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Tangerine, Flavorful Spa Cuisine at RWS

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I was struck by a serious case of wanderlust (i get that kind of 'attacks' rather frequently) with nowhere to go and that's when i got started on searching for idyllic spa experiences in hope that it'll take that edge away. The search kinda ended at ESPA at Resorts World™ Sentosa, a massive 10,000 sqm spa wonderland with an on-site spa restaurant Tangerine to enhance your outer beauty with inner goodness.  
Well before i got a chance to check myself into the full day spa treatment, i had the opportunity to sample dishes from the the newly created spa menu by Thailand's Iron Chef Ian Kittichai. Chef absolutely shattered the notion that healthy spa food has to be raw and bland with his version of flavorful Thai flavored Western dishes that are low in calories and big on flavors. You can be sure that only the best, wholesome and sustainable ingredients go into your tummy after a relaxing massage. 
We started with the Amuse Bouche of Momotaro Tomato Custard, a compressed curd of the fruit that tasted more intense than the actual fruit. I loved how my palate was awakened by the burst of tanginess that came from the tomato, apple gel and olive soil.  
I've never had papaya in my soup (not even the Cantonese sort) because i just thought it strange (i like it on its own and cannot imagine it in a hot dish). Chef's Hawaiian Papaya Soup was creamy and lightly sweet, just like pumpkin, except that you can taste a hint of the woody papaya at the very end. The little dollop of sour cream gave the dish the added richness without any sin and the dehydrated kaffir lime dust (from their own spice garden) provided an Asian touch. The soup was elevated with the seared Hokkaido scallop but it could hold its own even without.
A surprising Seafood Risotto with light Red Curry Emulsion that is only 282kcal? I was in disbelief as i dug into the flavorful Thai fusion dish of al dente grains, little balls of carrot, edamame, briny salmon roe, plump Hokkaido scallop, and grilled tiger prawn. The essence of the red curry and assam were captured without the typical richness and the dish was actually very refreshing.   
A palate cleanser of green juice made of cucumber, celery, lemon, kaffir lime leaf, peppers and honey. Delicious. 
For our main course, the delicious Green Chili-herbs Baked Cod Fillet, a heavyweight of this meal standing at a mere 200kcal. It doesn't look appetizing but gosh the flavors and textures were perfect. Succulent oily fish, coated with a sweet blend of Asian mixed herbs, green chili marinade, Thai sweet basil and sautéed garden leaf. It sounded and looked spicy but it's absolutely not. Favorite dish of the night hands down. 
For desserts, the Avocado Espuma with Goma Ice Cream was served. I would have preferred a richer and denser presentation of the avocado but that would have clashed with the intense black sesame ice cream. Well, it worked perfect with the crunchy home made muesli. 
Even if you're not going to be checking into ESPA, Tangerine makes for a good idyllic lunch away from the hustle and bustle of our tiny island. As for me, i'll take any excuse to give myself a pampering. 

Tangerine (Located within ESPA)
8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 099958
Tel: +65 6577 6688
Daily: 10am - 10pm

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