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Hair Treatments at Silkcut Salon

By Friday, December 12, 2014 ,

Way overdue post but I'm looking at the messy state of affairs which is my hair, thinking that I desperately need a visit to Geri and Wendy at Silkcut Salon and that's when I remembered the lovely hair treatment these ladies did for me some time back.

This is sort what my hair looks like currently as well. Faded colors, overgrown roots and hair that goes in knots!
Wendy suggested the 2 step Collagen Keratin treatment to tame the messy bed of hair I had. 

Followed by an overall coloring of copper color. Something warm this time! Color suited me fine even though the ladies didn't quite like it.
Love the smooth and silky hair as usual when I left the salon. They always treat my tresses well here!
I went back a couple weeks later to do another color treatment which is the Goldwelle Elumen Color Treatment to give my hair a brilliant touch. I must have mentioned how much I love the color treatments here to death already but it is just perfect since I have slightly bleached hair so the color really shines.

So we went for orange on top of my copper (which didn't show too well). This was really fantastic. Even Wendy who dislikes copper had to agree that the color looks good on me. :)))
Imma current and I love it. Hee. Still a tinge of purple from my highlights which refused to go away even after I added blue on top of it. But I sure do love how the purple highlights go with the orange. 

Silkcut Salon is located in the fringe of Tiong Bahru and just a few shops away from the newly opened The Tastemaker Store. Be sure to grab something to eat (heard the yam cake is good) before your session.

22 Havelock Road #01-693, Singapore 160022
Weekdays: 11am - 8pm
Weekends and PH: 11am - 7pm

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