tip 1: Never fold your clothes individually
They take up way too much space. There are air pockets that are hard to eliminate when you pack this way. I only use this methods for bulky items like jeans. Then again, i'd wear jeans on board just so that I can save precious space in the luggage. ;)
Tip 2: Roll up clothes that don't crinkle
In my earlier years I would simply roll each piece and store them neatly. It's easy to identify which one I wanna wear as well. The prob is that everything ends up being quite crumpled and I would have to hang everything up once I get to the hotel and even iron them sometimes. Not something you can do if you're gonna be on the road the whole time.
Tip 3: Lay them, Stack them, fold into half
This is my current preferred method. Since my clothes aren't bulky, it's easier to just lay them on top of another. I would categorize them by types as well so that it'll easier to find what I wanna wear. Once done, fold them into half and store. This reduces wrinkles too!
Tip 4: Vacuum Bag Everything
This is the trick to getting extra space. Air is useless and you don't wanna be carrying them. Get these vacuum bags from Daiso (only S$2 each, various sizes). I'll put all my clothes in and proceed to squeeze all the air out. You can even do it manually! I've managed to bag a ski suit, 1 long and 1 short wool coat into a Vbag and it didn't even take up much of my luggage space!

Tip 5: Go For Basics
I'm obviously not one who packs light, as hard as I try. This Croatia trip alone I have with me 5 pairs of footwear, 1 outfit for each day, gym wear, 2 sets of swimwear and sleepwear as well. Not the best person to give advice but here is my wardrobe's worth. The above picture is only missing 1 shoebag, and my Longchamp travel bag. Not bad for a heavy packer like me!

For Her: A pair of dark colored shorts and jeans, tank tops, a girly blouse, a pair of heels/pumps for party, a versatile dress that brings you from day to night. To change the look of your outfit, simply accessorize.

For Him: A combination of tees/polo, shorts, slippers, loafers, a proper shirt could bring you anywhere you need to be. Suit up if you must. You have plenty of room in your trunk anyway. Guys have it much easier. Some people say that a man's best accessory is his partner. Apart from his watch and ride. ;)

Ok. Hope this helps if you are packing for your trip! Oh all these don't apply if you have a huge 29" luggage (which i do, coincidentally) Just throw everything in and go! I like mine organized though. :P Or if you have plenty of dough to spare, just buy everything overseas. At least people won't be wearing the same stuff as you back home.

Tata people. My holiday beckons.


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