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Silkcut Salon Moist Care Treatment

By Tuesday, December 09, 2014 , , ,

Festive season calls for a color update! I got a little sick of my ash hair which was looking kinda washed out. Ash is a wonderful cool color but it does turn yellow rather easily and one would look ashen and sallow and your hair may look dry as well. After a long discussion with the wonderful ladies at Silkcut Salon, Wendy and Geri finally decided on giving me some vibrant but healthy colors.

And I went back to being a red head! Just look at how vibrant the dye is.
Lots of work going on right there. Being pampered like a princess as always.
My head was on fire with that fiery engine red dye. What's life without some fun colors right? If you're wondering why the top was bunned up, well that's because it was gonna be purple on top! Of course it wouldn't take that long for the girls to come up with just plain old boring red. ;)
And as usual, hair care is a must following any dye job and Wendy recommended the Moistcare hair treatment. This treatment from Japan contains collagen and keratin to hydrate and strength the hair. The result? Shiny, glossy and super smooth and silky hair, just like in a shampoo ad. It was so satin-like and i cannot even bun my hair up because my hair tie kept slipping off! 
I love how Geri and Wendy did my hair with the darker purple top and the fire engine red under. Put it down for a slightly serious look at work and up for more fun the rest of the time. I already know that red  is a great complement to my skin tone and even Geri, who is extremely fond of cool colors, had to agree that this warm (more like hot) color is perfect for me. ;)
The purple has faded a bit and it looking a bit more strawberry on the top, but it still holds nicely at the ends. Be careful when you do reds because it will keep bleeding till it's completely gone so no white tops unless your hair is completely dry.
Thank you Silkcut Salon for the stellar hair work as usual. My friends have been raving about that insane hair color and molesting the smooth locks as well. I highly recommend the Moistcare hair treatment! It's only $115 for my hair length (super cheap!) and definitely something that i'll keep going back for.

So it's bright hair, bright skin (I use Derma-Rx products) and a brighter smile (thanks to Invisalign). On a side note, my Invisalign treatment has ended and I'm just waiting to do my refinement. Whee!

Time to get yourself ready for the hols! What's your prep strategy this holiday?

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