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Yogalicious- Love for Healthy Living and Eating

By Friday, August 07, 2015 , ,

Eating and living well is a big part of my life. While it may seem like i'm always indulging in rich and decadent food as shown on my social media platforms, i actually eat simply and healthily on a daily basis and am a regular at my yoga studio. That's how i was drawn to check out Saakalya Yoga's Yogalicious programme, a half day cooking and yoga course, at their Chip Bee Gardens home studio

The programme began with a 60min classic hatha yoga with one of their instructors, certified by the Institute of Vivekananda Yoga and Research Development, India (I.V.Y.R.D.). Alex walked our intimate party of 7 through a relaxing wakening of our bodies on a sunny and breezy Saturday morning. Thankfully the Holland Village crowd hadn't gotten too rowdy downstairs and we were able to get through the class without much disruption.
The main part of the programme was the cooking demonstration and meal by Elizabeth-Anne Theodoros, an previous restaurant owner in Australia, and also an ex-Australian Masterchef contestant. Elizabeth brings to the table a raw food cuisine that is easy to prepare but nowhere lacking in flavors. The participants were all roped into preparing our meal and it was a fun and relaxing activity for the girls. 
Raw food cuisine may sound quite intimidating but with the right seasoning and ingredients, you can  create delicious everyday meals. 
Our easy Vietnamese cold spring rolls.
Made a simple Japanese shoyu and ginger dressing for these crunchy cucumbers. 
Life made easier with food processors that blitz products into delicious red pesto for our zucchini pasta noodles! 
I decided then that i need a spiralizer to make these noodles. No one would have known that these noodles are made of raw vegetables in a blind taste test. I shall attempt to create this at the next dinner party once i get my hands on that nifty gadget. Hello Crate & Barrel.
The spiralizer can turn any vegetable into noodles. Like this beetroot pasta with oven baked tofu. 
I also brought home a new recipe for a guiltless dessert- an avocado cacao mousse. You wouldn't believe there's no chocolate in this one. God i need one of these NAO. Superbly rich and perfectly seasoned with wild honey.
I left the studio feeling really satisfied after the program. My tummy was singing a happy song but i had to get to my studio for my usual dose of Saturday yoga endorphins (Hot Flow and Ashtanga).I find the yoga class offered to be more suited for beginners who are interested in something more relaxing. That said, it's a nice environment that's very popular with the expat community. 

The Yogalicious program is priced at $150/pax. This is actually kinda my idea of a girls' hangout activity. Private/small group yoga sessions can also be arranged with Saakalya Yoga

44 Jalan Merah Saga #03-48 Singapore 278116

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