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Ultimate Facial Treatment for Dull Skin at DRx Mediaspa

By Thursday, July 16, 2015 , ,

Being on the go (as much as i can) doesn't bode well for my skin. After my recent Laos and Bali trip, i ended up with dry skin, uneven skin tone (no thanks for the crazy sunshine and heat), and pimples. Things that the traveler in transit has to live with.. So of course i immediately booked my facial appointments (yes i needed more than one) with the trusty DRx Medispa.
As one ages, your skin condition changes as well. I went from oily skin in my teenage years, to combination skin currently. With regular use of the Derma-RX products, my sebum level has been controlled. Well, here comes the next problem- dry skin and fine lines. I started noticing that there are laugh lines developing at the corners of my eyes. GASP. Well, together with the lack of sleep, i also developed dark eye circles and the eye bags were especially horrid in this bare-faced picture. 
In an desperate attempt, i gave the Cryotherapy treatment a try as it is supposed to treat dark eye circles and some hyperpigmentation skin conditions, plus it is supposed to help brighten my skin as well, with continuous treatment.
Micro-needles are first 'stamped' over your face to stimulate the cells. It was absolutely painless for me and merely felt like a prickly brush on the skin. Active ingredients, which have been specially formulated to aid in pigment lightening, hydration and skin repair, would then be applied on your face and infused through cold iontophoresis. 
The session was very quick and effective. I was in and out of the spa in 30 minutes flat. While the lines did not all go away (it's not Botox you know), they were slightly less noticeable. This treatment can be repeated over time to improve the conditions without thinning your skin. :)

Pair this with the Essential Facial (Plus) treatment for the perfect radiance. I'd recommend you do the Essential Facial a week before the Cryotherapy since all the junk can be extracted and your face cleansed before you infuse more goodness into your skin. 
For my readers, quote "Blogger Cheryl" to enjoy 40% off on your first trial for Cryotherapy and Essential Facial Plus at the DRx Medispa! 

Oh and for additional goodness, add some juice to that. Loving the convenient baby bottles of cold pressed juices by HIC and they are readily available at their first store, the Shop by Hic at Suntec City Mall. Be sure to check them out too yea!

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