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The Singapore Memory Project

By Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is your memory of Singapore say 20 years ago? I remember things were a lot simpler then. Happiness was eating 10 cents (SERIOUSLY??) curry potatoes in a plastic bag from my Primary school canteen. Eating the rainbow Paddlepop change colours with my sis and watching our popsicle change colours. Trading stickers with my girlfriends and silently comparing whose stickers are prettier. I think i still keep them somewhere. Kinda miss the carefree days as a kid. 

Why the sudden recollection of the old days? Well, i was prompted by the Singapore Memory Food Trail Project in which Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi and ieatishootipost participated in. The 3 heavyweight in the Singapore blogosphere went around on a 24h eatscapade and at the same time interviewed the hawkers and people to 'collect' their memories of Singapore in the past. Was following them on twitter #sgMemory and hence that got me thinking about my best memories of Singapore.

I contributed some of my memories of Singapore and of course lotsa food memories using the #sgfoodmemory hashtag. The guys actually took my Rice Dumpling suggestion (Kim Choo Ba Zhang) and went there for lunch! Was then invited for the durian feast with these 3 cool dudes at the end of the night. Whee!

We had the D24, Mao Shan Wang, XO durian, D2(not nice) and 666 'flavors'. I think i still love D24. The other tweeters said that 666 was good too but i didn't get a chance to try it. Highlight of the night was of course eating durians and chatting with Singapore's favorite bloggers. Didn't get a chance to interact with Dr Leslie Tay or Mr Miyagi but Mr Brown was hilarious. He eats durians with spoon and chopsticks.
@mrbrown: i'm very good at my chopsticks skills
@mrbrown happily posing for his durian shot
This has got to be one of my best #sgfoodmemory. First time eating durians at an open air stall (i usually have them at home. It's not so unglam. :P) and what more with awesome company! Thanks once again to the Singapore Memory Project for having me!

While looking through the tweets, i wondered if there's more to Singapore than just the food (since most of the people were tweeting about food). We are indeed a food nation but i'm sure there's more right.. How about real relationships with people around us? It just seems that we have lost the real connection. Anyway, my coursemates Justin Zhuang, Sam Kang Li and Samuel He are so inspiring. The 3 of them have been contributing to/creating the Singapore Story in their own ways. Check out their works yea?
Justin Zhuang on the lost playrounds of Sg
What is Singapore to you? What are your memories? The Singapore Memory Project (SMP), wants to collect your story. All these memories would be used to tell the Singapore Story to our future generation in 2015. which was started in 2011 to collect, preserve and provide access to Singapore’s knowledge materials, so as to tell the Singapore Story to our future generation. I think it's the coolest thing ever. Head on over to their Facebook page for updates on new events as well.

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  1. Hello, did you mean "potato curry puffs"? :) I think in human society, major celebrations at individual or group levels often involve food. BTW, glad you seem to find the Singapore Memory Project a meaningful one. Hope to read more of your memories in your blog. p.s. my day job is the Assistant Director (Digital Engagement) for Singapore Memory Project. If you've any questions/ ideas for the initiative, feel free to email (my gmail address is available via this profile). Cheers!

    1. Hi Ivan! I really meant curry potatoes! The Chinese food stall uncle used to cook them with the curry chicken but i always order them separately in a bag. That actually earned me a nickname in primary school! :) Cool job! And sure thing! Do let me know if there's anything that i could assist with as well. Stand up for Singapore! Gosh i do miss those melodious National Day songs. :)

  2. Would you mind sharing the stall address for the durian? Looks so good and would love to try it out :)

  3. It's Hoe Seng Kee i think. But do not go there. ieatishootipost realize that they gave us fake Mao Shan Wang during the durian feast. Check out his durian posts on where to get quality durians! :)