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The Provision Shop

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Neighborhood cafes are a hit with the cafe hopping Singapore these days and here's another quarter for you to explore- Everton Park. This seemingly sleepy estate is now populated by hipster cafes and bakeries and even a lifestyle shop! My CSI experience led me to The Provision Shop, the most promising cafe of the lot (the others were practically empty on a weekday) for a brunch date with Z.

To draw the office crowd in, The Provision Shop does a weekday set lunch at $15 nett and it includes a sandwich of the week, soup, and a long black.
Well i was picky about what sandwich i wanted so i didn't bother with that. You have to get the Reuben for sure. Let me start with the bread. It was AMAZEBALLS. Super springy, lightly chewy and incredibly buttery brioche. I could tell its awesomeness from the slightly layered bread crust, which i left none behind. The corned beef  was more like thinly sliced pastrami instead of the lousy mashed up canned rations. The garlic mayo/aioli gave the salty meat that right amount of punch.

What's different about this Reuben sandwich is the asian flavored sauerkraut which tasted a little like chinese preserved salted vegetables or mui choy. That sesame oil coleslaw on the side gave this dish a fusion edge over the regular versions on the market.

Other savories to order are The Belinda's Perogis ($6), a traditional hot polish dumpling filled with mashed potatoes and ricotta cheese, topped with bacon, onions and sour cream. This was a favorite at the next table. They ordered 1, then another, and another... I reckon it must be pretty damn good.

I would also go for the Burrata and Homemade Walnut Pesto ($18) with warm bread (more of that brioche please). Well because there's cheese and who can say no to pesto right? Oh and definitely a side of prosciutto (+$3).

For something heartier, i would go for the Butternut squash and zucchini lasagna ($14) with sun dried tomato pesto, fresh pasta sheets and mozzarella. Well they had me at squash.

We wanted to go for something other than the usual Blueberry lemon cake ($6.50) so we had the Cherry Almond Cake ($6.50) instead. Z wasn't happy with how the cake sank in the middle (it means that it's no good apparently). I thought the cake was alright. It was certainly moist but not overly wet. There was a hint of the grainy almond but the nut was overpowered by the cherries (real ones).  
Coffee was really strong and that kept me going for my yoga classes. 
I will not bother introducing the other cafes which don't seem too promising. Shops that i'll head straight for in Everton Park includes: Audacious Cakery at Blk 2, Nylon Coffee Roasters at Blk 4, and The Redundant Shop at Blk 5.

The Provision Shop
Block 3 Everton Park #01-79
Tel: +65 6225 9931
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm

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